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1 You will need Adobe Reader to look at the reading files.
RSG Quizzes You will need Adobe Reader to look at the reading files.

2 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #1 Page 1-37 What is the meaning of the author’s Chinese name, Ji-li? What was the emblem of the Young Pioneers? Created by Mao Zedong, what started in the year 1966 in China? What was Ji-li’s reaction to the young woman who came to her school dressed in the People’s Liberation Army Uniform to test her for an audition? What did Ji-li’s father fear if Ji-li did the audition? What was the name of Ji-li’s father’s social gatherings he had at their apartment? Define the Four Olds? When Ji-li was little, Chairman Mao challenged the nation to catch up with England and America by doing what? The Four Olds were reflected in fashion. What did Ji-li witness high school students doing to enforce destroying the Four Olds in fashion? In the last paragraph on page 37, what does Ji-li mean by, “I guess I’ll have to tell Mom what they said about Song Po-po?”

3 Red Scarf Girl Quiz #2 Pages 33-99 1. What were the large poster called that were created for propaganda against people and the educational system? 2. Describe the change in Ji-li’s classmate, Yin Lan-lan, from before the Cultural Revolution to during the Cultural Revolution. 3. What was written on the da-zi-bao about Ji-li and her teacher? 4. What were the Red Guards? 5. Who was allowed to join the Red Guards? 6. What were the Red Successors? Did Ji-li become one? 7. Ji-li’s grandfather, who died when her father was seven, was accused of being a what by one of her classmates? 8. Why was her grandfather’s occupation such a bad thing for Ji-li? 9. When Ji-li’s father graduated college in 1949 the communist party had just liberated China from what former leader? 10. What was Ji-li’s score on the jr. high school entrance examination? 11. Describe Ji-li’s elementary graduation and party. 12. What did it mean when drums and gongs, accompanied by the Red Guards, were sounded in the streets? 13. What happened to Song Po-po, the family’s housekeeper? 14. What was the significance of the four trunks that Ji-li’s father dyed black? 15. What is a dowry? 16. What was interesting about Ji-li’s grandmother’s wedding? 17. What realization did Ji-li and her siblings come to at the end of the chapter on pages 98 and 99? (write one paragraph – 4 points)

4 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #3 Pages 1.Describe Ji-li’s feeling of the painting, Mao Ze-dong on His Way to Anyuan. 2.On page 102, how did Ji-li see the people of town who had been classified as belonging to one of the five black categories; sorry or weary? 3.During the speech given by the female Red Guard; what did she NOT put before the Revolution? 104 4.What was Jia Hong-yu’s purpose of going to Beijing; to establish what? 5.On page 107, what type of reaction did she have to seeing Mao? 6.What happened to Old Qian’s son-in-law? 7.Name one of the things that was left in Old Qian’s yard after being tortured by the Red Guard. 8.What happened to the deceased at a Chinese funeral? 9.Why could An Yi, Ji-li’s friend, not openly grieve for her dead grandmother? 10.Describe the incident of Ji-yong, Ji-li’s brother, and his two friends, “the three musketeers.” What did Ji-yong do to make him different from the rest of his family? (6 points for #10)

5 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #4 Pages What was the relationship between Shan-Shan, Ji-li’s cousin, and his own mother and what situation alerted Ji-li to this? What was the position of Du Hai’s mother and how did that position change? In the old Chinese saying, what makes a full turn every 60 years? Do Ji-li and An Yi find comfort in this saying? How can you tell? In the previous quiz we discussed how Ji-yong fought back against other kids who talked about his family background and stole his favorite hat. In this week’s reading, what does his sister, Ji-yun, refuse to do, and in a sense, also fight back? What is the function of the last paragraph on page 153? Why does Ji-li think of these things? What fourolds superstition did An Yi and Ji-li participate in that involved 3 strips of paper? What was the result of practicing the superstition? What impressed Ji-li about her new jr. high teacher, Zhang Xin? (beautiful and powerful) Who saved Ji-li from getting in trouble at morning benediction? What did the girl do to help her?

6 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #5 Pages What gave the chapter starting on 173 its name? What was wrong with Ji-li’s mother that kept her from getting out of bed? What did Uncle Fan confess to doing that was counter revolutionary? Did he actually do it? In the last paragraph on page 185 describe Ji-li’s attitude toward life; what does she want to do? Why did the man let Ji-li see her father after he was locked up? What did Ji-li learn to do out of necessity to help the family? She describes it to her friend Lin-lin What is Ji-li beginning to think in the paragraph on 198 and 199? What color was the painting done by Bai Shan? Could there be any hidden meaning in this painting that passed from Bai Shan to Ji-li? Thus far in the story Ji-li has only been concerned with here immediate situation. Towards the end of the chapter she has a conversation with her friend, Chang Hong. What about Chang’s life helps Ji-li to step outside herself and see life from Chang’s perspective?

7 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #6 Pages 206-229
1. In the chapter, Half-City Jiangs, who was ultimately to blame for Ji-li’s father’s incarceration? 2. She labeled him worse than a traitor because at least a traitor betrays people by telling what? 3. Where did the name, Half-City Jiangs, come from? 4. Why did Ji-li enter the police station and what did she finally decide to do? 5. What was the subject of Ji-li’s presentation that made so many people cry? 6. On page 225, what did one of Ji-li’s father’s persecutors ask Ji-li to do in regards to her father? 7. What did Ji-li confess about her father’s activities against the Communist Party? 8. What happened to Ji-li on the second day of the exhibition? 9. Who meet Ji-li before she went into the exhibition hall? 10. What did he try to hand her on the way out? What could be a possible reason for this interaction?

8 Red Scarf Girl – Quiz #7 Pages 230-264
Where did Ji-li first request to do her summer labor? Why did she change her request? Define “double rush” (is this familiar from the geography lesson? What happened to Ji-li while threshing rice? What was the written in the letter that was hidden in the cat’s litter box? What did Ji-yong try do to help protect Uncle Tian from the fallout of the letter? On page 259 what does Ji-li finally contemplate doing? What do YOU think finally lead her to this thought? Name two ways that Ji-li had “promised” to take care of her family without even knowing it. What embedded cultural philosophy possibly kept Ji-li faithful to her family?

9 Read the Epilogue of Red Scarf Girl and then answer the two questions below with two developed paragraphs each. 1. How does Ji-li explain the average experience and views, as a Chinese citizen, during the Cultural Revolution? (use supporting facts/quotes from the reading) 2. How has reading this book provided you, an American high school student, with a more humanistic view of communist China in the 1960’s and 1970’s? (this should be based on YOUR opinion and things that you thought of while reading this book that may apply to your own life)

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