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DREDGABL and GEOSITE Knowledge-Based Expert System Geotechnical Decision Support Tools for Dredging.

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1 DREDGABL and GEOSITE Knowledge-Based Expert System Geotechnical Decision Support Tools for Dredging

2 Computer software/hardware that mimics subjective & objective reasoning of human brains

3  Puzzles & Games  Expert Systems (ES)  Knowledge Based Expert System (KBES)  Decision Support Systems  Pattern Recognition  Neural Networks  Fuzzy Logic  Virtual Reality

4 (subjective & objective)  Preserve knowledge & experiences (subjective & objective) of experts in the field  User-friendly interface that allows for interaction between the user & knowledge base  Can be relatively simple or very elaborate  May or may not have learning components  Ability of knowledge to “grow” & decision to “improve”  Explain why data is needed & how conclusions are reached  Include confidence/risk factors

5  Components:  Knowledge acquisition & validation  Knowledge coding, inference engine & user interface  Uses expert-derived rules for its reasoning  Incorporate & process judgment, experience, empirical rules of thumb, proven functional relationships & experimental evidence  More elaborate systems become Decision Support Systems (DDS)

6  Applied to a wide variety of problem domains  Once a system is developed, it should be verified in real world by outside experts  Used to:  Preserve & transfer knowledge  Train new & unskilled workers  Enhance decision making process (DSS)

7 Dredging KBESs  GEOSITEGEOSITE  GEOtechnical SITE Investigation Methods (GEOSITE) DREDGABLDREDGABL  Geotechnical Factors in DREDGeABiLity (DREDGABL) DRP SJS, Inc. DRP SJS, Inc. & 1990’s 2008-2010 1990’s 2008-2010 Dr. Jack Fowler Dr. Jack Fowler Dredging Research Program (DRP) Dredging Operations & Environmental Research Program (DOER)

8 IIntended as a training/screening tool & not for use in formal engineering designs FFully interactive & user friendly software for personal computers (FoxPro & Windows) DDeveloped through established literature & interviews with experts in the field (knowledge acquisition) VVerified through field trials & workshops LLimited use by USACE in the 1990’s CContain detailed graphical assistance tools UUsed to provide guidance or as a training tool

9  Provides guidance from geotechnical experts for subsurface investigations for dredging projects  Assumes general knowledge of sediment types at site  Assists in selecting:  Sediment sampling methods  In-situ strength testing methods, considering all appropriate sampling/testing method combinations  Methods for accessing the sampling/testing depth  Material identification tests  Platforms suitable for fieldwork  Uses Confidence Factors & Utility Factors

10  Serves as a geotechnical engineering consultant  Provides guidance regarding “dredgeability” of sediments described in the contract document  Dredgeability is defined as the ease with which an underwater soil or rock can be excavated, removed, transported & deposited using specific dredging equipment & methods  Contains a database option to store local knowledge within the user’s geographical area























33 Computerized tools designed to enhance accessibility and quality of information & knowledge needed by decision makers in the dredging industry

34  A guide, or computerized mentor, for persons lacking knowledge & experience in dredgeability analysis of geotechnical data, or geotechnical site investigations for dredging projects.  An educational aid in the training of new planners, estimators, administrators & operators  Assist geotechnical engineers & engineering geologists involved in dredging subsurface investigations  Peer review, where knowledgeable & experienced personnel can consult with other experts for review & to check their work


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