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January 11, 20051 Beginning Robotics 2005 Prairie Creek Elementary RoboClub.

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2 January 11, Beginning Robotics 2005 Prairie Creek Elementary RoboClub

3 January 11, Robot of the Day  “Robot” from the TV series “Lost in Space  Favorite quote: “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” Favorite quote: “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”  Fictional: Portrayed by an actor inside a costume  Wore top half and walked around for moving scenes with cameras showing only the waist up  Wore full costume and stayed put for full length scenes

4 January 11, Welcome to PCE Robotics!  Agenda (what we’re gonna do today)  Introduction to LEGO Robotics  Description of PCE robotics program  Boring stuff  Questions and Answers  Your Coaches  Lloyd Lashbrook  Galen Kannarr: or

5 January 11, Introduction to LEGO Robotics

6 January 11, What is a Robot?  Definition  A machine that is programmed to do jobs that are usually performed by a person  A device that automatically performs complicated often repetitive tasks  A mechanism guided by automatic controls  Robots, using LEGO?  Movie Movie  Demo: Roverbot

7 January 11, Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System  Developed by Lego and MIT  Heart: the RCX  The brain of your robot  Contains a small computer  Sensor inputs to sense the world  Light sensor  Touch sensor  Outputs to control motors  Infrared port  Communicate with a PC  Communicate with another RCX  Speaker for beeps and music  Display tells you what is going on Motor Outputs Sensor Inputs Infrared Communication Control Buttons Display Sound

8 January 11, Lots of Parts This is not your father’s Lego set

9 January 11, PCE Beginning Robotics Program

10 January 11, Why are we here?  Students  To have fun  Coaches  To expose students to science and engineering concepts  To develop real-world problem-solving skills  To teach design and programming  To have fun  Parents  Because you were asked to come  To help the coaches and students achieve the above  To have fun

11 January 11, Goals  Basics  Learn to build an existing robot design  Learn to use Mindstorms 2.0 software  Learn to program simple behaviors by example  Advanced  Learn to design effective machines  Learn program complex behaviors  Compete in RISD elementary competition (May)  Be ready to enter FIRST Lego League competition  Next year  Kickoff in September, competition in December  A team of 6 th graders just finished PCE’s first entry in FLL

12 January 11, Teams  We have 8 kits and software for 8 teams  2-student teams seem to work best (1 robot and 1 computer to keep hands busy)  If more than 16 students sign up, some teams will have 3 members  Teams will stay together through May  Each team will have its own kit  Will be responsible for keeping it in order

13 January 11, Parental Support  Coaches cannot do it alone  What you can do for us:  Help students stay focused on the challenges  Enforce appropriate behavior  First stop for questions (“What was it the coach said?”)  Technical skills are not required  We need one parent per team each week  Rotate with other parents  Need to establish schedule for next 4 weeks tonight  Special volunteer opportunity: parent coordinator Parents: Your presence is crucial for a successful year

14 January 11, The Plan  Sign up by Friday  Include $5 annual dues  Form 8 teams (___ per team)  Parents work out rotation for support  Meet once each week in the evening  Will this time slot work? (Tuesday 7:00-8:30 p.m.)  Start next week, skipping spring break and TAKS  RISD G.E.A.R. robotics competition  Challenge kickoff probably after spring break  Competition probably May 7  End-of-year party May 10

15 January 11, Weekly Routine  Introduction to activity  Break into teams to work on activity  Information sheet to help parent guide activity  “Extra credit” activities fill extra time and keep all team members busy  8:20 p.m.—clean up  Kits in order: earn a treat  Preparation for RISD challenge less structured One parent present with each team.

16 January 11, Boring Stuff

17 January 11, Budget Funding PTA-General robotics$ 350 PTA-Competition entry fee$ 150 Classroom budget (estimated)$ 50 Dues: 6 th Grade FLL team$ 30 Dues: 5 th Grade Beginners (est 16 students)$ 80 Total funding$ 660 Already Spent FLL-related (6 th Grade)$ 230 Mindstorms 2.0 Software (7 copies)$ 169 Total$ 365 Remaining Budget Mindstorms 2.0 Software (1 copy, estimated)$ 25 Batteries$ 30 G.E.A.R. Competition$ 100 Replacement parts$ 140 Total$295

18 January 11, RoboClub Rules  Attend regularly and be on time  Your teammates need you  It will be hard to catch up  Respect your teammate, other teams, adults, and LEGO pieces  In particular, use only polite language and behavior  Use LEGO pieces appropriately  Although LEGO art is cool, it won’t help you solve the challenge  Keep your kit in order  When using computers, stick to robotics activities  No web surfing or game playing  Consequences:  Sit out  Call parents, go home early  Expulsion from robotics

19 January 11,  We want to use for most of our communication  Much more efficient than paper  More reliable than word of mouth  group established with Yahoo! Groups  Set up as a newsletter (not a discussion group)  About once a week  Only coaches can send or see member list  Student and parents are all encouraged to subscribe  See me for changes, additions, or problems  Expect to see a couple of welcome messages in your in-box this week

20 January 11, HELP WANTED!  Apprentice Robotics Coach  Play with LEGOs!  Play with kids!  Earn $100,000*  On-the-job training through 2006  Will be groomed as heir apparent to head coach’s position  Technical skills helpful; willingness to learn better *$100,000 offer not good on planet Earth

21 January 11, What’s next?  Parent and student discuss commitment  Decide together  Sign up and find teammate(s) by Friday  Turn in forms and $5 to Mr. Lashbrook  We start next week!

22 January 11, Questions? Answers!

23 January 11, Thanks for coming! See You Next Week! Tuesday, January 18 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

24 January 11, Parent Schedule Parent JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay SpringBreakSpringBreak TAKSWeekTAKSWeek

25 January 11, Teams TeamTeam NameStudentParent

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