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SMDC OneSAF Co-Development Lab (OCDL) Status Briefing

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1 SMDC OneSAF Co-Development Lab (OCDL) Status Briefing
Presented to: OneSAF User’s Conference March-April 2009 Presented by: Joseph Kress OCDL Program Manager COLSA Corporation

2 The Huntsville OneSAF Co-Development Lab
OCDL Mission: Provide SMDC an in-house integrated and demonstrable M&S capability in support of new acquisitions for the Warfighter with emphasis on Space and other electronic based systems . . . . . . Providing the Warfighter a realistic testing and Modeling/Simulation environment, analysis toolset, for space and other systems models.

3 Co-Development Lab Milestones
May ISR development began. Initiated development of a Satellite Imagery Capability. October ISR Handover Package (Source Code, Development Artifacts, Test Plans, Procedures, Test Results). Integrated ISR into OneSAF baseline. Added eleven commercial satellites with EO sensor capability and a high-efficiency LEO mobility model (GRoSP algorithm) for computation of the satellite orbits. December Internal Federation Demonstration with OneSAF, Space Server, and CES. Verified component and federation connection thru RTI. February Space-Based SATCOM/TACSAT 3 Handover. Functionality included: HSI Sensor Representation; Enhanced Target Detection; TACSAT3 representation; SATCOM Constellations; SATCOM Networks; and SATCOM Message Distribution. March EW Research Project Kickoff. Sept-Oct HA Project Kickoff. Nov EW Comms/GPS Jammer Models Handover. 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 April OCDL concept explored based on FACT requirements August ODCL initiated: IDE Servers Arrive and User/IDE/Training conducted. September OneSAF JBFSA Research Project Kickoff. October OneSAF Research Project Kickoff. Joint Federation program. Provides an environment to examine Space Effects on a Communications network. December Dedication of COLSA OCDL: Established to facilitate Space Modeling and Simulation Development efforts. Introduced the capability to community. February 2nd ISR Handover integrated into OneSAF Version 1.0 providing Mobile Ground Station (MGS) capability with communications links between a satellite and ground C2 networks. MGS improvements included: an imagery analyst representation; explicit mobility; communications; and a user-modifiable time delay exploitation process. March Federation Materials/Project completed. July 3rd ISR Handover included: Infrared Target Acquisition Model; Multiple Sensor Payload Collection Planner; MEO Satellites movement Algorithm; and GEO Satellite Movement Algorithm. A multiple sensor capability, allowed satellites to have a two-sensor payload, EO and IR. July JBFSA Handover included: GPS Orbit Initialization Data; GPS DoP Algorithm; BFT Radio DoP Algorithm; and MEO/GEO AoI Access Determination Algorithms for a JBFSA MMC Entity.

4 Potential FY09 Projects Electronic Warfare SMDC Support
Handover “corrections” support Enhance GPS Jammer Model Enhance Communications Jammer Model HPC investigation (federate w/ higher fidelity Model) Investigate Software Defined Radio (SDR) usage with OneSAF as a Virtual-constructive step to live jammers Build initial Live Jammer interface to OneSAF General enhancements: Jammer Fan Direction Finding capability Long Term “EW into OneSAF” Plan Better 3D Viewer for test analysis, demonstrations, After Action reports Complete Generic HAA Model and build Handover materials package Populate HAA generic model with actual HAA parameters and conduct/support SMDC performance and stress testing Design and build a series of viable scenarios that leverage Space-based assets (varying size and complexity) Assist SMDC in the parameter population and creation of ‘secret’ satellites and sensors behaviors Expand the GPS capability to additional entity types (other radios, JDAMS, etc.) Build a Program Plan that will strategize the movement of high priority FACT issues/requirements into development and implementation into OneSAF Build Space related training and support package for potential Space-OneSAF Users HEO Orbit model

5 Recent EW Research Activities
Researched Areas: Communication Jamming GPS Jamming Direction Finding MATREX CES (Qualnet) OneSAF Jamming Infrastructure (1.5, 2.0) Research Findings: Low Fidelity Jamming Infrastructure exists in OneSAF Simple degraded comms jamming Emitter Beam Manager CES integrated with OF (FCS) OneSAF MATREX support exists in OneSAF Communication Jamming; 1) Perfect Comms; 2) Degraded Comms – simple propagation with jamming; 3)TIREM complex propagation with no jamming GPS - No GPS jamming capability Activate Emitter - Behavior supports single frequency, on/off cycle and mission duration

6 Communication Jammer Design
Communication Jamming Effects Create two Communication Models Model Based on TIREM model Reuse TIREM message propagation for both J and S in J/S ratio calculation Complex calculations Model based on Degraded Comm model Uses simple path loss, power, frequency checks Less calculations than TIREM but more capable than existing OneSAF models Transmitter and receiver omni-directional antenna (azimuth 360) Jammer may have directional antenna Adjust jammer antenna gain due to directional characteristics Add barrage and sweep jamming modes Add generic jammer entities and units for testing ds Designed Propagation Path XMTR Jamming Propagation Path Receiver dj Jammer

7 GPS Jammer Model Design
GPS Jamming Effects Implement a proof of concept – use for demos etc to work out additional requirements GPS receiver and jammer have omni directional antennas Attributes – frequency, simple LOS, range Build framework for follow on GPS jamming efforts Implicit GPS signals C/A Signal Jamming only GPS Signals have constant strength at ground (No path loss) Jam one GPS satellite then jam all GPS Satellites at the receiver Test using existing JBFSA BFT capability

8 GPS Jammer Design Details
IEW IOC Models Jammer Mission IEWActivateJammingEmissions Jammer IEWJammerModel Communication Jamming IEWIrregularTerrainEffectsCommsModel IEWDegradedCommsModel GPSJamming GPSLocation Jammer Configurable Data Maximum effective antenna angle (%) Antenna gain (dB) Cable losses (dB) Power (dBm) Antenna height (m) Maximum effective jammer range (m) GPS Jamming Configurable Data GPS Jamming Enabled Flag (default: FALSE) GPS Frequency (default:L1) Jammer Mission Configurable Data Mission duration (hhmmss) Jamming Type (Spot, Barrage, Sweep) Beam Azimuth (compass degrees) Frequency Center (MHz mSpot) Min Frequency (MHz ,Barrage & Sweep) Max Frequency (MHz ,Barrage & Sweep) Duty Cycle ON Time (hhmmss) Duty Cycle OFF Time (hhmmss) Sweep Frequency Step (MHz, Sweep) Sweep Time Step (hhmmss) Comm Jamming Configurable Data Radio Mode (Frequency Modulation) Radio Frequency (MHz) Radio Polarization (Vertical/Horizontal) Radio Antenna Gain (dB) Radio Cable Losses (dB) Radio Power (dBm) Radio Min Discernable Sensitivity (MDS) Perfect Communications (default:TRUE) Check Line of Sight (default: TRUE) (IEWDegradedCommsModel only)

9 EW Working Use Cases GPS Acquisition Jamming
GPS Military Radio Jamming – M-code GPS Spoofing GPS Guided Munitions GPS Acquisition Deception GPS Jamming: State Of Change GPS Military Radio Jamming – Anti-jam GPS Lock Jamming Spot Jamming Data Collection Barrage Jamming Jammer Operations Sweep Jamming Standalone Direction Finder Multiple Direction Finders Direction Finding – Comm Emissions Direction Finding – Operating Duration Matrex – Unit Movement – Jammer Enable/Disable Communication Spoofing

10 Direct Fire Scenario Comms Jamming of Bravo One Tank Platoon Threat
Jammer Threat Tanks Bravo1 HQs Threat Tanks Bravo2 Bravo3

11 GPS Scenario FSE BFT HQ Forward Observer Threat TOC MMC FA Support
TAC FSE FDC Threat Jammer FA GPS Unit Ammo Supply BFT Recon

12 Co-Development Lab Services

13 Questions? Distribution A: Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. SMDC Release Number: 9085

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