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Life in the church? Findings from the May 2013 21 st Century Evangelicals report.

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1 Life in the church? Findings from the May 2013 21 st Century Evangelicals report

2 Our panel of respondents In February 2013 1,864 Christians responded to the latest wave of the panel survey, this one being about church life. There was a response rate of 36% overall and around 71% for the people who had taken part in the previous survey. Respondents were 53% Male, 47% Female. 31% were Anglican, 18% Charismatic, 18% Baptist, plus a variety of other denominations.

3 Snapshot



6 Our churches What are the strengths and weaknesses of our church? Is our church representative of the community around us? 71% have good links and partnerships with other local churches 59% are predominantly middle class 47% have people from most of the different ethnic and social groups living in their locality 47% are good at providing for and including people with disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health issues 41% have a large number of committed young people (under-25) attending

7 Does our church expect our leader to do everything, or too much? Is the amount of time we spend on church activities stopping us spending time with non-Christians? 29% of those who are not church leaders spend 6-10 hours per week 11% of those who are not church leaders spend over 11 hours per week Hours spent on church leadership and ministry 68% of sole church leaders spend over 40 hours per week 42% of church leaders’ spouses spend 6-10 hours per week Are lots of people in our church given opportunities to be involved?

8 What do we think about church leaders? 88% respect the authority of their church leader 84% think that church members in general offer good support to their leader (but less – 77% - of church leaders felt they received good support) 77% said they would usually strive to follow the advice or implement the decisions of their church leader 67% are inspired by the example of their church leader 63% regularly and personally pray for their church leader Do we pray for our church leaders? Does our church leader actually feel supported?

9 87% attend Sunday morning worship weekly 63% attend a home/small fellowship group weekly or fortnightly 34% attend weekly or fortnightly prayer meetings/groups 26% meet another church member for a drink weekly or fortnightly 24% attend Sunday afternoon or evening worship weekly Do people in our church attend and enjoy home groups? Why or why not? Is prayer prioritised enough in our church? Getting involved

10 93% had regularly attended at least one other church before their current one 57% had been part of their previous church for more than five years before moving 58% moved church following moving home 20% moved because they felt called to serve in their new church 20% moved because of problems or frustrations with their previous church Why do people move on from our church? Does our church deal with problems and issues well? Moving church?

11 Over 70% believe that attendance at their own church would increase over the next 20 years 47% agree or strongly agree that their church is currently growing in number However only 41% were expecting growth in church attendance at the national level Do we believe our church will increase in size in the next 20 years? Do we pray for church growth – locally and nationally? Are we really prepared for the changes that will happen if new people join our church? Church growth?

12 What do you think about your church?

13 read and download the research reports access free Powerpoints and discussion questions join the research panel receive email updates Visit

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