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Tropical Scrub Forest E S & L R Biology 2 nd Hour June 3 rd, 2013.

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1 Tropical Scrub Forest E S & L R Biology 2 nd Hour June 3 rd, 2013

2 Abiotic (Climate & Environment) Mostly desert and areas of low lying dense under brush. Plenty of winds. About 20-30 inches of rain a year. The low rainfall usually causes forest fires during the summer. Average temperature is 20C (68F).

3 Biotic (Living Things) Many trees in the scrub forest are oaks and evergreens. Plants include: ferns, various types of bushes and eucalyptus trees. Snakes are the biggest predators in the scrub forest, eating about anything that comes in its way. Lizards/Iguanas, small rodents, and insects are all inhabitants of the forest.

4 Food Web Plant life Insects Rats or small rodents Lizards/Iguanas Snakes

5 Geographic Location Locations of tropical scrub forests around the world include: California (the chaparral) The Mediterranean (Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor: around the Mediterranean Sea) Chile (matorral) South Africa (fynbos) Australia (the mallee scrub) Catalina and Santa Cruz (elfin forest) (Tropical Scrub Forest in yellow)

6 Vocab Words Fynbos- the natural shrubland or heathland vegetation occurring in a small belt of the Western Cape of South Africa, mainly in winter rainfall in the coastal and mountainous areas with a Mediterranean climate. Inhabitants- a person or animals that is a permanent r esident of a particular place or region. Matorral- a Spanish word for shrubland, thicket, or bushes. It is used when naming and describing the Mediterranean climate in Chile. Mallee- the growth of certain eucalypt species with multiple stems usually located in Australia.

7 Questions Who is the tropical scrub forest’s top predator? a. Lizard b. Snake c. Insects Which tropical scrub forest is located in Chile? a. Matorral b. Elfin c. Chaparral

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