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Chapter 9 Road to independence

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1 Chapter 9 Road to independence

2 Revolution begins After SFA's arrest tensions are building in Texas
Soldiers are unable to control tension General Cos brings more soldiers to San Antonio Their presence was disturbing to Texans People would patrol for Mexican troops Committees of correspondence formed to share military information and political info 2

3 Gonzales- Lexington of Texas
First real conflict 1835 Before the consultation Colonel Ugartechea ordered people of Gonzales to surrender their cannon People refused They buried the cannon until reinforcements came 3

4 Texans dug up cannon and put it on a wagon
Made ammo and printed on a flag "come and take it" 160 armed Texans commanded by Col. Moore Mexicans withdrew and only 1 Mexican troop was killed General Cos regarded Gonzales as break out of war!! 4

5 On to San Antonio 120 Texans took over Goliad garrison after the battle of Gonzales After the defeat of Mexicans at Goliad and Gonzales the Texans thought they would be easy to beat Large army remained in San Antonio with Gen. Cos SFA commanded 300 Texans , Army of the People Cos had 750, SFA had 400 Set up a military blockade 5

6 Peace party and consultation
San Felipe November 1835 58 delegates attended War party favored independence Peace party said we should oppose Santa Anna but didn't want to declare independence immediately Peace party wanted to fight for constitution of Hoping to win Mexican support this way 6

7 Consultation Declaration stated they were loyal citizens of Mexico
Support constitution of 1824 Defending themselves against Santa Anna Urged Mexicans to join in the fight Offered land to the who helped them 7

8 Provisional government begins
Temporary government Governor, lieutenant governor, general council with one representative from each municipalities Henry Smith governor and James Robinson lt. Governor Created a regular army- Sam Houston chosen leader 8

9 Sam Houston From Virginia Moved to Tennessee when young
Lived with Cherokee Served in the war of 1812 Was an attorney, congressman and governor of Tennessee 9

10 Section 2 The capture of San Antonio

11 Grass fight SFA left his command to go to the US to get help
Burleson in charge Deaf Smith got wind of a mule train carrying silver to Cos' men Went to intercept but found it was only grass for horses 11

12 Assault on San Antonio Word got out of the texans fighting with Mexico and volunteers came from the US Ben Milam wanted to attack Mexicans at SA 4 days of fighting Milam killed on 3 rd day Drove Mexicans to take refuge in the Alamo Cos surrendered San Antonio captured 400 texans defeated 1000 Mexicans 12

13 Tejanos join the fight Captain Juan Seguin
Supported Texas independence More than 100 tejanos in army 13

14 Provisional government
Permanent council created postal service planned for an army and navy and asked for help from US Governor Smith and council quarreled ... Resulted in little planning on how to win the war 14

15 Convention of 1836 Section 3 15

16 Santa Anna crosses into Texas
1835 Santa Anna crosses the Rio Grande Not a good sign 16

17 Declaration of Independence
Washington on the Brazos Only men attended 45 members were not native texans Similar to the US declaration Sated that Santa Anna had violated constitution of 1824 Violated what was like the first amendment Adopted March 2, Texas' Independence Day 17

18 Delegates write a constitution
Blueprint for government 3 branches of government . Executive, legislative and judicial Bill of rights - basic civil rights Separation of church and state Slavery legal Could import slaves from the US Free blacks had to get permission to live in Texas 18

19 Interim government takes control
With troops in Texas holding an election was impossible Conventions last thing was to elect officers for ad interim or temp govt. 19

20 David Burnet president and Sam Houston was commander of troops
Houston controlled volunteers and regular army March 17 convention over Alamo fallen and Santa Anna on way to Washington on the Brazos Everyone fled!!! 20

21 Flash card Pick your battle: Gonzales or siege at Bexar.
Flash card must contain the following: who, what, when, where and significance of battle. Front of card will have a picture and the battle- back will contain all other information 21

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