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History of Creativity Art Science Technology . Class Website or Google Brent Strong.

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1 History of Creativity Art Science Technology 

2 Class Website or Google Brent Strong

3 Dr. Strong Married for 46 years 8 children

4 Dr. Strong PhD in Chemistry at BYU since 1986 (previously in industry) Teaches: plastics and composites entrepreneurship civilization and creativity

5 Why Manufacturing 201? Integrators Science Humanities Business & Politics Manufacturing

6 Why Manufacturing Technology? Manufacturing is about dynamic problem solving... We need more students in manufacturing. that requires creativity. Come and talk with me about the major.

7 Purposes of the Class Meet the Civilization Requirement. Increase Personal Creativity. Enrich your Life. Be Well Educated. Grow Spiritually.

8 How do we progress in learning? Wisdom Knowledge Facts Information Under- standing Comprehension, Relationships Correctness, Value-Based Decisions, Insight Real world application, Creativity, Synthesis REAL WORLD SCHOOL

9 “The most important thing you learn in school is how to learn.” Brent Strong (and many others)

10 Class Requirements 3 Exams Identification questions (information) Matching (knowledge) Multiple Choice (knowledge) Essay (understanding) Take home (understanding and wisdom) 10 Quizzes Test your reading Creative Project

11 Civilization and Creativity Civilization is a value judgment on human creativity. Where we think human creativity is noteworthy we call it “civilization”. Chauncy C. Riddle, Think Independently, 2009, p.81.

12 Creativity

13 “About 50 years ago I went to visit a friend who was a commercial artist specializing in watercolors. It was fascinating to me. I decided to try it. I was not very successful. Then I heard of an art teacher who was coming to town. I took four lessons from him, which equipped me with greatly improved skills and understanding about art.” Creativity Thoughts – Richard C. Scott

14 Creativity Thoughts – Richard C. Scott “Creating art opened my eyes to the beauty around me. There is so much in the world to see if you look with an inquisitive mind. I’ve found that when you’re doing something like painting, a creative part of your brain opens; you gain insight and perspective about many things. For me, painting clears my mind. I think we discover we’re capable of things we’ve never dreamed of. Write a poem, paint a picture – try to do something you’ve never done before.”

15 What is Creativity? A way of thinking and doing (innovation) that brings unexpected, original, and valuable ideas to fruition.

16 The VINE of Creativity* V V aluable It is perceived as having worth and genuinely contributing to society. I I ntentional It is the result of a deliberate effort. Can’t be from stumbling blindly. N N ovel It is new or has at least some element of originality. E E xcellent Significant effort expended to make it the best it can be. Well executed. *Creativity comes from the Latin creatus, literally "to have grown."

17 Creativity The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of them. Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel prize winner)

18 30 Second Assignment List as many uses as you can for a paper cup. Take out a pencil/pen and a piece of paper

19 Fluency and Flexibility Fluency Ideas based on the original concept or application. Ideas generated by logic. Flexibility Ideas not based on the original concept or application. Ideas identified by analogy.

20 Two Parts of the Brain Right sideLeft side logical sequential rational analytical objective looks at parts random intuitive holistic synthesizing subjective looks at wholes

21 Jill Bolte Taylor (Neuro-scientist at Harvard)

22 Two Parts of the Brain Right sideLeft side parallel processor focuses on the present moment receives sensory data serial processor focuses on the past and future organizes sensory data

23 Two Minds The intuitive mind [right side] is a sacred gift and the rational mind [left side] is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant [rational] and has forgotten the gift [intuitive]. —Albert Einstein

24 Flexibility and Fluency Fluency Flexibility Linear Creativity Lateral Creativity breadth innovation uniqueness analogies out-of-the-box non-logic focus depth skills hard work experience growth expansion logic/ knowledge intuition/ imagination

25 How Memory Works Information is gathered. Right sideLeft side Information is placed in zones (files). 12 Logical links are automatically created (index). 34 New ideas are generated by making new connections between files.

26 Types of Creativity small c (personal) creativity new and useful only to or primarily to the individual creator Big C (recognized) creativity valuable to a group as a whole May transform society. Fox, Jon Michael and Ronni Lea Fox, Exploring the Nature of Creativity, Kendall/Hunt, 2000, p.14.

27 Little c and Big C Creativity Writing about a creative person or achievement is not the same as being creative.

28 Little c and Big C Creativity To do Big C creativity you must let your personal creativity be obvious, and it must be valued by experts. This usually involves a creative idea followed by creative execution (tech- nique and presentation) Example: Alarm clock that works! To turn the alarm off, you have to get up and step on the carpet.

29 A Big C Student Project Ancient and Modern Toilets

30 Secrets of Big C Creativity Hard work is important in Big C Creativity Skills, practice, understanding of the details Inspiration is important in Big C Creativity The creative idea “Grandpa, Why can’t I see the picture right now?” 1947

31 Doing Big Creativity But there is still something else...

32 Creativity and Cooking Creativity is like cooking a great meal. The first essentials are the basic ingredients (such as the meat and the potatoes), which must be of the finest quality. This is the depth, and for creativity it is the experience and study within the domain.

33 Creativity is like cooking a great meal. The second important part involves the spices. These lift the taste to new areas. These are like the lateral thoughts and creative thinking skills. They excite the mind to new things. Creativity and Cooking

34 Finally, the chef must have passion for the meal. This is not easily explained but is clearly understood when it is present. It is the presentation, the choices, the verve when everything is put together. In creativity, it is the desire, persistence, and implementation. Creativity and Cooking Goleman, Daniel, et al, The Creative Spirit (New York: Plume,) 1992, p.29-30. Creativity is like cooking a great meal.

35 Chef Craig Strong One of the top 65 hotel chefs in the world Food and Beverage Magazine Montage Hotel Laguna Beach, CA What is needed beyond hard work and inspiration: Passion Verve Heart Soul

36 You Can Do Big C Creativity Begin now to get the inspiration. Examine your own creative desires. Brainstorm with friends and family.

37 You Can Do Big C Creativity Put in the time for hard work to be done. Skills can be developed or improved. Be courageous.

38 You Can Do Big C Creativity Mental attitude (compliance versus fulfillment) Put your heart into the project.

39 Photographer and Creativi ty

40 Everyday Creativity Creativity is: A moment when we look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. Learn to use your right and left brain.

41 Everyday Creativity Change perspective. Remember there is more than one right answer. Reframe problems into opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Break the patterns. Do this with your right brain:

42 Everyday Creativity Train your technique. Put yourself in the place of most potential. Be patient. Be ready. Really care. Do this with your left brain:

43 Thank You Work now on your creativity project! Don’t just THINK about it!

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