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2 Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.

3 Click here for Final Jeopardy

4 Colonization A New Country The Years in Between Civil WarHistorians 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points Feelin Good About Jackson the jackass

5 The first British Colony in New World

6 What is Jamestown? BackBack to categories

7 the period of time Virginia's newcomers needed to adjust to the colony's climate and health conditions. Usually a couple of years

8 What is Seasoning Time? BackBack to categories

9 Wrote Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God

10 Who is Jonathon Edwards? BackBack to categories

11 The first attempt to control American trade by Britain

12 What are the Navigation Acts of 1650? BackBack to categories

13 Native American Leader who staged an unsuccessful war against the New England Colonies

14 Who is Metacom or King Philip? BackBack to categories

15 This man wrote the Circular Letter and started the Boston Tea Party

16 Who is Sam Adams? BackBack to categories

17 These Economic Tenants included the paying off of all debts at face value and taking on all state debts

18 What are Hamiltons Economic Plans? BackBack to categories

19 These two laws set out a way for future colonization and statehood

20 What is the Northwest and Land Ordinances? BackBack to categories

21 This battle was the turning point on the Revolution

22 What is the Battle of Saratoga? BackBack to categories

23 when a former US Vice President attempted to start a revolution and become Emperor of Louisiana, established idea of Presidential Immunity

24 What is the Burr Conspiracy BackBack to categories

25 This system of government called for a central bank and imposts

26 What is the American System? BackBack to categories

27 This law established the 3630 line

28 What is the Missouri Compromise BackBack to categories

29 This man said that Americans seek to conform to the tyranny of the majority

30 Who is Alexis de Tocqueville? BackBack to categories

31 A policy that maintained that any attack on nations in North or South America would be seen as an attack on the US

32 What is the Monroe Doctrine? BackBack to categories

33 President Jacksons close group of friends and advsiors

34 What is the Kitchen Cabinet? BackBack to categories

35 Journalist who chronicled the American prison system

36 Who is Dorothea Dix? BackBack to categories

37 President who gained control of most of what now consists of the continental USA

38 Who is James K Polk? BackBack to categories

39 This man was known as the man without a party

40 Who is President John Tyler? BackBack to categories

41 This treaty ended The Mexican American war

42 What is the treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo? BackBack to categories

43 This is also known as the Omnibus Bill

44 What is the Compromise of 1850 (for full points name all 5 parts)? BackBack to categories

45 This policy sought for exclusion of slavery in the territories

46 What is the Wilmot Proviso? BackBack to categories

47 This important case was a main reason for the Civil War?

48 What is Dred Scott vs Sanford? BackBack to categories

49 This conflict was a result of Northern and southern tension in the west over slave states

50 What is Bleeding Kansas? BackBack to categories

51 A statement by Stephen Douglass that lost him the election of 1860

52 The Freeport Doctrine BackBack to categories

53 The plan that called for 50% of the south to swear allegiance

54 What is the Wade- Davis Bill? BackBack to categories

55 This Historian is famous for his half- a-loaf thesis

56 Who is William Gillette? BackBack to categories

57 This Historian maintained that slavery was a damning institution that transformed its victims into dependent children

58 Who is Stanley Elkins? BackBack to categories

59 This historian believes that whites are inherently racist and would get rid of minorities if given the chance

60 Who is Derrick Bell? BackBack to categories

61 This historian believes the American Revolution was not a social revolution and instead a continuation of the norm

62 Who is Howard Zinn? BackBack to categories

63 This historian believes that Puritan society formed a basic building block for future American society

64 Who is Daniel Boorstin? BackBack to categories

65 Make your wager

66 The Sexiest, Smartest, Funniest, most awesome SI alive

67 Who is Samuel Williams!!!!!!!!!

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