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Pilot Exterior Preflight LT “Rick James” Holt Preflight.

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1 Pilot Exterior Preflight LT “Rick James” Holt Preflight

2 2 Standard stuff… Check for leaks, open panels and general condition as you approach the plane.

3 3 Upper Tacan SRS HF 1 Tank 5 Drain Mast Vortex Generator Dump Chute ASCL 2ASCL 1

4 4 Left Wing Beaver Tail

5 5 Beaver Tail – Venting system designed to create a cooling boundary between engine nacelle and fuel tank

6 6 Left Wing Fuel Dump Chute Flap Position (Degrees)

7 7 Left Wing Vortex Generator

8 8 FLAP TRACK FLAP SKID PAD Rubbing allowed

9 9 7 Static Wicks “any one off edges, or any two- down”

10 10 APU Filter APU Filter Drain + man shut-off APU Fuel Drain Valve APU Fuel Inlet Line #2 Boost Pump Press Switch Boost Pump Aileron Push-Pull rod Aileron Trim Cables

11 11 Wing Deice Hot Air discharge louvers Blade Angle Reference mark Scored Surface to prevent cracking

12 12 Centroid Riser Purpose: structural mounting of wing Jack Point Engine Breather Purpose: escaping air/pressurize oil tank

13 13 Flap Jackscrew Aileron Push-Pull Rod Fuel Dump Chute Fuel Dump Valve (MDC) Transfer Pump Primary and Secondary Popet Lines Landing Gear Emergency Extension Cable

14 14 Flap Brake actuation window (Red dot will appear in the window if brake set) Flap Brake (MDC) Landing Light (MEAC) Flap Torque Tube

15 15 Left Wing Flap Carriage Access Panels Check the roll pins for cracks

16 16 Left Wing Flap Brake Actuation Indicator Flap Actuator (Jack Screw)

17 17 Left Wing Flap Brake Check indicator

18 18 Left Wing Dump Valve Primary / Secondary Bleed Metering Lines Flap Torque Tube Aileron Push Pull Rod Check for scrapes where there is no roller

19 19 Left Wing Flap Torque Tube Aileron Push Pull Rod Tank 5 Fuel Vent

20 20 Left Wing Flap Asymmetry Chain Aileron Trim Cables

21 21 Left Wing Aileron Trim Cables MLG Manual Uplock Release Cable Wing Plenum Anti- Ice Exhaust

22 22 Left Wing APU Fuel Filter APU Fuel Filter Drain Valve APU Manual Fuel Shutoff Valve

23 23 Left Wing Hydraulic Fluid Heat Exchanger Lines Landing Gear / Brake Hydraulic Lines

24 24 Outboard Fuel Tank Vent Inboard Fuel Tank Vent Two #5 vent lines are interconnected and plumbed into this vent Vents are covered with flame arrestors

25 25 Left Wing Static Discharge Wicks Fuel Tank Vents

26 26 Left Wing Fuel Tank Vents

27 27 Left Wing Landing Light

28 28 Left Wing External Stores Racks (Wing Pylons)

29 29 Left Wing NACA Vent intake for cooling air

30 30 Nacelles EDC Dump Exhaust Door (Engines 2 & 3) check for hinge (1 &4 have no hinge) Oil Cooler Air Scoop Engine Cowl Panel Latches

31 31 Nacelles Oil Cooler / “Piccolo Tubes” Air Exit Duct look for birds nest Oil Cooler Flap “Gang” Drain

32 32 Nacelles Oil Cooler Inlet Generator Cooling Air Duct / Shutoff Valve …also used to cool eng mounts

33 33 Nacelles Forward Spinner Aft Spinner Cuff Island Check for proper blade angle (should see three holes)

34 34 Main Mount Wheel Well General Items: -Chocks -Grounding strap -Tires

35 35 Counter Measures (If Installed) should see 1 pin per set of buckets Mechanical Down Lock Linkage Bungee Springs – help with freefall extension in flight Brake Fuse 30 cubic inches of fluid actuates shut off Fire Shield Normal Brake Lines Emergency Brake Line Look For: Uneven Tread Wear Max Tread Wear: When tread pattern is worn to the bottom of the tread groove Flat Spotting: due to prolonged standing Sidewall conditions: Look for cracks, cuts, abrasions, bulges, gouges, cord plies Enough tread for bounce flight? Lower drag strut

36 36 Main Mount Wheel Well Shuttle Valve Brake Pucks (1,2,3 rule) 1. No ONE flush 2. No 2 side by side not fluxing 3. No THREE total not fluxing with brake actuation.

37 37 Main Mount Wheel Well Normal Hydraulic Brake Lines Emergency (Air) Hydraulic Brake Line

38 38 Main Mount Wheel Well Brake Fuses check the arrow going down toward the deck Scissor Switch (Weight On Wheels) Automatic Safety Downlock Linkage (Mechanical Downlock)

39 39 Main Mount Wheel Well MLG Door Actuating Cylinder Look for Hyd leaks

40 40 Main Mount Wheel Well Upper Drag Strut Bungee Spring Lower Drag Strut

41 41 Main Mount Wheel Well Gear Pin Upper Jury Strut Lower Jury Strut

42 42 TD AMP 6. What does this do? Check for leaks on the door actuator Check orange bolts for leaks 7. What does the orange paint mean? Check for excessive fluid/leaks Check bolts Check spring, this can break

43 43 Bonding Braids(used for grounding) (4) Upper Drag Struts Manual Landing Gear release cable Uplock

44 44 Lower Drag Strut Bungee Spring Gear Actuator(Behind): Look for any hyd. fluid, downing discrepancy Mechanical Gear Release Cable Down Lock Switch Swivel Joint Jury Strut

45 45 Brake Pucks: 8. Bad if ?. Bad if ? Shuttle Valves Oleo 4-5” min

46 46 Main Mount Wheel Well HRD Pressure Gauges

47 47 Main Mount Wheel Well “Pie Pans” E handle cables (normally covered)

48 48 EDC Plumbing E-Handle + power lever cables inside Bleed Air plumbing Bleed air Valve (SEDC) Pie Pan(access point to hot section) Fire Sensing Element Hydrostatic Tester case 5. Which nacelle is this?

49 49 HRD Bottles (500psi Min) HRD Discharge line

50 50 Main Mount Wheel Well Pie Pans E handle cables (covered)

51 51 Nose

52 52 Heat Exchanger intake vent EDC Dump Door(Sealed Shut on 1&4) Oil Tank Access Panel Sys Cap 15.75 gallon Usable 8.65 foaming space 5.7 unusable 1.4 NACA Vent Lab Seal- during engine shutdown, ports engine oil Gang Drain, outboard engines don’t have engine breather, use gang drain Make sure it is secure, a common access point for maintainers

53 53 5th Stage Discharge Port 3. Purpose?Purpose? “A” panel, make sure it is secure, a common access point for maintainers Oil Cooler Intake Oil Cooler Exhaust/Door Gang Drain Lab Seal Vent (eng oil)

54 54 View from under the prop aft spinner. It is normal to have the “X” safety wire, also ok if it is around the perimeter. Drain Plug for the prop control.

55 55 #4 Prop Forward Spinner (Continuously Heated during prop deice) Island Cuff Spinner Skirt Blade(Base is scored to prevent cracking)

56 56 Oil Cooler Generator Cooling Door (Mechanical Function of the E-Handle) 4. Question, is there one on #1 engine, and if so, what is the function?

57 57 Nose Bomb Bay Safety Switch / Pin

58 58 Nose Air Multiplier Package AMP Oil Level Window

59 59 Nose APU Safety Switch Port Heat Exchanger Exhaust

60 60 TAS Probe Pilot Pitot Tube

61 61 10. Limit?

62 62 Air Multiplier Turbine (Check for cracks, scores, obstructions, missing blades)

63 63

64 64 Bomb Bay Safety Pin Hydraulic Fluid Mechanical cut-out

65 65 Nose Port Heat Exchanger Ram Air Inlet / Aux Vent

66 66 Nose LH Pitot Tube TAS Probe

67 67 Nose AIP Countermeasures Dispenser - Nose (Blankoff Plate shown)

68 68 Nose Taxi Lights NWS Actuator Cylinder NWS Actuator Cables

69 69 Nose Tow Bar Attachment Nose Wheel Steering Cylinder

70 70 Nose Aux Vent Valve

71 71 Nose Battery

72 72 Nose APU Fire Bottle

73 73 Nose Optical Sensor Converters

74 74 Nose Stbd Pitot Tube Ice Detector Probe Stbd Heat Exchanger Ram Air Inlet

75 75 Atmospheric Vent cabin press control Check for no tape Copilot Pitot Tube Icing probe ALE 47 “Bug-eye” (OSC) Satcom(Batwing) SRSAPU Intake Door SRS UHF-1

76 76 Nose Tie Down Hardpoint APU Exhaust Door Stbd Heat Exchanger Exhaust

77 77 Fuselage AOA Probe

78 78 Right Wing

79 79 Right Wing Fueling Panel Pressure Fueling Connectors

80 80 Fuselage Tank 5 Drain Mast

81 81 Fuselage HSC Sono Disable Door

82 82 Hydraulic Service Center #2 Hydraulic reservoir #1 Hydraulic reservoir #2 Hydraulic Quantity Gauge #1 Hydraulic Quantity Gauge

83 83 Hydraulic Service Center Emergency Air Brake Bottle Flap Asymmetry Valve

84 84 Hydraulic Service Center Landing Gear Control Valve Emergency Main Landing Gear Release Handle

85 85 Hydraulic Service Center Hydraulic Pump

86 86 Hydraulic Service Center Hydraulic Pump

87 87 Hydraulic Service Center

88 88 Hydraulic Service Center Aileron Boost Package

89 89 Hydraulic Service Center Hydraulic Filter Brake Accumulator Hydraulic Pressure transmitters

90 90 Hydraulic Service Center Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Filters Delta P

91 91 Hydraulic Service Center Hydraulic Flap Motor

92 92 Fuselage Sonobuoy Safety Switch

93 93 Empennage “Hell Hole” (Access to rudder & aileron booster pkgs)

94 94 Fuselage Wing length pic AIP Aft Countermeasures Dispenser (blankoff plate shown)

95 95 Tank 5 Drain Mast Fuel Cavity Vent

96 96 Flux Valve 9. Purpose?. Purpose? SU-164/AAR-47 Optical Sensor-Converter for MWS MAD Boom(Look to insure not bent) Crash locator HF-1 HF-2 VOR Loop UHF-2 Lower UHF-2 Upper VHF Upper (imbedded)

97 97 Force Link TabSRS Antenna (Ask an O-4)

98 98 Head Vent Sat com antenna SRS Antenna

99 99 EBB Discharge Port(no leakage allowed)

100 100 Fuel Tank Vents(nothing should be coming out except air)

101 101 Fuselage

102 102 Fuselage Port Static Ports (plugs installed)

103 103 Fuselage HF Antenna Slip Mark

104 104 Empennage Force Link Tab Elevator Trim Tab Rudder Trim Tab HF Antennas

105 105 Fuselage Negative Pressure Relief Valve Air Inlet “Hell Hole”

106 106 The End

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