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APNIC Internet Routing Registry Routing SIG APNIC-15, Taipei 26 February 2003.

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1 APNIC Internet Routing Registry Routing SIG APNIC-15, Taipei 26 February 2003

2 Topics What & why a routing registry? Benefits of APNIC routing registry Service scope Routing registry objects Availability

3 What is an IRR? Global Internet Routing Registry database – Uses RPSL –Established in 1995 Stability and consistency of routing –network operators share information Both public and private databases –These databases are independent but some exchange data only register your data in one database

4 Internet Routing Registries RIPE RADB CW APNIC Connect ARIN, ArcStar, FGC, Verio, Bconnex, Optus, Telstra,... IRR = APNIC RR + RIPE DB + RADB + C&W + ARIN + …

5 Why use an IRR? Useful for filtering routing announcements between –Peering networks –A provider and its customer Faster network trouble shooting Helps in creating and maintaining router configuration In the longer term, if everybody registers its routes, a global view of routing policy can be seen and this should improve the integrity of Internet’s routing as a whole.

6 Benefits of APNIC IRR Single maintainer. Use the same maintainer to manage internet resource (IPv4, IPv6, ASN), reverse DNS (,, and routing information. APNIC is able to assert the resources within a registered route if it comes from APNIC resource allocations.

7 Integration of Whois and IRR Integrated APNIC Whois database & Internet Routing Registry APNIC Whois IRR IP, ASNs, reverse domains, contacts, maintainers etc routes, routing policy, filters, peers etc inetnum, aut-num, domain, person, role, maintainer route, aut-num, as-set, int-rtr, peering-set etc. Internet resources & routing information

8 Service Scope Routing Information Queries –From regular whois clients –From special purpose programs such as IRRToolSet ( –From APNIC whois web interface Routing Registration and Maintenance –Using procedures similar to registration and maintenance of internet resources –Assistance from APNIC hostmasters through e-mail and helpdesk Training –APNIC will include routing registry topics in its members training program Mirroring –APNIC will mirror routing registries within the Asia Pacific region as well as major registries outside of the region.

9 Changes to Whois Objects With the introduction of IRR service, some attributes that relate to routing information are available for use –mnt-routes (inetnum & aut-num) –member-of (aut-num) –cross-mnt (aut-num) –cross-nfy (aut-num) –mnt-lower (aut-num)

10 IRR-related objects route aut-num inet-rtr as-set route-set peering-set filter-set rtr-set

11 Inter-related objects - Routing information inetnum: – … admin-c: KX17-AP tech-c: ZU3-AP … mnt-by: MAINT-WF-EX … IPv4 addresses person: … nic-hdl: KX17-AP … (Contact info) mntner: MAINT-WF-EX … (Data protection) person: … nic-hdl: ZU3-AP … (Contact info) aut-num: AS1 … mnt-by: MAINT-WF-EX … route: – origin: AS1 … ASN & routing policy route

12 Availability APNIC Routing Registry has been available since 17 December 2002 APIRR (a routing registry pilot project conducted by APNIC in 2001) is no longer available

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