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The Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College The First Year RISNA Annual Meeting November 5, 2012.

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1 The Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College The First Year RISNA Annual Meeting November 5, 2012

2 The RINI Middle College exists to immerse each student in the setting and structure of a college, learning under the guidance of industry practitioners and with a concentration in health care professional opportunities. The school will offer each student the opportunity to gain nursing knowledge and a high school degree while attending a supportive small secondary school The Mission

3 Labor Market Shortages Demographic Projections –Increased Health Care Demand while we have an aging RN workforce Under-prepared High School Students entering college decreasing “efficiency” of education system Impact of Health Care Reform Act Institute of Medicine Report on the “Future of Nursing” No Workforce Development Link between College and the Healthcare Industry The Need for RN’s

4 Four Year Program of Study Mirrors College Atmosphere Focus on Core Academic Subjects (Math/Science) Thread Nursing/Health care Theme through Curriculum Later Start Time Emphasis on Recruitment in Urban Communities Blended Faculty of Certified Teachers and College Faculty Earn College Credit Student Life Issues The IDEA RINI Middle College

5 The school's governing board will serve as a duly elected school board making financial, curricular and staffing decisions that directly impact the students' lives, the composition of the school's governance will be drawn from the community, healthcare employers, leaders in Nursing education, and Nursing Professional Associations The IDEA RINI Middle College

6 November 2009 - The full Charter School Application was presented to the Rhode Island Department of Education. June 2010 – Unanimous preliminary approval from the Department of Education July 2010 – Begin creation of a board of directors and strategic implementation planning October 2010 - Governance structure and board members finalized October 2010 - Original Building location eliminated as “unsuitable” for school renovation November 2010 – Work with the Lifespan Health system to assist in finding a new school location December 2010 – Begin discussions with the Development consultant to locate the Middle College in the new “Providence Community Health Centers Health Services and Training Campus” Spring 2011 – Recruitment of Students Begins Journey to the Start Line

7 March 2011-NO BUILDING! April to July 2011- Repeated public presentations to the RI Board of Education May 2011-We recruited 150 potential students, when we were required to secure 75 for approval. May-June 2011 - A new building is identified, enter negotiations with Landlord and secure a 5 year lease (subject to approval by RIDE) July 7 th 2011(6pm) - RI Bd. of Education APPROVES Final Charter!! September 6, (9am) – School is OPEN! Journey to the Start Line

8 Our New Building-Neighborhood

9 The Neighborhood


11 Building – Parking Supplies/Desks/Computers Faculty – Recruitment Plan – Interview/Hire – Curriculum Operating and Capital Budget Initial “pre-start” grant Set up initial “business” side of school administration Legal Issues Student Issues – Family – Student Orientation – Books – Transportation Approval - Open a New School in 7 weeks?

12 A building Project

13 Supplies & Infrastructure

14 Ready to Go

15 Our Entrance Message

16 Traditional High School teachers in “New” Education Model Teachers to become interdisciplinary “faculty” Focus on High Expectations, Rigor and Student Success, Acclimate to a “small” school (136 students to start) Merge teaching, new models with an understanding of the healthcare/RN workforce issues Initial Challenges Faculty

17 “Un-learn” poor study habits and behaviors Prepare them for Rigorous Curriculum Former schools were not Challenging students Longer school day, intersession and Summer School A new small school where kids cannot “hide” A State-wide Charter school mixes urban and suburban kids Building a new School Community & Culture Initial Challenges Students

18 Physical set up and space in building Must use a Lottery System to accept -place students Complexity of running a new State-wide Charter School Security Issues Sports programs How much freedom to allow Students & faculty to reach mission goals Everyone is the “New” kid in school!! NECAP Testing RIDE Requirements/Higher Ed Requirements Other Challenges

19 Structure of the School Year Structure of the School Day Uniforms Make this a “College Like” experience College Articulation Mix 10 th and 11 th grade students to help build behaviors Best Students as role models Overcoming Challenges Innovations

20 ELA focuses on Informational text and writing/DER Focus on building a community of Students & families Student Nurse Association Skills USA Focused Field Trips How we treat the students…(like adults) Professional Behavior (special visitors) Guest Lecture Series CNA Program Innovations

21 Community service Good health care consumers Workforce development/creating professionals Student Government/Board of Directors Faculty mentoring/nursing exposure Transportation provided Individualized Program of Study Graduation Requirements combine RIDE requirements, mission theme, and College admission requirements Innovations

22 Students at the NPACE Conference

23 Students Recognized for Excellence

24 Congressman Langevin and the Commissioner Gist

25 Students meet CNOs and HR Leadership of Care New England

26 RINIMC Students at City Hall

27 Lifespan Summer Youth Program Graduates

28 RINIMC Students greeting Congressman Langevin

29 A visit to the OR Fatima Hospital

30 Students in the Operating Room


32 Annual Dance

33 Faculty and Student Leaders

34 RINIMC Faculty & Leadership


36 Recognition at the State House

37 New building Site (Year #2 Expansion) Partnerships with health care organizations, college/university leadership Philanthropy Strategy Communication strategy Our own building (someday….4 years) 3 College courses are being offered (9 credits) 206 Students, 3 Grades, 15 Faculty Members RINIMC Growing

38 One Campus Two Buildings in 2012

39 RINI Middle College

40 Contact information: Pam McCue Chief Academic Officer CNO 401-680-4900 Ext 418

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