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Jessica Vendegna Inside Sales Manager

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1 Jessica Vendegna Inside Sales Manager
Welcome Jessica Vendegna Inside Sales Manager For those of you that do not know me my name is Jessica Vendegna inside sales mananger First I want to give a big thanks to all our partners and customers for coming out and joining us this evening. We have so much new and exciting things to share but we could not do any of it without you all So thanks again! Alright so I am going to take the next few minutes to go over some conference logistics

2 Come Visit Us! Hall B2 Booth #1801

3 Schedule a Demo Tonight – back of room Booth 1801
See Hillary Johns to schedule meetings and demonstrations

4 Thank you Sponsorships Chance to win a Microsoft Surface
Card drop – Drawing TONIGHT after presentation Scheduling a meeting and/or demonstration Bring a business card and enter to win Sponsorships TelUG/EGUG reception Tuesday July 9th 5:30 to 7:30 East Terrace (Upper Level) A big thanks to MS They are giving away 2 MS surfaces We will be giving one away tonight about 30 minutes after the presentations during the hosted social. So if you have not entered to win make sure you drop your business card into the fish bowl that is floating around. You will also get a second chance to win a MS surface in our booth. How you enter to win is to schedule a meeting or a demo. Once you are on our schedule you automatically get entered to win. We will do the drawing in out booth on Thursday, you do not have to be present to win, we will call the winner.

5 As you saw in the video our user group meeting is on March 4-6
Landing page is already released Hotel information Travel details And down the road we will post the details agenda Also Registration is not open yet but will be in the next few weeks

6 Call for papers This year we are giving you guys the opportunity to help build the agenda A big part of Link is hearing from our customers and partners. We like to fill the agenda with case studies and presentations from the user community. I encourage everyone to submit your ideas.

7 Call for papers Submit title and abstract online Deadline July 31st Deadline July 31st Approved papers by October

8 Welcome Scott Higgins Now I am going to pass it over to Scott to go over the agenda for this evening and to touch on were Schneider Electric is today and were we are headed

9 Sunday Night Agenda Social
Past and Present: Future at Schneider Electric (Scott) We are working closer than ever with Esri (Danny) Focused on core improvements Aligned for future development ArcFM … an important release (Matt) Work Scenarios and Demonstrations Future Vision (Danny) Esri Industry Templates ArcFM gets more utility specific Connected Community (Todd) Improving service Social

10 Schneider Utilities GIS History
1946: Miner & Miner Founded as a Professional Consulting Engineering Firm 1980: AM/FM Industry 1987: Partnered with Esri in research and development for utility-specific GIS Applications 1946 1980s 2000s 2010s 2004: Control Center Stations Distribution Network Customer 2011:

11 Esri + ArcFM Solution + Our Partners
Over 600 Utilities Worldwide As a community we are far from reaching our full potential - Variations on data models and business drivers - Unique IT environments Similar, yet different requirement sets - Standards based Integration… some but not enough But we share a common vision for GIS in our organizations

12 Pervasive incorporation of Geospatial Technology
Smart Networks Solutions Vision Control Center Stations Distribution Network Customer Pervasive incorporation of Geospatial Technology

13 Systems to Solutions Distribution Network
Global substation & feeder automation portfolio for Utilities Protection IEDs MICOM ® SEPAM ® RTU, Controls Sensors IEDs Feeder Automation Distribution Device Automation/Control Substation Automation PACiS ® Substation Automation Control Distribution Network Network Management and Operations Software DMS/OMS Analysis SCADA GIS Engineering Security, Reliability & Efficiency Cloud Mobile Advanced grid supervision Enterprise to Operational Optimize Field Operations Safety & Security

14 Enterprise Geospatial
Enterprise to Operational Automation Devices Commodity Generation Station Automation Distribution Automation Real Time Integration Control Center SCADA DMS OMS Operational Data Historian – Time Series Enterprise Integration Enterprise Geospatial ArcFM Solution in Desktop, Server, Web, Mobile and Cloud For Electric, Gas, Water and Telecom Models

15 GIS is the Foundation for Smart Networks
Enterprise Geospatial and it’s web of integrations drive data to the control center applications In return, the control center applications can provide important operational information to the rest of the enterprise. For Engineering and Operations. “Single Version of the Truth” in the enterprise GIS is where the cycle begins and also where it ends Our vision remains unchanged

16 Utility Geospatial Models Must Evolve
Next Years Intelligent Facility Network Model Comprehensive Models, Device Internals, Schematics, Operational Decision support and Execution enablement Easier maintenance of a more comprehensive model Recent Years Asset Management Model Compatible Units, OMS and Asset Management, Accounting Made to work Early Years Cartographic/Drafting Model Mapping, Data Migration and Enhancements

17 Component Architectures Give Way to Services

18 What’s Next? ArcFM Release – future is evident today
Applications and Services versatility Focused on improving business operations Esri’s ArcGIS Industry Templates Accelerate implementation Esri’s incredible core technology direction Feedback from you: more focus on core Improve performance, scalability, usability Improve on Delivery and Support processes Improve our online resources

19 Smart Networks will continue to drive change
We will be here to help Enterprise ArcFM Equip Catalog Integrate Stage Focused Apps Asset Performance Cloud Network Model & Validation Analyze Trend Design & Engineer Mobile: Inspect & Operate

20 Setting the Stage

21 Sunday Night Tradition
Exciting week ahead ArcGIS Platform Alignment with Esri Innovations Next and future releases of ArcFM Solution But first… Sunday night tradition Italian family in NJ, lots of food… Customers, partners and friends Set the stage for the week You’ll hear about ArcGIS Platform a lot this week And you’ll see a lot of new exciting innovations from esri We want to show you how we are aligned with esri and plan to take advantage of these things now and I future releases Bur there is something we need to talk about first…

22 We Heard Your Voice Link/TUG surveys Birds of a Feather feedback
Customer site visits Project experience Support process Post-Link mobilization April Summit with Esri in Ft .Collins May-June customer visits At LNIK 2013 we got some very strong and specific feedback from you When we considered this along with feedback we have received site visits… Project experience… Support processes… And we immediately mobilized.. We had a large team from ESRI join us in Ft Collins in April for a SUMMIT We performed customer visits through June and collaborated on the results

23 Industry Focus Session
Collaborative Plan - Committed, Together Delivery & Support Core Technology Improvements Needed Move Forward with Confidence Esri Core Technology Electric and Gas Industry Focus Session Tue 07/09/2013 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM Room 29 A/B We found that our customers had some BIG CHALLENGES So we developed a COLLABORATIVE plan ESRI and SE together COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes to improve across the board Support, delivery – improvements and best practices Key CORE TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENTS that are needed to ensure you can MOVE FORWARD with CONFIDENCE Esri has a development plan for 2013 Esri Electric and Gas Industry Focus Session Tue

24 Adjusted Our Roadmaps After 10.2 release
Dedication to Core Improvements Goal - Significant improvements to ArcFM and Designer performance and usability Our plan is this… We’ve Adjusted roadmaps for post-10.2 Our main focus is performance and utilization of ArcFM and Designer

25 Post-10.2 Release Approach
ArcFM Stored Displays Open/Save QA/QC Feeder Manager Initialization Conflict Filters Designer Open/Save Designs Workflow Manager Application Footprint Enhanced User Experience The plans are driven by WHAT WE HEARD So what did we HEAR? There are a lot more DETAILS than this, but these are the MAIN AREAS we feel need ATTENTION

26 Post-10.2 Release Plan More research needed to determine date
~3 to 5 months of work Targeting late 2013 Service packs on others as necessary Continued communication updates Product Update Meetings More details at EGUG and via Connected Community… More research is needed to pin point the exact date 3-5 months of work to achieve the GAINS YOU NEED We plan on offering this as a SERVICE PACK to 10.2 and others And, we will continue our established COMMUNICATION avenues for keeping you updated on our progress We will have a lot more information that we will share with you are EGUG And TODD is going to tell you how the CONNECTED COMMUNITY will keep you in touch as well

27 So, I know we have a TENDANCEY to focus too much on what is NEW and EXCITING
But, we felt it was really important to START THE NIGHT OUT with this message That we are SERIOUS about WORKING with ESRI to SOLVE the CHALLENGES you have today So you can feel CONFIDENT about MOVE FORWARD to TOMORROW So, now for a LOOK AT TOMORROW I will pass it over to MATT to go over the details of the current release

28 ArcFM Solution – The Next Release
Matt Zimmerman Manager, Product Owners (transition from what we showed) what I’m about to show you is a good look at our latest release of ArcFM, which will be coming out in just a few short weeks.

29 Biggest Release in Product History!
Proud It will offer you an incredible amount of new functionality. Actually, <click> it’s the biggest release

30 40+ enhancements Not only its packed full of small enhancements but..
this release will come with 4 new applications. And these 4 new applications are signficant to us because they are leading us in a new direction. As we move towards building smaller, more focused applications that really hones in on solving specific problems. These new applications, contribute to our solution, making GIS more useful than ever to utility companies

31 Product Themes Managing feeders, network assets
Advanced Networks Managing feeders, network assets Advanced Design 3D engineering, line design Utility Operations Better restoration workflows Data Availability Now, if you were to take a step back and look at our product solution from a high level, you’ll see it covers 5 major themes, encompassing all aspects of utility work. And our upcoming release continues to build on these themes, which I’ll touch on right now. At the very core, this release builds on advanced network management. Finding better ways to manage your feeders and network assets. … mention all verticals Again, rounding out this picture, you can see, we are focused on all areas of utility work ArcFM everywhere Field Mobility New mobile platform

32 Apps are… Quick to deploy and configure Easier to update Scalable
We’re about to demonstrate a few of these smaller, focused applications. And you’re going to see a lot new functionality But it’s more than just new functionality, we’ve also built these apps so they are ….. This release is all about <click> web apps, click once deployment, and cloud technology. And you’ll see this in the first product I’m about to introduce called Orbit.

33 Orbit Helps utilities get their field work done iPad, Windows 7
Field Mobility Orbit Helps utilities get their field work done iPad, Windows 7 Help field crews with Where to go What to do What information to gather Orbit is our next generation mobile platform for utilities and telcom providers Simply put, Orbit... …. I’m going to hand it over to Neil and Greg for a demonstration so you can see this thing in action They’ll show you how orbit can let your field crews gather information about a pipe crossing

34 Orbit Demo Neil Batchelor Greg McHugh
Field Mobility Orbit Demo Neil Batchelor Greg McHugh

35 Orbit Launched July 1st Advantages Field Mobility
Download from an app store Update notifications No geodatabase replication No GIS data is stored in the cloud Built on Esri’s runtime APIs Launched July 1st Alright, a great demonstration of what you can do with our new mobile platform. I’d like to re-iterate, Orbit is more than the functionality you just saw. <click> This new mobile platform also provides advantages over a typical desktop or engine application…. …Launched, contact account manager

36 “Using GIS to manage your network is a core value”
Re-engineered Feeder Manager (2.0) Faster network editing Fewer conflicts Additional tools for feeder data Advanced Networks Going back to the themes, you just saw field mobility with our Orbit platform. Another theme that we built on is advanced network management We believe that <click> ... and we put a lot of effort into re-engineering Feeder Manager, creating Feeder Manager 2.0, and improving on areas that matter most to you, giving you…. Worked closely with clients to get there, not only did we host a product advisory group, but we had a few clients participate in a beta program. I’d like to share some of the results with you…

37 Feeder Manager 2.0 Beta Results
90% improvement in edit times Some cases: 2 minutes down to 2 seconds Reduced version conflicts Access to more feeder data Feeder length Phase\load breakdown # of service points Verified FeederID customizations Advanced Networks When testing started, clients found Found improved usability by providing quick accessibility to more feeder data: With statistics …. And the ability to visually access a feeder’s tie devices One last benefit of the beta program was making sure that any customizations that depended on FeederID still worked correctly and data could be exported to other systems, like OMS.

38 Advanced Networks Overall, a very successful beta program for Feeder Manager 2.0 which demonstrated the benefits and potential of this product

39 Fiber on Server Example of ArcFM Everywhere Latest web app can:
Data Availability Fiber on Server Example of ArcFM Everywhere Latest web app can: Access your fiber data from multiple devices Make business decisions Without needing to be a GIS expert OK, I mentioned data availability and this concept called ArcFM everywhere, providing access to your asset and network data from any device, and in manner that helps utilities get their work done. One way we do this is through web apps and we have a new product, Fiber on Server, that exemplifies this concept. Our newest web app.. ….. fault technician, network technician, that needs access to the fiber data in simplified ways I’m going to turn it over to Neil who will show you what a fiber network technician can do with Fiber on Server

40 Fiber on Server Demo Neil Batchelor
Data Availability Fiber on Server Demo Neil Batchelor

41 Fiber on Server JavaScript and HTML5 Data Availability
Another example of a new application, available in the next release, that is focused on solving a specific utility problem. Worth pointing out <click> Both modern web tech and this really just means you can use this web app from any device that can open a browser JavaScript and HTML5

42 Advanced Design Another product I want to show you from this next release deals with engineering. Asset design and engineering is a huge facet of any utility work. And this is where our latest product, overhead design analysis, comes in

43 Overhead Design Analysis
Advanced Design Overhead Design Analysis Overhead Design Analysis is… Engineering Analysis Reporting Now offered as Extension to ArcFM Stand-alone Showed you the early stages of this product for the first time last year, and we’ve continued to build up this product based on your feedback. For those that haven’t seen it, OHDA is our new application for designing and analyzing your overhead facilities. This product is all about… Consolidates all the various tools you need to get this type of job done into a single platform Initially, this product was built for Designer, but we are now offering as extension to arcfm, so you can use existing asset data without being in a design. We’re also proud to offer this as a stand alone application for preliminary analysis and ad-hoc design like telcom attachment work Sean will show new features like…full 3D design, visual assembly catalog, Importing mobile data

44 Overhead Design Analysis Demo Sean Graebner
Advanced Design Overhead Design Analysis Demo Sean Graebner

45 Advanced Design 3D Assembly Catalog

46 Responder Phase swap Jumpers Utility Operations
Final theme is around utility operations Continued to enhance Responder, our OMS, to provide better support for restoration workflows not only did we built in support for phase swap <click> this release also offers users the ability to place and work with Jumpers in their restoration process. Both of these items are big on their own, and each came from a lot of work with the user community, through discussions at Link and within our product advisory groups, which will stay active as we continue with future development of responder.

47 Getting More From Your GIS
Desktop New attribute editor Enhanced split support Designer Reverse highlight tool Fiber Enhanced reports with more configuration options Responder 20+ enhancements Copy\paste from Explorer Don’t want to take away from the other enhancements Taken desktop to a new level with dozens of new tools and improvements Direct response to your requests

48 Wait, What’s the Release Number?
{ Advanced Networks Advanced Design July August Utility Operations Data Availability Get this stuff without moving to ArcGIS 10.2 Field Mobility

49 Future Vision Thanks Matt…
That was a great overview of the new exciting tools and applications that will be available in the next release Now I want to provide you with a bit more detail about our post 10.2 releases and beyond Now, sing, “I’m a little teapot”, because I’m just that hot.

50 Adjusted Our Roadmaps After 10.2 release
Dedication to Core Improvements Goal - Significant improvements to ArcFM and Designer performance and usability Remember that We’ve Adjusted roadmaps for post-10.2 Our main focus is performance and utilization of ArcFM and Designer

51 Hold on! What about… Will not affect all products… Responder
Jumpers Fiber Manager RF Coax Engineering tools Orbit Redlining, query and location tools ArcGIS Online 6-8 week release cycle CLEAR that our FOCUS for this ROADMAP CHANGE is ArcFM and Designer The roadmaps for OTHER KEY PRODUCTS will move on as planned And ORBIT’s improvements will center on redlining, …. It is important to point out that ORBIT will be on its own RELEASE CYCLE that is DECOUPLED from ARCFM 6-8 WEEK increments Orbit is SaaS, and this is what SaaS allows us to provide to you!

52 2014 Roadmaps And it will not go on forever… ArcFM
Feeder Information Services CIM Export CP Tools Designer Rapid Network Updates OHDA ADMS integration And, this will not go on forever After the GOALS ARE ACHIEVED we will resume work on the other KEY ROADMAP items for ArcFM and Designer including…

53 Beyond – Long Term Vision
Support the ArcGIS Platform ArcGIS Online and Portal Web Map Support - all demos driven by Web Maps! Existing Applications OHDA Orbit Fiber Manager ArcFM for Silverlight BEYOND THAT - GOAL we have is to migrate towards SUPPORTING the ARCGIS PLATFORM You will HEAR a lot about this this week – JACK EXPLAIN Key to allowing MORE PEOPLE in your organization to DO MORE with your GIS information FIRST STEP is supporting the WEBMAP ……..and we are already doing this ALL DEMOS DRIVEN WEBMAPS…..ONE MORE TO GO! WEBMAP IMPROVE EXISTING APPLICATIONS

54 Web Services and Cloud Culminate in Browser, Mobile and Cloud apps
Fiber Manager on Server Feeder Information Services Cloud Orbit Microsoft Azure SaaS delivery KEY EXPOSE MORE and more of what we do in the form of WEB SERVICES POWER OF ARCFM SOLUTION in NON-DESKTOP applications FOS …expose the TELECOM NETWORK allow MORE PEOPLE FEEDER INFORMATION SERVICES ELECTRIC NETWORK WEB SERVICES us to leverage the CLOUD to offer applications via SaaS ORBIT - the power of the MICROSOFT AZURE CLOUD infrastructure BENEFIT of saas – RAPID, SCALABILITY

55 SaaS-Based Utility Applications
Combine ArcGIS Platform Web Map Web Services Ecosystem of Applications Focused applications Distinct utility value Quickly deployed The combination of the ARCGIS PLATFORM , the WEBMAP, and WEB SERVICES CREATE a whole new ECOSYSTEM of focused utility applications with DISTINCT VALUE ONE EXAMPLE we are working on now does all of this, and I’d like to INTRODUCE it to you now…

56 We all saw how SUPERSTORM SANDY wreaked havoc on the EAST COAST last year.
Extreme weather like this as well as TORNADOS, WILD FIRES, ICE STORMS and ALIEN INVASIONS can all wreak havoc on a utility’s NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE UTLITIY’S RESPONSE can take a toll not just on PEOPLE and CUSTOMERS, but on a utility’s REPUTATION

57 Storm Impact Analysis So, we are combining
The UTILITY GIS information you already have With our powerful REAL-TIME WEATHER DATA And the ARCGIS PLATFORM CREATE an application To help utilities better PREPARE for, RESPOND to and RECOVER from natural disasters

58 Storm Impact Analysis Demo
Sean Graebner So go ahead and take a look, then I will recap it at the end Here is Sean with the demo…

59 Analytics Utility GIS Data + Weather Web Services Analytics =
Storm Impact Over Time SERVED up GIS, WEBMAP via AGOL/PORTAL, REAL TIME WEATHER WEB SERVICES Esri GEOEVENT SERVER ALTERS STORM CORRIDORS GEOFENCES PERFORMED ANALYTICS to determine the IMPACT of the storm OVER TIME QUESTIONS - WHERE, HOW BAD, HOW LONG KEY BENEFIT is improved CREW MANAGEMENT Where should I put them SERVICE AREA Will they get there in time to help Do I have enough crews It is safe for them Hold over, call outs? Do I need outside help Do I have the right crews and replacement equipment on hand?

60 Combining Utility GIS and Weather Data
Miles and Minutes Count Plan for crew resources and network assets Immediate response – all clear – lightning and wind Reduce restoration time and costs Optimize damage assessment – lightning strikes Ensure crew and public safety Keep the public informed and on their side “One poor storm performance can cause significant reputational damage” - PSE&G – Distributech 2013 So when you combine WEATHER INFORMATION to UTILITY GIS you have the ability to better prepare BEFORE THE STORM This allows you to save MILES AND MINUTES with crew management and network assets DURING THE STORM You can optimize your RESPONSE ALL CLEAR for safety AFTER THE STORM reduce restoration time and costs All the while ensuring crew and public safety and keeping the public informed and on your side

61 Advanced Analytics How does this relate to other factors
Weather and outage history Vegetation management history Esri Industry Templates – ArcGIS for Utilities VALUE ANALYTICS ENGINE CALIBRATE ENGINE ESRI has an example STORM RISK ANALYSIS GP model as part of their INDUSTRY TEMPLATES in AGOL ANOTHER INPUT into our analysis to further REFINE its ANALYTICS ENGINE TAKE Esri’s INDUSTRY TEMPLATES FURTHER BEST PRACTICES GIS BENEFITS Go to Esri’s Tuesday morning session to hear more about their expansion of industry-specific offerings and ARCGIS for ELECTRIC

62 Esri ArcGIS Marketplace
Offered via the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace Mobile, desktop, web applications Look for Storm Impact Analysis and Orbit listings Finally, this application will be offered in the ESRI ARCGIS MARKETPLACE Look for Orbit and this application there soon

63 Recap July and August – Biggest Release Ever
Late Core Technology Improvements Future Vision Biggest release of new functionality in 13 years and 10.2 we are SERIOUS about WORKING with ESRI to SOLVE the CHALLENGES you have today So you can feel CONFIDENT about moving forward to TOMORROW After that we are back to our roadmaps And the future vision of ARCGIS PLATFORM

64 clients + partners + employees = our “extended networked enterprise”
connected community clients + partners + employees = our “extended networked enterprise” Todd Moran Director of Social Enterprise

65 establish a single, unified online community network to
connect and engage you, our clients and partners

66 REALITY .com GIS Support Forums

67 PROMISE connected community

68 personalized 24x7x365 interactive com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyo͞onitē/ clients
(n.) a group of individuals with similar goals or interests gathered online and connected by interactions personalized 24x7x365 interactive

69 engage professional peers build reputation contribute content
obtain support engage professional peers build reputation contribute content offer product ideas review user guides tap into thought leadership share best practices pose questions solve problems download code samples educate oneself access software/firmware gain insight to product direction have a voice retrieve product collateral receive answers get help

70 Let’s Talk Specifics Customer Support Partner Enablement
clients Partner Enablement Product Ideation Education & Information Events Developer Central


72 Thank You! now on to the social…

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