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International Radiation Protection Association Initiative on RP culture.

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1 International Radiation Protection Association Initiative on RP culture

2 The initial proposal At the IRPA12 Associate Societies Forum in Buenos Aires in October 2008, the French Society for Radiation Protection (SFRP) proposed to launch an IRPA initiative for enhancing radiation protection culture among the RP professionals worldwide. This proposal was very favourably welcomed by the participating Associate Societies and the IRPA Executive Council decided to actively support this initiative. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European ALARA Network (EAN) also expressed later on their interest and support 2

3 First actions The Austrian (OVS), French (SFRP), German (FS) and Swiss (ARRAD) Societies met in Strasbourg, France, in May 2009 to discuss RP culture and identify preliminary relevant topics. The Spanish Society (SERP) organized a meeting in Madrid in June 2009 to discuss organizational RP culture. 3

4 First IRPA Workshop on RP culture in Paris 14 -15 December 2009 25 participants Representatives of 9 IRPA Societies : –Austria –Belgium –France –Germany –Italy –Poland –Spain –Switzerland –United Kingdom, Reprentatives from WHO and EAN 4

5 WHY RP CULTURE? To give visibility to the fundamentals of RP (science and values) To promote radiation risk awareness To promote shared responsibility among practitioners, operators, regulators and management To maintain the RP heritage To facilitate its transmission To improve the quality and effectiveness of RP To contribute to the general safety To improve communication with society To enhance the visibility of RP in our societies 5

6 Key elements of RP culture Knowledge Values and ethics ( i.e Equity) Principles : justification, ALARA, limitation Experience Behaviour History of RP 6

7 First proposals for a definition of RP culture 1. The term “RP culture” means the way in which RP is founded, regulated, managed, performed, preserved, and perceived in the workplace, in medicine, and every day’s life and reflects the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, goals, and values that all parties involved share in relation to RP.(Strasbourg meeting, May 2009) 2. The term “RP culture” means the way in which RP is founded, regulated, managed, performed and preserved by professionals but also reflects the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that they share in relation to RP. (Paris workshop, December 2009) 7

8 A possible Roadmap 1.Define RP culture 2.Engage stakeholders 3.Develop an assessment tool 4.Implement a strategy 8

9 Questions for the 2010 IRPA regional Congresses Associate Societies Forum What are the elements of the RP culture and how could we define it? Is it possible to assess the RP culture and what could be the criteria? How to engage the stakeholders (regulators, operators, professional organizations…) in the process of developing RP culture. What is the role of IRPA and its associate societies in promoting an RP culture? What are the criteria for success? 9

10 Enhancing RP culture will be a long process All these challenges before to develop IRPA Guiding Principles shall be raised in the next future and will require the worldwide RP community commitment agreement to organize the 2 nd international seminar on RP culture in Charleston in February 2011. with the support of the American Health Physics Society (HPS), the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) and the National Council on Radiation Protection and measurements (NCRP) 10

11 Roadmap May 2009 meeting SFRP-FS Strasbourg European RP societies meeting 2è oct Zagreb. June 2010 IRPA Helsinki 2rd WG meeting. USA 2011 13-18 May 2012 Glasgow April 2009 French workshop SFRP Inter. Workshop. PARIS December 2009 IRPA Tokyo May 2010 3rd WG meeting. ASIA 2011 ?? Sept 2010 IRPA Nairobi June 2009 SERP meeting Madrid oct 2010 IRPA medelin

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