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IntelaTrac: The Right Tool for the Job

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1 IntelaTrac: The Right Tool for the Job

2 The Symbol AppCenter: Tap this icon to open the IntelaTrac software

3 Checking Battery Charge Levels:
Open the Tools menu and select “About”

4 Checking Battery Charge Levels:
MAIN: removable battery that will last ~6 hours on each full charge BACKUP: internal battery that is charged via the main battery Tap the icon

5 Refresh Transfer: A “Refresh” Transfer must be performed if the drop down boxes are “Grayed Out” Open the Tools menu and select “Refresh” Base, Role and User information is updated during a “Refresh” Transfer

6 The Log On Screen: BASE: select process unit or work location
LOGON ID: select user network ID ROLE: select position in LOP requiring access to rounds PASSWORD: four digit clock number by default

7 Loading Scheduled Rounds:
A prompt will request to Transfer rounds to the Handheld Tap “Yes” to initiate the Transfer Tapping the icon will initiate a Transfer as well

8 VibTool Error Message:
Handheld has been configured to use, but can’t connect to, a VibTool device Tap “OK” to close this error message

9 The Home Screen: Status icons can be used to determine each round’s Status New: In-Progress: Completed:

10 On-Demand Rounds: On-Demand rounds are available at any time
Open the Tools menu and select “Procedures On Demand”

11 Selecting On-Demand Rounds:
Place check marks in the boxes to select On-Demand rounds Tap the icon

12 Loading On-Demand Rounds:
Select “Yes” to Transfer requested On-Demand rounds to the Handheld

13 Opening Rounds: Highlight the title of the desired round by tapping it
Tap the icon

14 Peripheral Devices: VibTool
Each VibTool is assigned a unique name (i.e. RedVib589) Open the Tools menu, select “Peripherals” and then choose “Select Input Device”

15 VibTool Configuration:
Device Type: Select “dbPruftechnik VIBTOOL” Device Instance: Select VibTool’s unique name Device Field: Select “None” Tap the icon

16 VibTool: Properties Make sure that the “Read All Answers In Group” box is checked Tap the icon

17 VibTool: Save and Close
Tap the icon The Home screen will display after the “Save and Close” command completes

18 Peripheral Devices: RFID
Attach a SRM-2 RFID Reader to the bottom of the Handheld Open the Tools menu, select “Peripherals” and then choose “Select Search Device”

19 SRM-2 RFID Configuration:
DEVICE TYPE: SAT SRM-2 RFID Reader DEVICE INSTANCE: Leave Blank Device Field: Place RFID Reader above tag and select “Refresh” Tap the icon

20 IntelaTrac Round: Task Groups
As required, select the equipment’s current status from the drop down Tap the icons to navigate through the round

21 IntelaTrac Round: Tasks
Tasks are completed using drop down lists, peripheral devices, the keypad or the Virtual Keyboard Tap the icon to advance to the next Task

22 Action Prompts: Responses will sometimes trigger an action, such prompting the user to supply additional information In this example, the user is being prompted to select a Default Note

23 Default Notes: Open the Tools menu and select Default Note
Tapping the icon does the same thing

24 Default Notes: To expand each category, tap and hold the stylus on its title

25 Default Notes: Select appropriate Default Note Tap the icon

26 Default Notes: The Default Note’s full text will display
Custom Notes can be created using the Virtual Keyboard Tap the icon to display the Virtual Keyboard

27 Save As Note: Tap the icon to save text as a Note
Notes are uploaded during a Transfer and cannot be viewed across shifts

28 Save As Note and Virtual Log Entry:
Tap the icon to save text as both a Note and a Virtual Log entry

29 The Virtual Log: All Roles in the Base can view Virtual Log entries from the previous Four Days Tapping the icon opens the Virtual Log as well

30 Closing In-Progress Rounds:
Tap the icon to save and exit a round while it is In-Progress

31 In-Progress Rounds: Saving a round while it is In-Progress creates a new copy of the same round automatically In-Progress rounds can be reopened and completed as needed Information contained in In-Progress rounds will upload during Transfers

32 Closing Completed Rounds:
At the end of each round, a prompt will ask if you want to mark the procedure as “Complete” Tap “OK” if the round is complete

33 Closing Completed Rounds:
Open the Tools menu and select Completed Tap “OK” when the prompt asks if you want to mark the round as “Complete”

34 Transferring Rounds: Plug the Handheld into an open bay on the Docking Cradle Tap the icon to initiate a Transfer

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