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Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure.

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1 Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure

2 Are you looking for the right kind of facility to carry out your DER Experiments?

3 Free-of-Charge DERri offers a unique opportunity to supplement an ongoing research project using high-class research infrastructure in Europe. Your travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed, under the conditions agreed with the hosting institutions. The starting time and length of the experiment can be agreed with the hosting facility.

4 Various Testing Installations Available DERri network consists of research facilities throughout Europe providing researchers with different kinds of testing facilities, simulations facilities as well as DER know-how and best practices. The facilities cover topics e.g. smart grids various renewable energy sources storage power quality grid security control and protection of the networks communication system aspects architectural questions domotics

5 Examples of Past Projects

6 Example: Electric Vehicles Control with Multi-agent System (EVOLVE-MAS)  Host infrastructure: Tecnalia  Where and When: Derio, Spain - Spring 2011  The purpose of EVOLVE-MAS was to test the operation of a Multi-Agent System (MAS) developed at Cardiff University.  Outcome documented on a Fact sheet and in a paper at the 3rd European Smart Grids and E-Mobility Conference in 2011 (both available on A user group from Cardiff University, UK

7 Who Can Apply? For researchers to apply for a free access there are three conditions. The leader of the applying researcher group have to work for an organisation (institute, company, university etc) that is established in countries of the European Union or associated European states like Switzerland, Turkey or Israel. The research team, or its majority, must work in countries other than where the operator of the infrastructure is established. The researchers must have the permission to publicly report about their project.

8 High Class Laboratories Example 1: Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico SpA (RSE) DER Test Facility (DER-TF)  Consists of a LV microgrid, connected to the MV grid by means of a 800 kVA transformer Constituted by several generators with different technologies (renewable and conventional), controllable loads and storage systems. DER-TF can provide electricity to the main grid with a maximum power of 350 kW.  A Communication system is available with different technologies: LAN Ethernet, wireless and Power Line.

9 Application Procedure  Applicant group fills up the application template (available on describing the objectives and the expected outcome of the planned experiment.  Support for filling up an application can be asked to the project partners!  Application are launched periodically, next time – 30 th June, 2012 and – 30 th November, 2012  A User Selection Committee of scientific experts evaluates the proposals

10  DERri ‐ Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure ‐ is a collaborative research project under the European PF7 programme (the contract n. 228449)  Start date: September 1, 2009; duration: 48 months  One structure focusing: the interfaces among different Research Infrastructures architectural and system aspects. INFRA-2008- for research on Smart Energy networks, to develop advanced electricity networks architectures and/or for testing of power components. The Project

11  DERri has as its primary objective the further integration of the European Distributed Energy Resources research community through: 1.Provision of user access to a unique portfolio of important European laboratories in the field of Distributed Energy Resources, focusing mainly system and architectural aspects. These laboratories cover the most relevant themes: integration of different types of DG equipment and their control, storage technologies, Demand Side Management etc. 2.Implementation of three Joint Research Activities (JRA) and 3.Implementation of Networking Activities (NA) aimed at strengthening the engagement with researcher and practitioner communities, public officials and the general public.  DERri provides European research communities the opportunity for transnational access to the DERri partners research infrastructures. Project objectives

12 Project structure

13 The Consortium 1Ricerca sul Sistema EnergeticoRSEIT 2Austrian Institute of TechnologyAITAT 3The French National Institute for Solar EnergyCEA-INESFR 4Center for Renewable Energy SourcesCRESEL 5The EDF groupEDFFR 6Fraunhofer IWESIWESDE 7Technical University of DenmarkDTUDK 8TECNALIA Research & InnovationTECNALIAES 9National Technical University of AthensNTUA-ICCSEL 10KEMA Nederland BVKEMANL 11Technical University of LodzTU LODZPL 12Technical University of SofiaTUS-RDSEL 13VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandVTTFI 14University of StrathclydeUSTRATUK 15University of ManchesterUNIMANUK 16European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories DERlab e.V.DE

14 DERri Research Activities As part of the DERri project, joint research among the partners is conducted. These activities aim at improving the access of users to the research platforms and develop further synergies and complementary capabilities between the consorted Researchers Infrastructures. JRA 1: Joint Test Facility for Smart Energy Networks with Distributed Energy Resources (JaNDER) JRA 2: Filling the gaps in testing and characterisation methods for DER power components JRA 3: Real time simulation environment and parameter identification for power systems

15 DERri Networking Activities Networking Activities are designed to facilitate easy communication between the project partners, infrastructure users and public stakeholders as well as external stakeholders, such as research and educational institutes and standardisation bodies. Networking Activities are divided in the following working packages: NA1 Management of the transnational user access NA2 Definition of common standards and procedures NA3 User support service NA4 Information and dissemination

16 Contacts DERri Coordinator: Paolo Mora – RSE (IT)

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