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Trigonometry Ratios.

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1 Trigonometry Ratios

2 Example 1 Write the Trig Ratio for each of the following
( soh, cah, toa)

3 Example 2 Write each ratio as a fraction and decimal ( soh, cah, toa)
change to B

4 Solving Right Triangles : Inverse Functions
When you are finding an angle measurement, you must use… _________________________ keys (_________) inverse

5 Example 3 Find the acute angles: ****Write as a ratio FIRST****
Change to DEGREE in Calculator ( soh, cah, toa)

6 Example 4 Find all unknown measures:
(find both acute angles and missing side. ) ( soh, cah, toa) Find angles: use inverse key _______________ Find : use Pythagorean Theorem

7 To completely solve a right triangle you must have:
_________________ OR ______________________________________ 2 sides lengths One side length and one acute angle

8 Example 5 Find Steps: 1. 2. Set up: 3. Substitute: Solve for x 4.

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