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Unit 7 Going shopping 武进区卜弋初级中学 李英. I am very busy these days. Can you guess why ?

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1 Unit 7 Going shopping 武进区卜弋初级中学 李英

2 I am very busy these days. Can you guess why ?

3 What present can I buy for my 3-year-old son at Christmas?

4 Task 1 skimming 略读 What presents does Amy buy for Simon and Sandy ? Football cards and hair clips

5 Task 2 Fill in the table price buy them or not the new cards the old cards Hair clips ¥ 10 × ¥ 5 ¥ 9 √ √

6 1.Amy wants to buy some basketball cards for Simon. 2.This year’s cards cost two yuan each. 3.Amy buys last year’s cards. F football Task 3 Tell true and false T F this 4.Amy wants to buy hair clips for Sandy. T 5. The hair clips match Sandy’s skirt.F pink coat 6. Amy has enough money for the hair clip. T

7 1.Amy wants to buy Simon ___. 3. Amy takes ____as Sandy’s present. 2. This year’s football cards cost ___ each. 4. Sandy’s present costs ___. a.b. c. a. b. c. c b c b Task 4 Read and choose 1c1c 2 515

8 5. Kitty can buy Simon ____. 6. Kitty can buy Sandy _____. I only have 25 yuan. I want to buy some presents different from Amy’s. What can I buy? Task 4 Solve the problem ¥ 13 ¥ 10 ¥ 68 ¥ 10 ¥ 25 ¥ 40

9 Amy is shopping for Christmas presents at Sunshine Shopping Mall Commodities( 商品) (1)_____ Amy ’ s ideas This year ’ s football (2)________ 2 yuanThe price is too (3) ______. (4)________year ’ s football cards 1 yuan They are (5)________, but she doesn ’ t want to take them. Hair (6)_______9 yuan They are (7)________ and (8)______ her friend ’ s pink coat. Amy buys (8) ______ and hail clips in the mall and they cost(10) ______ yuan Price Task 5 Do a task-based reading (每空一词,适当变形) cards high Last cheap clips pretty match cards nineteen

10 Task 6 Work in groups and discuss When going shopping, what will the shopkeeper usually say What will the customer( 顾客 ) usually say

11 useful expressions about shopping Shopkeeper: customer ( 顾客) : 1.Can I help you ? 2.What can I do for you? 3.Just a minute.Here are some ….Take a look. 4.They cost … 6.There are many kinds of … I am sure you can find … 1.I am looking for … 2.I want to buy … 3.How much do they cost? 4.How much are they? 5.That ’ s not cheap. 6.I only have … 7.I ’ ll take/buy them. 7.What size do you want? 8.What about… 9.Come and see these… 10.Here’s your change. 8.I’d like to buy 9.I have enough money for sth. 10. I don’t have enough money to buy….

12 Choose the lucky number. Which number will you choose ? Task 7 Play a game

13 ( please act the dialogue out. You want to buy some chocolate, but you don’t take any money. What will you do ?) Scene 1

14 ( You are in the clothes shop. The shopkeeper tells you the red dress is 100 yuan and matches your T-shirt. You like it very much. Make a dialogue about this) Scene 2

15 (Your friend Daniel is often late for school. You want to buy a clock for him. You give the shopkeeper 30 yuan. Make a dialogue about this) Scene 3 实收:¥ 23 应找:

16 What do we learn today? 1.Learn some useful expressions about shopping 2.Learn how to describe our needs when going shopping 3.Learn how to make dialogues about shopping Task 8 summary

17 Can we be crazy customers? How can we use our pocket money? Task 9 Have a discussion

18 1. We should buy something when it is necessary. 2. Saving money is a good habit (习惯).We can’t waste (浪费) it. It is the evidence( 痕迹) of our parents’ hard work. Task 9 Try to remember

19 Homework: 1.Recite the new words and phrases. 2.Make a new dialogue about shpping. 3.Make a reasonable plan about how use pocket money.

20 Scene1 A:Good morning. Can I help you? B:I’d like to buy some chocolates. A:Here are some chocolates in our shop. Take a look. B:How much are they? A:They are fifteen yuan. B:I want to buy them, but I don’t take any money. A:Hmm, you can take them, but please remember to take the money next time. B: Thank you.

21 Scene2 A:Hello,what can I do for you? B:I want to buy a dress. A:Take a look at this red dress, and they match your T-shirt. B:Yes. It’s pretty. I like it very much. How much is it? A:It’s 100 yuan. B:OK,I’ll take it.

22 Scene3 A:Good afternoon.Can I help you? B:I’d like to buy a clock. A:What about this one? B:How much is it? I only have 30 yuan. A:That’s enough. It’s 23 yuan. B:OK. I’ll buy it. A:OK. Here’s your change.

23 Look forward to your valuable views Thanks for Listening! Goodbye! Goodbye!

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