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Senior Family Meetings Class of 2014 Fall 2013. River Bluff High School Approximately 1470-1500 students Flexible Modular (Flex Mod) Schedule Independent.

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1 Senior Family Meetings Class of 2014 Fall 2013

2 River Bluff High School Approximately 1470-1500 students Flexible Modular (Flex Mod) Schedule Independent Learning Time (ILT) Collaborative Commons Expeditionary Learning School State of the art facility Preparation for future


4 CLASS of 2014 Trailblazers First Class to Graduate at RBHS 142 Seniors 82 males and 60 females

5 Career Specialist Mrs. Shenita Chapman

6 Folder Contents Student Transcripts – two copies, one to be signed and returned tonight Sending Transcripts – Parchment (yellow) School Counselor Assignments (green) A T &T – College Application Process (orange) SC Graduation Requirements, SC Lottery Scholarships (pink)

7 Folder Contents Continued SAT/ACT Test Dates, Top 10 College Application Mistakes (lavender) Helpful Websites (pink) Recommendation Information (white) Major application form (blue)


9 Transcript Explanation Not yet OFFICIAL GPA Class rank – coming soon Graduation requirements – bulleted notation Four college requirements – CR Honor graduates – 4.0 GPA

10 Graduating from RBHS with a Major Must have completed 4 courses in a career concentration Majors are listed in course catalog Not required for graduation Must complete application by May 1 (included in packet) Recognized at graduation Will review Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) at individualized senior conference

11 After High School – What Next? Make a Plan Now Enter the Workforce Go to College Enter the Military

12 Work or Military Discuss career plans with counselor, parents, others Job shadow, pursue Internships, Co-ops Consult with career specialist Volunteer or work in a job that interests you Military – make contact with recruiters Take Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – ASVAB

13 Choosing a College 3,969 college options Liberal arts Private or public For profit colleges Four year and two year colleges Vocational-technical and career colleges Colleges with special focus Arts colleges Single sex colleges Religiously affiliated colleges

14 Planning for College Register for SAT/ACT – fall administration – not required for 2 year college admission, except health related programs Verify that you are on track for graduation, 4 year college requirements Keep working hard Visit with admissions counselors who visit RBHS Visit/research colleges – 2 excused visits with written verification from college Apply for admission at colleges you’ve chosen

15 Two Year College College transfer programs Career related programs, certifications Take entrance exam – Midlands Technical College requires ASSET or COMPASS Health career fields – take ACT or SAT

16 Four Year College Additional course requirements for admission ACT or SAT required, send scores directly to college RBHS school code - 411292 Admission requirements – GPA, class rank, test scores, difficulty of high school curriculum, essay, interview, special talents/abilities Early decision, early action

17 SAT College Board – register on-line Critical reading, writing and math may equal 2400 Score reports should be sent to colleges – 4 are free Lottery scholarships – add reading and math for score, highest score 1600 Wonderful resources on website – test prep, college and career planning, scholarship search Fee waivers available

18 ACT One composite score:1-36 Writing section is optional, many schools require – take it at least once Helpful resources on website – test prep, college and career planning Fee waivers available

19 College Application Process Apply soon and apply on-line Don’t let cost keep you from applying (fee waivers) Number of applications – safety school Deadlines are important! Each college sets their own deadlines Personal deadline – Halloween

20 AT&T Application Process Application – on line through college website Transcript – send your transcript to college – Send test scores to college Keep organized about application process Keep in communication with college

21 Recommendations,Essays, and Interviews Not always required by colleges Ask references two weeks in advance Use recommendation form in packet If essay is required, take it seriously, must be your work Practice for interviews

22 College Athletics - NCAA If you are planning to participate in college athletics, you MUST regiater with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Register now. Submit current transcript through End of year, must send final transcript

23 Financial Aid Process

24 Financial Aid Complete Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) January 1 – earliest to submit Pell Grant Campus based programs – grants, work study Federal loan programs PLUS loans for parents Financial Aid night program in December

25 Financial Aid Prepare to complete taxes early You will need PIN # to complete FAFSA May apply for PIN # now –

26 SC Lottery Scholarships Palmetto Fellows - Score 1200 (Reading and Math) on SAT, 27 on ACT, 3.5 minimum GPA, top 6% of sophomore, junior, or senior year OR -4.0 GPA -Score 1400 on SAT or 32 on ACT -$6,700 per year, may later be enhanced for certain majors

27 SC Lottery Scholarships LIFE Scholarship (2 types) - Four-year college- two out of three qualifiers 1. 3.0 2. top 30% of graduating class 3. 1100 on SAT or 24 on ACT $5,000 per year

28 SC Lottery Scholarships LIFE Scholarship – Two- year colleges – Technical Colleges in SC, Spartanburg Methodist College – 3.0 GPA – end of senior year – Covers most of tuition costs

29 SC Lottery Scholarships HOPE Scholarship – Only available at four year colleges – 3.0 GPA end of senior year $2,800 for the first academic year

30 SC Lottery Scholarships Lottery Tuition Assistance Program – Only available at two-year schools – Must complete Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) Warning – SC Lottery Scholarships may not be available if student has alcohol, drug charges

31 Scholarships Searching for scholarships requires time and energy but should NOT cost you

32 Other Scholarships Scholarships that RBHS knows about will be publicized on website, in counseling office Community Scholarships – church, work, clubs Institutional scholarships – contact financial aid office, ask if college has separate scholarship application Popular websites -;

33 Scholarships Report all scholarships to Counseling and Advisement Office – We want to recognize you Beware scholarship scams Money guaranteed Request credit card information Unsolicited, pressure tactics

34 Parent Talk Separate your own aspirations from those of your son/daughter Applying to college is a journey to independence Create opportunities for them to make decisions Let your son/daughter make his/her own decision

35 Parent Talk Continued Advise them, support them, let them make mistakes, let them go

36 Finishing Up Student and parent sign one copy of transcript, return to counselor Questions – see counselor See counselor to schedule individualized parent/student/counselor meeting Counselors will meet with all students individually to follow-up and update IGP

37 Thank you for being here!

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