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Teresa Almeida d'Eça December 2003 Getting acquainted with Tapped In and Yahoo Messenger.

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1 Teresa Almeida d'Eça December 2003 Getting acquainted with Tapped In and Yahoo Messenger

2 Logging in to Tapped In (TI) TI features Yahoo Groups Logging in to Yahoo Messenger (YM) December 2003

3 TAPPED IN a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) text-only chat "the online workplace of an international community of education professionals. K-12 teachers and librarians, professional development staff, teacher education faculty and students, and researchers engage in professional development programs and informal collaborative activities with colleagues" you can log in as a guest log in as a member sign up for membership December 2003

4 TAPPED IN HOMEPAGE December 2003

5 LOG IN AS GUEST  click on the Guest Login button (left), keyboard your name in the new window and click on Enter December 2003 teresa


7 LOG IN AS MEMBER December 2003 teresa ******

8 TAPPED IN RECEPTION: enter your text below, press Enter and take part in the conversation December 2003 enter your text here, press Enter and it'll appear above see who is in the Reception see who is at Tapped In

9 TAPPED IN FEATURES having an office in cyberspace (mine is Teresa's Cyberden) December 2003

10 the ASO (After School Online) is a meeting room for online presentations and discussion of ideas by teachers, librarians, educators and students get transcripts of past events directly in your mail box at the click of the mouse December 2003 take a look at each month's calendar of events read the ten tips for a successful chat

11 a monthly Calendar page with a daily choice of events December 2003

12 belong to different groups (choose from a long list) December 2003

13 create (and manage) a group: Webheads in Action CoP December 2003

14 GETTING A YAHOO ID go to click on 'Sign up now' complete the form form submit it have free access to all Yahoo personalized services chat at Yahoo Messenger joining a group starting a new group December 2003

15 YAHOO MESSENGER a text and voice chat environment go to click on 'Get it now' to download software follow step-by-step installation start chatting with friends immediately! December 2003

16 LOGIN click on the icon in the status bar or desktop window you see during connecting process December 2003

17 this window opens (first time, without list of friends) you are ready to start chatting with whoever is online December 2003

18 YAHOO MESSENGER FEATURES send an instant message = start a one-on-one chat call a conference of friends/colleagues = start a group chat let your friends see you: 'Start my webcam' see your friends: 'View my webcam' create a friends' list (individually or in a group) December 2003


20 INITIATING TEXT CHAT click on a name click on Message December 2003

21 this window opens write your message here click on Send wait for an answer December 2003

22 INITIATING VOICE CHAT click on the Voice button this part is added on to the window you can select 'Hands Free' or click on 'Talk' when you want to speak you need a mic to be heard December 2003

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