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University counselling 2010 – 2011 Final 1ere Meeting.

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1 University counselling 2010 – 2011 Final 1ere Meeting

2 Counselling Team Rob Miller Carrie Jack Kat Weinert (US / Canada)

3 Need to do: a)Choose course b)Select university c)Write Personal Statement: this will need to be drafted and checked d) Complete Dossier: Handout teacher appreciation sheets Bulletin/transcript. Predicted grades for all subjects. e) Arrange visits to universities f) Arrange work-experience

4 Follow information on:

5 Choosing a course. Consider : What you enjoy studying Courses with a year abroad/work placement? The skills you have and which you wish to develop eg languages What you wish to do in the Future

6 Choosing a university. Consider : Field of study General reputation Location Value v Cost (tuition and other) Quality of life/facilities (social, sport, cultural, culinary) Support Use Ranking tables/ guides to higher education/ contact former students

7 University Counselling UK 3-4 year FT/SW Ba/Bsc 4 years in Scotland Review tables

8 University Counselling

9 COSTS For EU citizens resident for past 3 years in EU, same as for a British citizen in Britain. The exception is Scotland where an EU citizen, resident for past 3 years in EU, is treated the same as a Scottish student resident in Britian for past 3 years. Standard tuition charge will be between £6,000-9,000 a year EU students are entitled to a UK government loan which is to be paid over a 30 year period after completing the studies only if the student has reached a salary of £21,000. The students will be charged at 9% of the income above £21,000. Also accommodation and other costs will require up to an additional £5,000. Note: A large part of students do work during their studies.

10 University Counselling For information about the new UK university fees :Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Student Loans: Student Loan Agency Student award Agency for Scotland

11 University Counselling Canada McGill http://www.macleans. ca/education/index.js p http://www.macleans. ca/education/index.js p

12 University Counselling Canada Very much like US but with some differences: Some provinces (Ontario) may have common application procedure. Quebec has special arrangements for French citizens who may study in its universities for the same tuition as Quebeckers. All on-line application.

13 University Counselling USA SATs

14 University Counselling USA In the U.S one applies to a university and often declares the major later. Program of study: Four year colleges or universities leading to a Bachelor's Degree. Some schools will credit or give advanced placement to students with a French baccalaureate.

15 University Counselling COSTS Vary according to the university but allow around $50,000 (35,000) per year for private universities. Financial aid, although mainly restricted to US citizens is available especially after the first year.

16 University Counselling Application Procedure Vary greatly from one university to another. Some allow an on-line common application ( Contact the university directly to get the application form. DEADLINES vary greatly Early decision – by November 1st Regular- December to March. Application costs vary and can be up to $100.

17 University Counselling SATs Students are responsible for taking the SAT examinations as required by the schools they are applying to. Log onto for information about the tests, test centres and The CSI is an examination centre in October, December and January.

18 University Counselling TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Often required of non-American citizens. It can only be taken on a computer at designated centres. The CSI is not a centre.

19 University Counselling EIRE (Ireland) A common application procedure similar to UCAS for Britain. Tuition fees for EU students. See

20 University Counselling Australia Very much like the US for the application system and costs and Britain for the academic system.

21 University Counselling Europe Specialised English language courses in European countries University College of Utrecht ( University of Technology, Delft. ( Cost: 5,000euros

22 University Counselling When to apply? This year or next? What about a gap year?

23 Personal Statement: A) 60% of the statement needs to be about the subject you wish to study. Include: a) Any related experience. b) Reading on the subject. c) Aspects of the course you find interesting. d) Links to private research eg TPE e) Extra curricular activities B) The remainder should show the skills you will need as a student or eventually those that you will need for a future profession. C) Your statement needs to be well-structured and expressed. Therefore needs to be shown to friends, parents, teachers.

24 University Counselling programme 2010-2012 1ere Presentation by specialists and former students. SAT in October, December and January Individual appointments with Guidance Team Dossier to be started from February. Universities visited. Te Applications completed to meet deadlines

25 Application Process: This will start in September for UK and US universities. For UK, you will be able to register online once you have the school buzzword. Follow information on You are responsible for the completion of your application on time and for meeting the deadlines set by the guidance team. All relevant application documents (dossier) need to be given to guidance team by 1st December 2011.

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