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E-Ticketing & e-commerce Fields where Avconet & Partners can help.

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1 e-Ticketing & e-commerce Fields where Avconet & Partners can help

2 e-Ticketing rollout IATA announced the Simplifying the Business (StB) program in November 2004 for an „industry revolution” and cost-saving goals 100 % e-Ticketing among network carriers is #1 priority, until Dec.31, 2007 Airlines that will not be e-T eligible, will be out of business Lack of resources in the market (suppliers, airline e-Ticketing experts, e-Ticketing experienced projet managers) No tolerance for postponed/late running projects due to close deadline

3 e-Ticketing rollout Red: hasn’t started e-Ticketing project yet Orange:Orange: started e-Ticketing project, but hasn’t finished it yet Yellow:Yellow: first self e-Ticket issued Green: first interline e-Ticketing connection in place

4 How can we help? Stage 1: Help to start the project Stage 2: Project consulting until system launch Stage 3: Help in first Interline connections Stage 4: Help in more interline connections, GDSes, new routes, GH connections, etc.

5 Stage 1 Analyze present system structure Identify connecting projects necessary to start e-Ticketing project Select system provider Give a general overview of what an e-Ticketing project is about Set up a project plan, budget, risk analysis Select human resources Management presentations

6 Stage 2 Management consulting (change management) QA Arrange trainings BPR consulting Create new business strategy Solve problems, set up workarounds Test management

7 Stage 3 Set up interline priority list Fill in GBRs Set up interline test plan Plan GDS introduction Test management

8 Stage 4 Test new interline connections Extend routes Extend GDS markets

9 We can also help you with e-Commerce Website Self check-in kiosks* Web and mobile check-in * Also included in the IATA StB program

10 e-Commerce Create e-Commerce strategy Select system provider for online booking Set up online payment Carry our related BPR Training Test management Communication

11 Website Set up web strategy Set up the logical flow of the website Web ergonomics Test planning

12 Self check-in kiosks + web CI Select provider Define project plan, budget, ROI Select location for kiosks and restructure passenger flow BPR Define screen plan Specify application

13 For more info and questions, please contact… Peter Meier Managing Director Zsusa Kékesi Business Partner Bálint Erös Business Partner Aviation Consultancy Network Frankfurt Airport Cargo City South/Bldg. 664c 60549 Frankfurt Germany fon: + 49 69 70792037 fax: + 49 69 70792038 mobile: + 49 173 3072 812 join us !!

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