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Irwin Academic Center Talent Development Program WELCOME

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1 Irwin Academic Center Talent Development Program WELCOME
Irwin Academic Center Talent Development Program WELCOME! Please sign in 

2 Ms. Kendig A little bit about me … Room 117 SU & UGA 10 years
Enjoys a Challenge SU & UGA Public Relations Ms. Kendig AIG certified, MAT & NBCT PASSIONATE soon-to-be Mrs. Foley Loves chocolate, traveling, reading & Steelers Football 10 years teaching experience with CMS Talent Development Department

3 Our Mission To provide gifted students the opportunity to …
maximize their potential demonstrate their motivation realize their contributions to self and the global community.

4 Our Goal To support the development of a content-rich educational experience for students from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout CMS. Talent Development Department

5 Irwin’s TD program: Desired Outcomes
Curriculum studied in greater depth through more challenging lessons and differentiated activities Curriculum accelerated to include above-grade level material (when appropriate) Advanced pace of learning Integrated 21st century learning

6 Irwin’s TD program: Desired Outcomes
Attain levels of academic achievement consistent with their abilities Engage in abstract, creative, and affective reasoning Apply insightful questioning Develop a capacity to see interconnections among disciplines Talent Development Department

7 Irwin’s TD program: Desired Outcomes
Practice self-directed learning and independent problem solving Strive for self actualization (the motive to realize one's full potential) Maximize leadership potential Become active participants in the global community

8 “Gifted Learners are gifted all the time.”
What we know for sure … “Gifted Learners are gifted all the time.” ~ Mary S. Landrum, Ph.D. Talent Development Department

9 Irwin’s TD program: What it is NOT …
NOT an add on NOT separate NOT more of the same NOT boring Talent Development Department

10 Irwin’s TD program: What does it look like?
Focus on quality not quantity. Quality of thinking, not more of the same. High expectations all day, every day Complex, challenging & real world

11 What is the Curriculum? The North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the Common Core Standards… and Talent Development Department

12 Who are the Collaborators?
Classroom Teacher Lead TD Teacher Administrators Other members of the school’s teaching staff who contribute to the academic progress of gifted learners Parents & Community

13 When Do Teachers Collaborate?
Weekly planning blocks Vertical planning (twice a month) Individual meetings Talent Development Department

14 How does the Lead TD teacher support students?
Indirect Services Direct Services

15 Lead TD Teacher’s Indirect Services
Prepare and support the design of lessons and activities in collaboration with the Classroom Teacher Gifted identification is also part of Indirect Services provided by the TD Catalyst Teacher. Talent Development Department

16 Lead TD Teacher’s Direct Services
“TD Time” includes analytical/creative/higher order thinking lessons (Twice a month or more during FLEX support) Demonstration Lessons Small group instruction Supplemental activities related to classroom instruction Talent Development Department

17 Irwin Academic Center’s Learning Environment…
Within-class grouping Grouping on grade level Flexible grouping on grade level Cross-grade grouping Cluster grouping Talent Development Department

18 Irwin Academic Center’s Special Programs & Resources…
Junior Great Books Math Superstars William and Mary Paideia Seminars Word Masters Challenge Wordly Wise Jacob’s Ladder Hands on Equations Duke TIP Science & Math Fairs Geography Bee Bi-monthly Interest Based Clubs (ex.) Odyssey of the Mind Robotics Science & Math Olympiad

19 Irwin Academic Center’s Content Modifications…
Academic Enrichment Differentiated units Curriculum compacting Learning centers/choice Interest groups Projects (teacher & student designed) Technology enhancement Bloom’s Taxonomy Multiple Intelligences Problem Solving Series Fulltime academically gifted magnet program Talent Development Department

20 Expectations for students: Performance Reviews
Talent Development Department 2008

21 Talent Development Performance Review
Content Evaluation Thoughtfully interrelates complex knowledge from all subject areas Exceptional insight to themes and generalizations Demonstrates sophistication in learning and applying new information to tasks Process Evaluation Asks provocative questions which probe and analyze problems Gives diverse, thought- provoking responses which lead to innovative solutions Insightfully evaluates information and ideas Talent Development Department

22 Talent Development Performance Review
Product Evaluation Products synthesize from a variety of challenging sources Products reflect insights gained from exploring “big ideas” Products demonstrate significant effort in multiple intelligences and exceptional growth Affective Evaluation Always completes HW and CW on time Initiates and goes beyond required assignments Is motivated and takes responsibility for learning Student shows exceptional ability to work with others Talent Development Department

23 What Questions Do You Have For Me?
Talent Development Department 2008

24 How to Contact Me: 980-343-5480 ▪ emily. kendig@cms. k12. nc
How to Contact Me: ▪ Talent Development Department 2008

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