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Sustainable Design Christa Robinson Interior & Kitchen Designer.

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1 Sustainable Design Christa Robinson Interior & Kitchen Designer

2 Definition of Sustainability “ meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ” United Nations General Assembly 96th plenary meeting 11 December 1987 A/RES/42/187

3 “There are three broad overarching dimensions of value that drive the Audubon project: resource sustainability, environmental consequence, and the humanistic response. From these we derive the subsets related to recycling, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, pollution reduction, etc.”

4 “No matter what the unique local characteristics of a project are… keeping these overarching concerns in mind will help the architect in any setting begin to organize priorities and come to the appropriate solutions for that site.” Randy Croxton, AIA

5 “ Industrial Revolution ” This revolution is founded on nature ’ s surprisingly effective design principles, on human creativity and prosperity, and on respect, fair play, and goodwill. ” –William McDonough & Michael Braungart

6 Interior Design … goes beyond decoration; it concerns itself with the optimal performance of the built environment.

7 Sustainability + Interior Design Providing function, aesthetics, and quality of life for the interior environment in a manner that the earth can sustain and is life giving.

8 Design Criteria Materials Usage Cultural Resources Site Design Building Design Energy Management Water Management Waste Management Maintenance and Durability Effect on User Effect on Total Design

9 Problems …

10 Questions? Comments?

11 Contact Information Christa Robinson 311 Strathmore Rd. Lansing, MI 48910 517-485-6204

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