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Managed Learning Environment Solution Presented by: and.

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1 Managed Learning Environment Solution Presented by: and

2 Presentation team Graham Pragnell Nils Olav Sundsteigen Managing Director Fronter UK James Grew Account Manager

3 Agenda Introduction by Local Authority & LGfL Solution overview Live demonstration Coffee break Case studies Training, CPD and implementation What’s next? Summary Q & A

4 Who we are Fronter –No 1 Learning platform provider in Europe –2,000+ schools in Europe, 2.2m users –Gold seal of excellence for ICT –NCSL Talk2learn service jointly with LogicaCMG LogicaCMG –World top 20 IT Services company –£2Bn turnover –30,000 employees of which 2,000 are in London –Key Clients Ofsted,UCAS, UfI, DfES,LSC


6 Drivers for Change DfES Personalised Learning Space target The 14-19 Agenda and BSF Proliferation of pupil accounts Stronger VLE functionality for our more advanced users Moving on – My Space, Blogs, wikis, YouTube, pod casts

7 Why a managed learning environment for London? How was the specification decided? How was the preferred bidder selected?

8 A key objective is to provide: ‘a personalised learning space with the potential to support e-portfolios available to every school by 2007-08’ ‘The aspiration is that by 2010 all schools will have integrated learning and management systems’ The eStrategy -key targets

9 What is it?

10 The London MLE Solution

11 90 integrated tools in one solution

12 MLE, data integration Dynamic links to MIS systems Import of content from legacy systems

13 A Schoolin a Local Authority

14 A Schoolin a Local Authorityin London in the consortium

15 Our Metaphors Building Room Tools Participants Unique id

16 Live demo

17 The Student(s) - primary and secondary school Teachers Parents / carers Stakeholders + three administrators: LGfL level LA / LEP level School level Who will this benefit?

18 Examples

19 How will it work?

20 London Schools reference group

21 Hosting  Fast service - on the LGfL network  High Availability  co-located with Earls Court and Park Royal  Environmentally controlled and monitored  Security  Resilient power / generator

22 The London MLE - comparisons London MLEStandard Fronter VLE ToolsetAll 90 toolsLess than 70 tools Reference groupLondon groupNo HostingInside London high speed network Outside Service levels99.6%+ availabilityStandard Pan London content repositoryYesNo Full integration to MISYesNo Comprehensive CPD programme YesNo Integration to LGfL Mail and video conferencing YesNo Contract and service management Yes – London GridNo

23 Case Studies

24 Ranvilles Infant School

25 Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Ranvilles Infant School, Hampshire County Council. Using Fronter for Year 2 Book Reviews

26 Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Ranvilles Infant School, Hampshire County Council. Using Fronter for a Class Pet Diary

27 Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Ranvilles Infant School, Hampshire County Council. Central resources for a topic

28 “Fronter has enabled staff, children and parents to work together in a way which is enjoyable and beneficial for all of us. Children are inspired and excited. Children’s families are engaged and interactive. Teaching staff are delighted!” Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Ranvilles Infant School, Hampshire County Council. Fiona Aubrey-Smith Lead Teacher for ICT (Hampsh ire County Council)

29 “Mrs Aubrey-Smith, please will you give me more online homework?” Year 1 child (who had done the Phonics Wordbank Quiz 7 times by this point!) “Zach is really enjoying online learning and we have none of the resistance to homework that we sometimes used to have with paper work. He also has longer concentration and more motivation this way”. Parent



32 Collaboration at East Barnet School

33 Personally, I think the new school building should be decorated with bright and bold colours! The students and teachers would want to come to school, as the school would have a lovely, warm and exciting feeling!


35 Elvebakken School - Oslo

36 Implementation, Training, and CPD

37 WP 12:Online user communities – Subject and phase groups (24 groups) Practice Based Projects WP 1:Marketing and Communications Programme for Stakeholders LA engagement by Business and Change Management Consultants School and LA Senior Management Briefings School Clusters – Primary Individual – Secondary (0.5 days ) Training Session 1 Train Trainers LA, LGfL, CLC Accredited Trainers (5 day) LA Set Up (Las) Training Session 2 LA Administrator Training Delivered by Accredited trainers (1 day) Training Session 3 School Nominated User and Administrator Training Delivered by Accredited trainers (2 days) End User Training E-learning Supported by Nominated User and School Administrator (3 hours) WP 2:Practice Based Projects, Research and Innovation through Practice Based CPD WP 3:Bookable Courses and Computer Based Training WP 4WP 5WP 6WP 7aWP 8WP 9WP 10 Annual Conferences Motivators Users WP 11 Time Programme levelLEA and Cluster LevelAccredited Trainers Per SchoolSchool task Consultant Visit Individual Schools Half day WP 13 MIS Set Up (School) WP 7b

38 Training at the school Workshop with SMT Two days training for –Local administrator –Power user eLearning courses available to all members of staff

39 Future Perspectives

40 Short term Handheld devices Web 2.0 (blog, rss, wiki) Ajax interface / drag’n’drop API / Tools Interoperable Framework / OKI Microsoft integration

41 Is this Word? No! It is a ajax text editor (Thinkfree) in a standard web browser (Firefox)

42 Is this PowerPoint? No! It is a ajax presentation program (Think Free) in a standard web browser (Firefox). This presentation is ma de in Think Free!



45 Is this FronterOS?

46 NO! It was all just a ajax web page in a web browser, a nd the web browser was maximized to your screen....but it felt like, looked like, and even behaved like an operating system.

47 Summary -What will it mean for my school? A personalised learning space An integrated learning and management systems Tailoring content to users needs and learning styles Supporting anytime, anywhere learning Enabling peer/mentor dialogue Assessment for learning Personal ePortfolio

48 What’s next? Contact your LA to state your interest Opportunity to take part in a pilot in June 07 Schools that want to get started in September 07 needs to sign up before 1st May 07 Please contact your LA you want to start before September 07

49 Want to try Fronter? Go to Username: newham_demouser Password: 08Fronter03

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