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1 Ecolab Cockroach Program Tim Frier Sr. Sales Development Manager 15 April 2014.

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1 1 Ecolab Cockroach Program Tim Frier Sr. Sales Development Manager 15 April 2014

2 Agenda  Agenda:  Why cockroaches are important  Biology & behavior  The Ecolab difference  The importance of partnership  Q&A 2

3 Cockroaches present a serious risk to food safety  Cockroaches are vectors for serious diseases such as:  E.coli  Salmonella  Dysentery  Contaminate food & food contact surfaces through:  Droppings  Mechanical transfer German cockroach on petri dishE. coli mechanically transferred Cockroach tarsus (foot) magnified 300 times Cockroach tarsal claw magnified 2,000 times Cockroach tarsal claw carrying bacteria rods magnified 7,500 times

4 Midtown sushi restaurant closed over cockroaches A midtown restaurant shut down by the health department because of cockroaches Source: WSB-TV, Atlanta Cockroaches also pose a serious risk to your operations & brand  Regulatory environment changing  Zero tolerance for cockroaches – considered a critical violation  One cockroach can cause a shutdown  Social media reports can quickly spread news & damage your brand  How much could a shutdown cost you?  Lost customers  Lost revenues  Impact on brand/image  Regulatory fines/fees 4 Restaurant Shutdown for 19 Violations; 30 Roaches Found

5 Case Study: Health Department Closure Total Economic Loss: $67,035 Note: Above calculations estimate Health Department fine costs are $4K The reputational impact of a Health Department closure can be very costly

6 Cockroach Biology & Behavior  Cockroaches can be introduced into facility at any time  Incoming shipments  Staff/Customers  Nocturnal & hide in cracks and crevices  Only need a crack 1/32” to 3/16” wide  Spend 75% of their time in their harborage – mostly coming out at night  Can be deeply recessed – making detection difficult  Will stay close to water source (a few feet) 6 Cockroach biology makes detection very challenging

7 Cockroach Biology & Behavior  Feed on almost anything including food, soap & glue  Cockroaches are prolific breeders  Small populations can easily go unnoticed – just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there  One pair can infest a facility with over 1 million offspring in under a year 7 Cockroaches can go unnoticed & quickly infest your facility Cockroaches require an aggressive response Proactive & intense Utilize a combination of products & application methods

8 How fast do cockroaches Breed?  100 cockroaches with plenty of food and water  Progress 15 weeks and…  &v=UX1xBJfZZM0 &v=UX1xBJfZZM0 8

9 9 Science-Based Solutions 9  World-class Pest R&D facility  11 Pest R&D Associates  5 Entomologists, 3 Life Science, 3 Engineers  With access to: -750 Other Ecolab RD&E Associates -Colleges and Universities -Leading Device and Chemical Suppliers  Over 123 active patents, U.S. and Foreign  125 lab tests and field trials conducted annually  2000 SVSP screening new technologies in the field  1000 cockroaches and flies available for new tests each week

10 Ecolab is committed to cockroach elimination  Ecolab’s scientifically proven protocol is the most effective method for quickly detecting, eliminating & preventing cockroaches  Flushing is a critical step to ensure a cockroach free environment  Only method that reaches deep into cracks & crevices where cockroaches harbor – driving cockroaches out and into the residual barrier  Extension of the inspection process – finding activity when otherwise not known  Regular, routine flushing is the only way to ensure a cockroach free environment 10 Residual Creates a barrier that kills cockroaches on contact Flush Drives cockroaches out of harborages and into residual barrier Dust Applied into cracks to provide long lasting residual protection Bait Applied into cracks for residual protection in sensitive areas Inspect Document

11 Single component programs are less effective, opening you up to significant risk  Bait only programs are not as effective  Baits are stationary, don’t move into cracks & crevices  German cockroaches detect bait within one foot or less  Competing food sources decreases the attractiveness of the baits  Unlike ants, cockroaches generally do not share baits with other cockroaches  Scientific studies have shown that cockroaches can become resistant to baits when used alone. 11 When bait is used alone, a program’s effectiveness diminishes significantly

12 Cockroach elimination requires your partnership  Access to your facilities  Service at night, after facility is closed -Inspect and service when cockroaches are most active -Required by the United States EPA in order to use most effective products  Keys/Codes -Allows access when staff is not present -Allows your service specialist to perform a more thorough service 12 We value your trust & partnership! All keys/codes are: Given a non-descript label Kept in a locked box in our locked service vehicle All associates are full-time Ecolab employees Ecolab is licensed & bonded

13 Cockroach elimination requires your partnership  Promptly correcting structural & sanitation issues  Our service includes a routine inspection to identify -Structural issues -Sanitation issues  Cockroaches are dependent on shelter, food & water – eliminate the harborages and food sources, you eliminate the pest 13

14 Cockroach elimination requires your partnership  Preparing your facility for Ecolab’s Pest Elimination service  Helps protect food safety  Legal requirement by the EPA for Ecolab’s cockroach elimination service  Provides opportunity to do a deep clean of your facility  Preparation includes:  Clearing exposed food and food contact items such as cookware, dishware & utensils, placing items on closest counter-top  Covering all exposed food & food contact items with plastic  Cleaning your facility including counter- tops and under & behind equipment 14

15 Cockroaches  Harbor in cracks and crevices  Breed quickly  One pair can infest your restaurant with over 1 million offspring in less than a year 15

16  Experienced Service Specialists know where to look for signs of infestation  Proprietary baits strategically placed  Partnership to proactively prevent activity NEW Longer lasting, more effective residual Proven effective in lab and field Service approach may vary based on the needs and conditions of your facility and local regulations Ecolab Cockroach Program Proven process eliminates cockroach infestations 16

17 Why flush cracks and crevices?  Most companies will spray base boards, set up cockroach monitors and perhaps put dust in a crack or crevice.  Spot treatment is ineffective against hiding cockroaches.  Dust is a slow kill, not an immediate knock down  player_embedded player_embedded 17

18 18 Thank you! Questions? 18

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