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Jimmy Carter.

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1 Jimmy Carter

2 Background Peanut Farmer Georgia State Senator Governor of Georgia

3 cARTer

4 1976 Blocs- Southerner Pro-Black Christian Heavy and Early Traveling

5 Domestic Successes DOE ED Minorities Environment

6 Domestic troubles Oil Embargo Yom Kippur War Inconsistent Policy
Stagflation Unemployment-7.5% Inflation 6-13% Interest- 20% Volcker and the Fed

7 Foreign Successes Panama Camp David Anwar Sadat Salt II Afganistan
Grain Embargo Olympic Boycot Financial Aid Withholding Communism

8 Iranian Crisis The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Ayatollah Khomeini
Rescue Argo Helicopter crash Plane Crash

9 1980 Reagan Anderson Kennedy

10 Overall Personality Presidential Work Today

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