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In some corners of the world, some children are enjoying their heavenly life, while others are suffering bitterness. But a strong will lightens the load.

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1 In some corners of the world, some children are enjoying their heavenly life, while others are suffering bitterness. But a strong will lightens the load of those suffering children and gives them hope. Universal Children's Day 2009-11-09 17:22 BJT Shadow Childhood

2 WZ wildlife restaurant Today’s special : Tiger Bone Soup Fried Crocodile( 鳄鱼 ) Swan Roll Shark Fin Soup Tender Boiled Frog Antelope Hotpot Raw( 生 ) Monkey Brain Crisp( 酥脆 ) Fried Rhino Sugar Nest of Swallow 炸鳄鱼条 天鹅肉卷 鱼翅肉羹 水煮田鸡 涮羚羊肉 生吃猴脑 香酥犀牛 冰糖燕窝

3 Why are they in danger and dying out? Food has been eaten Trees are being cut down are being killed by people Rivers are being polluted They lack food. There’s no good environment A habitat is threatened.

4 Daisy wanted to help protect wildlife very much. She _____________to ( 注意 )all the information that she could find in her school. It _________ (建议) that animals should be protected or they would ________ (灭绝) if people continue to hurt them. Daisy thought that the _____ (损失) of even one animal was too high a price to pay for land or money. She decided to _____ (申请) for some money to find out if any animals were disappearing in her town. ___________ (结果) a special butterfly became protected. So what Daisy did ______ (影响) the wildlife in her area and helped save one species. Well done, Daisy! paid attention suggested die out loss apply As a result affect

5 One day, Daisy __1__ a strange dream. She flew in a wonderful chair to talk with an __2__ in Tibet. The antelope told her they were hunted because of their _3_ which can be used to make __4__ like hers. In three years they may all be gone. Later, she __5__ to Zimbabwe where she talked with an __6__ and got to know the farmers there no longer __7__them. That’s because the _8__ decided to help and the farmers finally made a lot of _9_. At last she _10__ at the thick rain _11_where a monkey told her “No rain forest, no _12_ and no _13_.” Although finally everything was _14__, she had _15_ so much. 1. dreamed 2. antelope 3.fur 4.sweaters 5.flew 6. elephant 7.hunted 8.government 10.arrived 11.forest 12. animals 13. drugs 14. gone 15. learned

6 1. 结果 2. 死亡,逐渐消失 3. 危险中 4. 申请,应用,适用 5. 建议,暗示 6. 保护。。。不受。。。(伤害) 7. 影响 8. 注意 9. 形成,产生,开始存在 10. 穿上衣服 11. 在中国,保护濒临物种的工作已经取得了一些进展。 12. 她转过身来,看到一头羚羊带着忧郁的神情望着她。

7 a result 结果, 因此 ( 只做状语 ) 我非常忙碌, 因此无法照料她. I was very busy. ___________,I couldn’t take care of her. As a result with the result that 结果, 因此 I was late, ____________________I missed Miss Yu’s lively English class. What a pity! with the result that

8 2.die out (动,植物物种)灭绝 This kind of bird is ___________. dying out Many traditional customs __________ because they are out of date. die away ( 声音、光线、风声等 ) 慢慢消失 die down (火、情绪、风暴等)由强变弱 die off ( 家族、种族等 ) 相继死亡;(草木等)枯死 be dying for 很想要,渴望 He hid behind the door until the footsteps had died__ Unfortunately, the soldier died ___ a wound in the chest. The chickens are all dying ____ from the disease. have died out

9 danger of 处于危险中 The little boy were once ___________ losing his sight. in danger of What other endangered species do you know? ( 动词的过去分词做形容词 )

10 动词的 -ing 形式和过去分词都可以做形容词 We were surprised to learn that he was French. It’s a very interesting film. 注意:动词的 ing 形式做形容词,表示 某物令某人 … 样,而过去分词做形容 词,则表示某人对某物自己的感受。

11 3*. I hear Tim once was ___ of losing his life, but now he is ___. A. in danger, out of danger B. in the danger, out of the danger C. in danger, out of danger D. in the danger, out of the danger

12 4. 拓展: in + 名词,可以表示人或物所处的状态或状况: 匆忙地: 满脸泪水: 在危险中: 兴奋: 处于绝望: 负债: 在贫困中: 乱七八糟: 健康不佳: in a hurry in tears in danger in excitement in despair in debt in poverty in a mess in poor health/condition

13 5. get dressed 穿衣 get + v.-ed 迷路 get lost 洗脸 get washed 结婚 get married 受伤 get hurt 被付款 get paid 换衣 get changed dress sb./ oneself 帮某人穿衣 / 自己穿衣 be dressed in + 颜色 eg.: be dressed in red have …on : 穿着 … = wear

14 There was an antelope with a sad face looking at her. 6. with + 宾语 + 分词 那男孩子躺在草地上,眼睛望着天空。 The boy lay on the grass, ____________________________ With all the work done, he went out for a walk. 那小偷被带进来,手被绑在后面。 The thief was brought in, with his hands____back. with his eyes looking into the sky. tied

15 7.In three years we may all be gone. be gone 是系表结构 “ 消失,不见 ” When I got out of the cinema,I found my bike_____________. was gone

16 8.apply to sb. for sth. 向 ….. 申请 apply…to … 将 … 涂抹于,将 … 使用于 apply to; be applied to 适用于,适合于 apply oneself to 很专心 I will ——————the job today. Scientific discoveries ———————— industrial production methods. apply for are often applied to The rule can not ————————every case. be applied to

17 9. suggest sth/ doing sth. 提议; 建议 I only suggest the plan. You decide. I suggest taking part in the singing competition. 他的秘书建议我们下周再来。 His secretary suggested that _________________ __________________ we (should) come next Monday. suggest (that) sb (should) do / be( 虚拟语气 ) suggest 还可作 “ 表明,说明,暗示 ” 解。陈述语气 Her expression suggested that she was angry. He came to my class every week, but his attitude suggested he______ not really interested in the class. A. is B. be C. was D. were C

18 10.protect…from/against… 保护使 … 不受 … 伤害 He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight. A new material was painted to protect the roof from rain.

19 No rain forest, no animals and no drugs. 没有雨林就没有动物,也就没有药物。 no… 没有 …… 就不 …… ; 不 …… 便无 …… ; 不 …… 不 …… No fire, no smoke. 无火不冒烟。 / 事出有因。 不劳无获。 不唱歌,没晚饭。 / 不干活,没 饭吃。 / 不劳动,不得食。 (There are) No animals and no drugs without rain forest. No pains, no gains. No song, no supper.

20 1. Getting ___ in the forest is very dangerous. A. losing B. lost C. to lost D. being lost 2. You will get ___ if you stand under the sun for a long time. A. burning B burn C. burnt D. to burn

21 3. He is hunting ___ his lost watch here and there. A. to B. at C. for D. out 4. It will be ___ wonderful world if all nations live in ___ peace with each other. A. a a B. the the C. a the D. a /

22 5. The poor families can apply __ the government __ financial ( 财政的 ) help. A. for to B. to to C. for for D. to for 6. Peter has been out of work for half a year, so he wants to ____ a job in this company. A. prepare for B. apply for C. superior to D. object to

23 7.--How do you ____ we go to Beijing for our holiday? --- I think we’d better fly there. It’s much more comfortable. A. insist B. want C. suppose D. suggest 8. He is wearing sunglasses to _____ his eyes from the strong sunlight. A.hold B. stop C. protect D. prevent 9. The meeting is held to discuss the effects of tourism ______ the environment. B. to C. on D. with 10. Great attention must be paid ______education, especially in the countryside. A. Develop B. to develop C. to developing D. developing

24 11. China’s first Passport Law makes a passport ______ for ten years with no extension A. available B. valid C. official D. effective 12. No one knows when human beings ______. A.took place B. came into being C. happened D. came into effect 13. There ______ a temple at the top of the mountain. A.used to be B. would be C. used to being D. was used to being 14. With much work _____, he has to stay up this tonight again. A. deal with B. dealing with C. to deal with D. to be dealt with

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