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1. It' s time___________. A. to go home B. to go to home C. go home D. went home 2. Are all Chinese textbooks __ in your __ house? A. publishing. publishing.

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Presentation on theme: "1. It' s time___________. A. to go home B. to go to home C. go home D. went home 2. Are all Chinese textbooks __ in your __ house? A. publishing. publishing."— Presentation transcript:



3 1. It' s time___________. A. to go home B. to go to home C. go home D. went home 2. Are all Chinese textbooks __ in your __ house? A. publishing. publishing B. published, published C. publishing, published D. published, publishing 3. I found the door __ when I got home. A. opened B. open C. close D. to close 4. She said she __ her uncle very much and hoped ___ him. A. missed, to hear from B. missed, to hear C. misses, hearing from D. misses, hearing 5. All the people looked at the man___. A. at surprise B. in surprise C. surprising D. to their surprise

4 6. You' d better __ more clothes, _____ you' 11 catch a cold. A. put on---or B.dress…. and C. have on…. but D. wear…so 7. First he told us the importance of the work, then he ___ how to do it. A. went on telling us B. went on to tell us C. went on showing us D. went to tell us 8. Are you going to attend the meeting______ next Saturday? A. Holding B. hold C. will be held D. to be held 9. We were told to have our reading room after school. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned 10. __________worked hard for ten years _________ their debts. A. John… to pay for B. The Johns… to pay off C. The John' s… paying for D. The John' s… paying off

5 11. The stranger _______ rags is a modern beggar. A. dressed B. wore C. in D. has on 12. _______ the letter, I went out to post it. A. Writing B. Having written C. To write D. Written 13. The pupil sat there, __________ what to do. A. does knowing B. didn't knowing C. not known D. not knowing 14. It's a pleasure to watch the face of a __ baby. A. asleep B. sleep C. sleeping D. slept 15. ___________ more time, he could do it__________. A. Giving… more better B. Given… any better C. Given…much better D. To give… good

6 16. __ a living, she had to work from morning till night. A. To make B. made C. Making D. To have made 17. He was punished __ the law. A. because of his broke B. for having broken C. since he breaks D. as he against 18. "_________ here?" A. Do you mind me to smoke B. Will you mind me smoke C. Would you mind my smoking D. Will you mind me to smoking 19. ____________, but he still could not understand it. A. He had been told many times B. Having been told many times C. Told many times D. Although he had been told many times 20. Because of my _______Russian, I can' t make myself __. A. broken, understood B. broken, understand C. break, understood D. breaking, understanding

7 21. __ good care of the vegetables so that they can remain fresh. A. Take B. Taken C. Having taken D. Taking 22. __ the meeting room, he found all the parents already there. A. To enter, sitting B. Stepping into---to seat C Entered, seat D. Entering, seated 23. I prefer _______ my lessons __ films. A. to go over, to see B. go over, rather than see C. going over, to be seen D. going over, to seeing 24. "What are your mother sure______?" ________________. A. of… He will come B. about… His coming C. with…He returns D. to …His come 25. I would rather starve to death than __ for food. A. beg B. begging C. begged D. to beg

8 26.___from the top of the building, and you' 11 find the city more beautiful. A. See B. To seen C. Seeing D. Seen 27. _______ I attended the meeting instead of him last Monday. A. He was ill B. His being ill C. Him being ill D. He being ill 28. Missing the last bus means _______ home. A. to walk B. walking C. walked D. walk 29. The vice chairman said that he __ the meeting if he wasn' t invited. A. would rather not attend B. wasn't going to attend at C. hoped not to join D. would not rather attend 30. I expect the girl _____ her promises. A. carrying out B. carry out C. carried D. to carry out

9 31. __ a Communist, he would rather __ his life for the liberation of the working people than __ his country. A. As, give; turn against B. Being, to give, turning against C. As, gave, turn to D. To be, lose, turning for 32. Frightened by the bullets____. the timid( )fellow hid his head _ the bushes, ______ A. whistled, in.leaving his body exposing B. was whistled by'" between, and left his body exposing C. whistling by, in, leaving his body exposed D. whistled, into, left his body exposed 33. My sister likes ____ but she doesn't like __ this afternoon. A.swimming…to swim B. to swim swimming C. swimming…to swimming D. swim…swimming 34. _____ a fine day, they went to town. A. Being B.It being C. To be D. It was 35. I can't understand ___________at a person in trouble. A. for you to laugh B. you laughing C. you laughed D. why laughing

10 36. It is very __ and __ for us students to have sports after a whole day's study. A. joy, relaxed B. joyful, relaxation C. joyful, relaxing D. joyful, relaxed 37. _____ the month and the year, the book was put on the bookshelf. A. Being markedly B. Marked with C. Marking with D. Having marked 38. Full of fear, the pretty girl in the dark room ____until his mother returned. A. stopped crying B. didn't stop crying C. didn't keep to cry D. stopped to cry 39. What he said caused us__________. A. to feel frightening B. to feel frightened C. feeling frighten D. feel frightened 40. I would appreciate __ it a secret. A. that you would keep B. you to keep C. that you are keeping D. your keeping

11 41. I begin __ the meaning, which begins____. A. to understand… being clear B. understanding…being clear C. to understand… to be clear D. understanding…. to be clear 42. Mr. Green sat at the door of the room with his legs A. cross B. across C. crossed D. crossing 43. __ the cat family, the small tiger looks like a big cat. A. Being at B. Belonged to C. In D. Belonging to 44. They made a fire __ up the room as soon as their leader came in. A. warm B. warmed C. to warm D. warming 45. Nothing helps success more than __ what you are doing. A. know B. to know C. be known to D. knowing

12 46. __ from his accent, he must be ________ America. A. Judged… from B. To judge… of C. Judging… from D. Judging…. of 47. To learn to swim well,______________. A. much practice is needed by one B. much practice is needed C. one needs much practice D. one is needed much practice 48. _________ a pig on the road, the bus was stopped. A. The driver seeing B. Having seeing C. After seeing D. Seeing 49. I forbid __ here. Who has permitted you __ here? A.smoke… smoking B. smoking… to smoke C. smoking…. smoking D. to smoke…smoking 50. __ across the railway, a train hit it. A. While walking B. Walking slowly C. As it was walking D. While the sheep was walking

13 51. The boy pretended _______ when his mother entered. A. reading B. to read C. to be reading D. being read 52. He decided to put the ______ glass on top of the wall to stop boys _________over it. A. broken; climbing B. breaking; climbing C. broken; to climb D. breaking; to climb 53. I'm looking forward to ________ your reply soon. A. receive B. receiving C. accepting D. get 54. Will you mind ________him how_ ________the next step? A. my telling; to take B. my showing; to taking C. me to tell; take D. me to tell; to taking 55. The classroom is so dirty that it needs________ badly. A. clean B. to clean C. being cleaned D. cleaning

14 56. I often hear him _________ about the great writer. A. to talk B. talk C. speaking D. to tell 67. This is one of the experiments in our laboratory. A. being made B. making C. to do D. having made 58. The meeting __________ this evening is of great importance. A. holding B. held C. to hold D. to be held 59. Do you remember __________ me somewhere before? A. to meet B. met C. meeting D. meet 60. ____ several kinds of machines, the workers got much money. A. Produced B. Producing C. Having produced D. To produce

15 61. ________ more time, the job can be done better. A. Given B. Giving C. To give D. To be given 62 _____________, Ill go over all these lessons before the exam. A. If time permit will B. Time permitting C. If time permitted D. Time permits 63. ______________, he drew a conclusion. A. The experiment having done B. The experiment making C. The experiment having been done D. The experiment made 64. Mother is always busy ____her housework. A. to do B. do C. done D. doing 65. The wolf said in a ______ voice and the scholar felt_____. A. frightening; frightened B. frightened; frightened C. frighten; frightening D. frightening; frightening

16 66. This book is said ______ into many foreign languages. A. to have been translated B. to have translated C. to be translated D. having been translated 67. The nurse stood by the bed, ________ the sick girl. A. tended B. to tend C. tending D. and tending 68. ______ the room, a letter was found on the ground. A. Entering B. Having entered C. Entered D. He entering 69. Mrs. Brown regretted______ his son. A. beated B. beating C. beat D. beaten 70. What the man said at the meeting made us all______. A. surprise B. to surprise C. surprised D. surprising

17 71. In spite of his broken English, he can make himself______. A. understood B. understanding C. understand D. to understand 72. No one likes ______ in public. A. to laugh at B. laughing at C. being laughed at D. to be laughed 73. The manager is considering ______ another secretary. A. to hire B. hiring C. to take on D. to employ 74. ______ how to pronounce the word, he stopped __ a dictionary. A. Not knowing; consult B. knowing not; look it up in C. Not to know; to turn to D. Not knowing; to look it up in 75. He began to try every material ______ the best way to work it out. A. known to find B. knowing to find C. knowing finding D. known finding

18 76. ______is forbidden here. Who allowed ______ here. A. Smoke; you to smoke B. To smoke; you smoke C. smoking; your smoking D. Smoking; you to smoke 77. It's no use ________ me believe you. A. trying making B. trying to make C. trying to force D. to try to make 78. The doctors are trying __ a new kind of medicine to cure the patient. A. using B. to use C. use D. used 79. The student entered the office without A. being asked B. asking C. ask D. to be asked 80. The new college graduate insisted __ where he was most needed. A. to be sent B. on being sent C. on sending D. to send

19 81. I have a lot of friends ____ me. But I seldom have them ___ me. A. to help; to help B. helping; helping C. help; to help D. to help; help 82. Our teacher suggested ______ the exhibition once again. A. us to visit B. our visiting C. to visit D. our to visit 83. I' d rather ______ the game than ______ the other player. A. lose; hurt B. to lose; to hurt C. lose; hurting D. losing; hurt 84. Not until Jane got off the bus did she find her wallet______. A. missed B. missing C. losing D. miss 85. They set out ___________ for the ______ boy. A. searching; losing B. searching; lost C. to search; lost D. to search; missed

20 86. All cars ______ nowadays are equipped with safety belts. A. to be produced B. making C. producing D. produced 87. --I usually go to Shanghai by train. --Why not ______ there by boat for a change.9 A. to try to go B. try going C. to try going D. try to go 88. No difficulty can discourage us______. A. to succeed B. succeeded C. from succeeding D. succeed 89. We were lucky that we just escaped ______the rain. A. being caught in B. to be caught in C. catching D. to catch 90. The speech was very______, and we were ________to tears. A. moved; moved B. moving; moving C. moving; moved D. moved; moving

21 91. The poor man, ______, ran out of the dark cave. A. trembled and frightened B. trembling and frightened C. trembling and frightening D. trembled and frightening 92. Don' t forget __ the book to the library when you finish ____ it. return; reading B. to give back; to read C. returning; reading D. returning; to read 93. Charles Babbage is generally considered ________ the first computer, A. to invent B. inventing C. having invented D. to have invented 94. ______ here in time, they came _________ all the way. A. Getting; running B. To get; running C. To get; to run D. Getting; to run 95. Mr. Robert never gave up __ for social progress. A. to fight B. fight C. fighting D. fought

22 96. Has the driver been used to __ in all kinds of weather? A. drive B. drove C. driving D. be driving 97. __ made us much disappointed. A. Her not coming back B. Her not to come back. C. Not her returning D. Not her being back 98. ----I must apologize for_________ ahead of time. --It doesn't matter. A. letting you not know B. not letting you know C. not letting you to know D. letting you not know 99. The boy was seen___________ model ships in the room. A. made B. make C. makes D. to make 100. I' d like to have myself____. I want to lose some weight. A. to be weighted B. be weighed C. weighed D. weighing

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