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The Thirteen Colonies.

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1 The Thirteen Colonies

2 New England Puritans 1628 Wanted religious freedom, a more PURE religion Massachusetts Bay Area John Winthrop- governor Passed a law requiring parents to teach their children to read, so they could read the Bible Schools- 50 families or more open all year, NO SUMMER VACATION Puritans believe vacation was a waste of “God’s precious time” Founded the first college- HARVARD!! RELIGION WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PURITANS people had follow their beliefs to be welcomed into the colony

3 New England 1636- Connecticut was settled by Reverend Thomas Hooker, who didn’t like the beliefs of the Puritans Fundamental Orders first written system of government based on the belief of doing what the people want not just the leaders MOST OF THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES WERE FORMED BY PEOPLE WHO HAD SOME SORT OF ISSUE WITH THE PURITAN BELIEFS

4 New England summary Settlers- English, Puritans
Major industries- Fishing, shipbuilding, whaling, trading, lumberjacking Major Crops- corn, barley, wheat rye, flax

5 Middle Colonies Land was covered in hardwood trees, it was fertile and climate was good for growing crops The colonies in this region were called the “breadbasket” colonies because they produced so much wheat!! The people of this region all came from different countries and religions

6 Middle Colonies New York 1704
Located on a river- good harbor for shipping People: Dutch, English, Free Africans, French, Jews Dutch had a strong influence in this area Houses were Dutch style, which had a stoop where many families spent their time talking to neighbors The door opened half way, making it easy to talk to neighbors while keep the animals inside Windmills

7 Middle Colonies Pennsylvania 1681- William Penn
Member of the Quakers- believed all people are equal and basically good Wanted to create a refuge for Quakers, who were often treated unfairly Immigrants from all over Europe came to Pennsylvania and helped the colony prosper skilled workers, farmers

8 Middle Colonies Indian Relations
Penn had a good relationship with the American Indians, but some problems arose More settlers=more land Scotch-Irish fought with them Quakers refused to fight back, which made many other settlers angry

9 Middle Colonies summary
Geography- hardwood forests, harbors, fertile soil, rivers Industries- flour milling, farming, shipping, trading, rifle making Crops- wheat

10 Southern Colonies Virginia
FIRST permanent English colony in North America!!! 1607- Jamestown 5 years later- James Rolfe brought tobacco plants Tobacco became a cash crop cash crop- a crop that is sold rather than used themselves Africans started being sold as slaves to plantation owners 1661- slavery became LEGAL

11 Maryland Cash crop- tobacco
Founded by the Calverts, a family of wealthy business people wanted to make money and provide a refuge for Catholics 1649- Maryland passed a law allowing religious freedom

12 Indian Relations Mostly friendly
As more people came, the more tense things got 1622- Indians attacked the settlers because they did not like losing their fishing and hunting grounds This attack killed 340 people, so the English started a war against the Indians and WON!

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