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NOTES Texas Revolution.

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1 NOTES Texas Revolution

2 1. List in order the events that led to the Battle of Gonzales?
2. How did geographic factors such as landforms affect Texans preparing to lay siege to San Antonio? - Gonzales cannon recalled - The Mexican army’s demand that the cannon be surrendered - Texans call for reinforcement The riverbank helped the Texans 3. Why did the Grass Fight take place and what was the result? 4. What was the outcome of the siege of San Antonio? Texas troops believed that a Mexican supply train was carrying silver, so they attacked the train. They found only grass for the horses. Texans defeated the Mexican forces at San Antonio. Cos surrendered, and Mexican troops left Texas.

3 Causes Battle of Gonzales, October 2, 1835 Effects
Santa Anna’s failure to follow the Constitution of 1824 rising tensions between Texans and the Mexican government demand that U.S. settlers at Gonzales hand over their cannon Texas rebel victory started a war between Texas and the Mexican government from which Texans could not turn back increased the resolution and confidence of the Texas rebels

4 Early Battles Battle of Gonzales Date: October 2nd, 1835
Major People involved: Texan/US Settlers and Mexican Troops Purpose of Battle: Santa Anna’s failure to follow the constitution of 1824 -Battle broke out when Texans refused to surrender their cannon to the Mexican forces Outcome (who won): Texas Effects of battle: Texas rebel victory; starting point for the war; increase the confidence of the Texas Rebels

5 Early Battles Date: October 10, 1835
Capture of Goliad Date: October 10, 1835 Major People involved: Martin perfecto de Cos, George Collinsworth, Ben Milam Purpose of Battle: Attack the Mexican garrison because there was fewer than 30 people there Outcome (who won): Texans Effects of battle: After this victory more people joined the rebel army

6 Early Battles Date: Nov 26
Major People involved: Stephen F. Austin, Edward Burleson Purpose of Battle: Cut off supply routes Outcome (who won): Although the Texans were disappointed, some realized the siege worked. About the battle: Rumor spread through the Texas camp that 100 Mexican soldiers were carrying silver infantry troops ambushed the Mexicans only to find bags of grass. Grass Fight

7 Capture/Battle of San Antonio
Early Battles Capture/Battle of San Antonio Date: December 4-5 Major People involved: Ben Milam, Francis W. Johnson Purpose of Battle: Force the Mexican troops out of Texas Outcome (who won): Texans; Dec 10th the two sides agreed to Cos’s surrender Effects of battle: By December 9th the Mexican forces had been pushed out of the center of San Antonio, forcing Cos’s surrender

8 Early Conflicts of the Texas Revolution, 1835

9 Declaration of November 7, 1835
Consultation of 1835 PRO WAR Wanted to declare Texas Independence from Mexico PRO PEACE Wanted to remain loyal to Mexico and wanted the Const. of 1824 to be restored. Declaration of November 7, 1835 Pledged loyalty to Mexico, explained that Texans had used force only for defense and warned that if Mexico did not restore the Constitution… Texas would declare independence

10 The Provisional Government
Governor- Henry Smith He was a member of the Pro War faction Three Commissioners: Stephen F Austin, William H Wharton and Branch T Archer Main Goals- Recruit volunteers and raise money Lieutenant Governor- James Robinson Commander and Chief of Army- Sam Houston General Council: 1. Estabished a Military Navy to protect the Texas ports and waterways 2. Scheduled a Convention to be held on March 1, 1836 Overall, the Provisional Government was ineffective and had poor leadership

11 Battle of the Alamo Main Players
Davy Crockett:- A US Congressman from Tennessee who came as a volunteer. Helped fight for and defend the Alamo. Lost his life in the battle. James Bowie:- Was sent by Sam Houston to destroy the Alamo but later helped to defend the old mission as the Commander of the Volunteer Militia. Lost his life in the battle. William B Travis:- Was a leader of the forces who defended the Alamo. He wrote the famous “To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World”- a plea for aid and reinforcements as the Mexican Army was advancing. James Bonham:- A Volunteer from Alabama who also lost his life in the Alamo- He left at one point to get help only to return for the Fall of the Alamo Susanna Dickenson:- A noncombatant who was spared by Santa Anna. She was sent by Santa Anna with a message to Sam Houston regarding the future fate of Texas.

12 Battle of the Alamo Before The Seige
How were the Texans prepared for the advancement of the Mexican Army? - They built up the mission walls, placed cannons around the Alamo. Stocked up on food and weaponry… Why protect “The Alamo”? - It was decided that the artillery and weapons housed in the Alamo were too valuable to destroy.

13 Battle of the Alamo The Seige and the Fall
Date: Feb. 23 –March 6, 1836 (13 days) Major People Involved: TX--- William B. Travis, Davy Crockett, James Bowie; MX --- Santa Anna March 5th – Travis’ Line in the Sand incident involving Louis Rose leaving the Alamo March 6th – final assault in the early morning hours Outcome: TX lost; Mexico won; all Texans killed (183 men); Santa Anna sends Susanna Dickinson to Sam Houston with fate of Texans at the Alamo message Effects: Runaway Scrape begins; Sam Houston and TX army retreated eastward towards the US; determined to defeat Santa Anna; Battle cry: Remember the Alamo!

14 @ Washington-on-the-Brazos
Convention of 1836 @ Washington-on-the-Brazos Results: Created the Declaration of Independence Created the Constitution of 1836 Set up a Ad Interim Govt. President (of the Convention) : Richard Ellis Delegates: Sam Houston, Lorenzo de Zavala, George Childress The Constitution of 1836 Legalized slavery in Texas Based on the US Constitution and included Bill of Rights ( Freedom of Religion- Freedom of the Press- Freedom of Speech- Trial by Jury)

15 To declare independence from Mexico
To establish a Texas government and protect certain rights

16 Branches of Government
Ad Interim Government During the Convention- a temporary government was assigned until elections could be held President: David G Burnet Vice President: Lorenzo de Zavala Branches of Government Legislative- create the laws and also known as the congress Executive- enforces/carries out the laws and led by the President Judicial- provides a court system

17 Later Battles/Events Runaway Scrape Date: March 11th
Major People involved: Sam Houston and Texans Causes: Sam Houston and others learn of the fall of the Alamo A larger Mexican force is advancing on a smaller Texas force, Houston orders forces to retreat and burn Gonzales. Fear spreads across Texas and civilians flee Capture of Santa Anna by William H Huddle

18 Later Battles/Events Date: March 19th
Battle at Coleto Creek Date: March 19th Major People involved: Gen. James Fannin (Texas), General Urrea (Mexico) Purpose of Battle: Texas troops stopped in a prairie and were surrounded by Mexican troops. Outcome (who won): Texans surrendered Effects of battle: most Texas rebels were march back to Goliad; led to Goliad Massacre Capture of Santa Anna by William H Huddle

19 Later Battles/Events Goliad Massacre Date: March 27th
Major People involved: Fannin’s troops and soldiers captured outside of Victoria Purpose of Battle: Mexican soldiers executed more than 400 Texans after the battle of Coleto Creek. Outcome Few Texans escaped Effects of battle: Francita Alavez (who was traveling with the Mexican Troops) helped some escape and is known as the Angel of Goliad Capture of Santa Anna by William H Huddle

20 Later Battles/Events Date: April 20th-21st
Battle of San Jacinto Date: April 20th-21st Major People involved: Santa Anna, Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar Purpose of Battle: Independence; The Texans took the Mexican army by surprise Outcome (who won): Texans- won their independence Effects of battle: Texans- won their independence the battle Lasted 18 minutes Capture of Santa Anna- Treaty of Velasco Capture of Santa Anna by William H Huddle


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