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FEBRUARY 23, 2010 YOUR NAME GOES HERE. Public Transportation: Benefits the Economy Each $1 invested in public transportation projects generates $4 - $9.

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2 Public Transportation: Benefits the Economy Each $1 invested in public transportation projects generates $4 - $9 in local economic activity – nationwide For every $1 billion invested – 30,000 jobs are created Study* indicates that for Citrus Connection service area alone …transit riders contribute over $9 million annually to the Lakeland area economy Stats and Facts – The Big Picture (based on research data from the American Public Transit Association) Susan Schuler & Associates

3 Stats and Facts – The Big Picture (based on research data from the American Public Transit Association) Impacts Energy Saves 900,000 automobile fill-ups each day (nationwide) Saves 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually

4 Public Transportation: Improves the Environment: Saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually (nationwide) Switching to public transportation reduces individual carbon emissions by 20 lbs. per day or 4,800 lbs. per year Increases Quality of Life Provides access to job opportunities as well as a transportation option to get to work; go to school; go shopping; visit friends or go to a doctor Stats and Facts – The Big Picture

5 Video

6 Now That We Have Your Attention… Let’s Talk about where we are today How we got here and… How public transportation will play an increasingly important role right here in Polk, to: Connect our communities, our businesses, our residents and… Ensure our future regional competitiveness

7 Polk’s Public Transportation: TODAY Three separate systems with partially-blended service and schedules Citrus Connection Winter Haven Area Transit Polk Transit Today’s total combined annual investment in public transportation (operating) = $19.6 million The need for public transportation in Polk is well established Rider numbers have grown steadily from just over 1.4 million in1999 to over 1.8 million in 2009

8 Polk’s Public Transportation: TODAY.Considered a small urban system (by Federal definition; based on population) Funded through a combination of: Federal dollars, and to a lesser extent… Grants, and local property tax dollars

9 Countywide Transit Study In 2003, the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)* completed a Countywide Transit Study The study included recommendations on how to combine the separate transit providers, fragmented funding and services into a single authority – to create an entity with a dedicated mission and funding to provide integrated countywide transit service. * Conducted in partnership with the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District (LAMTD) and Winter Haven Area Transit (WHAT)

10 Building on the Study Results In 2007, The Polk Transit Authority (PTA) was created via legislation Sponsors: Senator Dockery and Rep. Troutman Allowed for formation of a single entity for improved system coordination, but… The PTA currently lacks dedicated funding In 2009, legislative amendment of Florida Statute gave voters in all charter counties the opportunity to weigh in at the ballot box on transit funding options Sponsors: Sen. Alexander/Rep. Braynon

11 Funding Challenges Current systems rely on federal funding for a significant portion of operational expenses Federal operating funds are in jeopardy Why? Small Urban Large Urban Anticipated 2010 Census results – our system will be categorized as ‘Large Urban,’ and federal operating dollars will disappear Large urban areas, with higher populations, are expected to find alternative funding solutions

12 EXISTING public transportation options will be significantly reduced and/or eliminated altogether, and Future mass transportation needs will likely go unmet Without Replacement Funding… High Speed Rail Station

13 And Further…. To become “Well-Connected,” existing public transportation systems need a bit of a makeover! Why? Growing need for express bus service; circulators; new and more frequent local service as well as improvements to stops, including lighting and shelters Polk’s system needs to become a more integral part of the overall mobility mix A multimodal transportation system is KEY to the economic success of Polk County and our super region

14 Roadmap to Being Well-Connected The Polk Transit Authority worked with local governments, stakeholders and citizens to identify today’s needs, and…

15 A Plan Was Born! Five-year phased in plan for enhanced public transportation: Has built-in oversight and accountability Improves user convenience and access to education (colleges, etc.), shopping (retail centers), businesses, jobs, courts, health care, parks, trails, other communities, each other & moreaccess Expands service boundaries and connectivity – countywideservice Builds the framework for connecting the region to Polk – creating opportunities for commerce and sustainable job growth/retention In fact, the plan creates 230 “direct” additional jobs by 2014. -- jobs directly related to supporting the enhanced system. And…other jobs WILL be created as a result of the economic ripple effect

16 The Plan Is sustainable -- will keep the system operating at planned levels into the future Builds the foundation needed to position Polk as a key destination in the Super Region Is flexible and visionary (allowing Polk to capitalize on the exciting emerging opportunities relating to high speed rail, Legoland and more)

17 The Plan (Continued) Provides more frequent service and expanded hours Improves system amenities (capital investments) Communications (Dispatch, etc.); Station/Stop improvements; Pedestrian connections and Operating & Maintenance facilities Expands popular “park and ride” and “bike and ride” options Has a planned referendum to create a dedicated funding stream

18 The Price to be Well-Connected ? Total Annual Operating Cost of Polk’s enhanced public transportation system = $41.5 million Compared to today’s investment of $19.6 million Proposal: ½ cent sales tax dedicated to mass transit funding Built in citizen oversight Big VALUE for a bargain price

19 The Well-Connected Break Down (by year 5) Total operating cost …………………… $41.5 million With CITIZEN oversight 1/2 penny estimated to generate….…...$31.7million (annually) Balance…………………………………...$ 9.8 million Will come from leveraged state and federal dollars

20 Ballot Question ??? Voters Will Decide in November!

21 If Voters approve the ballot measure: $1.4 million from the County’s general fund (today’s transit subsidy) is freed up to provide other critical services for the community Lakeland Area Mass Transit District (Citrus Connection) dedicated ad valorem (property tax) discontinued Cost is shared across the board by ALL who benefit from improved County-wide service….residents, businesses AND visitors – not just property owners! Bonus Benefits

22 The Well-Connected Payoff In conjunction with the proposed high speed rail line..improved transit will help draw new visitors and therefore new spending into Polk County and region The presence of a multi-modal transportation system can be the deciding factor for both businesses and talented workers who are considering re-locating Mass transit impacts everything from economic development to the quality of the environment and the lives of Polk County and Super Region residents

23 Public Transportation and Public Safety Sheriff Grady Judd

24 The Payoff…continued Investments in multi-modal public transportation have proven to generate new development and re- development of areas around transit stations (Dallas, Charlotte, etc.) Investing in transportation, especially in mass transit, will guide future growth and ensure it occurs in a more sustainable way Transit-oriented development along corridors, and particularly around stations, will develop areas that are more walkable, attractive and economically successful

25 Our Community Decides…. Today Tomorrow?

26 Communicate Mobility plan, vision and outcomes Educate the community on mass transportation needs and benefits of being “Well-Connected” Inside Polk (connecting communities) Within the Region Increase public involvement (especially business leaders) Obtain funding What Role will YOU play…? in determining whether Polk will be simply connected… or WELL-Connected! The Next Steps

27 Questions ???

28 Public transportation is an investment in jobs, medical services, education, affordable housing – in PEOPLE

29 Existing System


31 System changes if NO replacement funding is identified/secured

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