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Washington State Career- and College-Ready Standards Implementation Transforming Professional Learning Systems for Reform: Common Core and More District.

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1 Washington State Career- and College-Ready Standards Implementation Transforming Professional Learning Systems for Reform: Common Core and More District Network Project (WA-TPL) A Gates Foundation funded opportunity for Washington School Districts District Orientation June 2, 2014 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014

2 “The dramatic shift in teaching prompted by the common core will require practical, intensive, and ongoing professional learning – not one-of “spray and pray” training that exposes everyone to the same material and hope it sticks” ~Stephanie Hirsh, Learning Forward (2011) “Current teachers must receive extensive professional development on the Common Core standards, curricular materials, and strategies on teaching that now require students to delve deeper and develop critical thinking and analytical skills that previous standards did not adequately address…” ~ National Association of State Boards of Education (2011) WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 2

3 “…today, however, there is little systemic attention to professional learning as a core strategy for educator reform…” ~Stephanie Hirsh & Joellen Killion, Learning Forward 3 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014

4 Learning Targets for Today Participants will gain an overall perspective of statewide standards implementation approach and WA TPL project. Participants will learn about specific project objectives related to their role as lab or critical friend district. Participants will gain an understanding of the project evaluation and data collection process (Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2)) Participants will discuss next steps: June - October WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20144

5 Agenda Welcome & Introductions -WA TPL Team (OSPI, LFWA, ESD partners) -WA TPL Districts State Context and Overview TPL Overview Lab and CF commitments Professional Learning Foundations & Support System Project Evaluation & Data Collection Planning & Next Steps WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20145

6 WA-TPL Core Leadership OSPI Team: Jessica Vavrus, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching & Learning, OSPI Dan Bissonnette, Project Manager, WA-TPL, OSPI WA-TPL Design/Leadership Team Learning Forward Washington Ellen Hopkins AESD Network Assistant Superintendents for Teaching & Learning and representatives Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Edie Harding, Project Officer WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20146

7 Regional Introductions ESD key representatives District core team members School leadership team members WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20147

8 Who Is In Your Room? PENNY IN YOUR POCKET Find a penny from your pocket. Note the year it was minted. Take a few minutes to identify events in your life (personal or professional) that were important during that year. Go around the room introduce and share Back in 15 minutes WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20148

9 Penny In Your Pocket BACK IN 15 MINUTES WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20149

10 State Context TPL Project Implementing Career- and College-Ready (CCR) Learning Standards… WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201410

11 Washington’s Vision for Education Every Washington public school student will graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21 st century. Class of 2011: Bridgeport High School WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201411

12 Aligned System – Common Language and Common Vision WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ District-directed professional learning structures Assessment & Accountability Systems (SBAC) Student and School Success Professional Learning Aligned to Standards Educator Effectiveness Systems (TPEP) Aligned Federal and State Programs Regional Support Systems (ESDs) National Board Certification BEA Funding and Policy Recommendations Comprehensive Mentor & Induction Programs (BEST) Pre-Service Programs Basic Education Act: State Learning Goals McCleary Court Decision & Fully Funding Basic Education Career and College Ready State Learning Standards for ALL Students (CCSS/NGSS)

13 Implementing Career- and College- Ready Standards in Washington State Our Vision: Every student will have access to CCR standards through high quality instruction aligned with the standards every day; and every educator is prepared and supported to implement the standards in their classrooms every day. Our Purpose: To develop a statewide system with resources that supports all school districts in their preparation of educators and students. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/

14 Bringing the CCR System Together WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 All students leave high school career and college ready https://wacore2col m/Project+Overvi ew https://wacore2col m/Project+Overvi ew ault.aspx?PageID=1 ault.aspx?PageID=1 rofDev.aspx rofDev.aspx 14

15 Moving toward Career and College Ready Standards WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ “These standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business.”  CCSS-M, page 5

16 Career and College Readiness for EVERY Student What role do district leaders and structures have in supporting and sustaining professional learning to support every teacher and ultimately, every student? WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/

17 Our guiding beliefs and approach for CCR Standards Implementation in WA WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ Prongs: 1. The What: Content Shifts (for students and educators) Belief that past standards implementation efforts have provided a strong foundation on which to build; HOWEVER there are shifts that need to be attended to in the content. 2. The How: System “Remodeling” Belief that successful implementation will not take place top down or bottom up – it must be “both, and…” Belief that districts across the state have the conditions and commitment present to engage wholly in this work. Professional learning systems are critical 17

18 The “What”: Key Content Shifts – ELA, Math, Science Shifts in ELA 1. Building knowledge through content- rich nonfiction and informational texts in addition to literature 2. Reading and writing grounded in evidence from the text 3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary These apply to content area (social studies, science, and technical subject) teachers as well as to English teachers. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ Shifts in Mathematics 1. Focus : fewer topics focused on deeply in each grade 2. Coherence : Concepts logically connected from one grade to the next and linked to other major topics within the grade 3. Rigor : Fluency with arithmetic, application of knowledge to real world situations, and deep understanding of mathematical concepts Shifts in Science 1.The NGSS Reflect the Interconnected Nature of Science through Focus, Understanding, and Application of Content 2.The Science Concepts in the NGSS Build Coherently from K– Science and Engineering are Integrated across K–12 in the NGSS. RESOURCE HANDOUT

19 The “What” - Power of the Shifts Know them – both the what and the why Internalize them Apply them to decisions about Time Energy Resources Conversations with parents, students, colleagues, partners This effort is about much more than implementing the next version of the standards. It is about preparing all students for college and careers. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201419

20 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ What do all students need to know and be able to do as a result of the CCSS? 2. What do the adults in the system need to know and be able to do to support all students? 3. How do we design a professional learning system to support them? The “How”: System Remodeling 20

21 The “How”: Connecting Multiple Avenues, Providers, and Directions for Professional Learning WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ Including: School Districts Higher Education Education and Educator Associations Private Partners Washington

22 CCR Implementation – through a district, building, and classroom lens WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ Phase 1: CCR Standards Exploration Phase 2: Build Awareness & Begin Building Capacity Phase 3: Build State & District Capacity and Classroom Transitions Phase 4: Statewide Application and Assessment Ongoing: Coordination and Collaboration to Support Implementation

23 Through the lens of district, building, & classroom educators… WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201423

24 WA TPL Overview Dates, Commitments, Systems of Support WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201424

25 WA-TPL Vision The project will focus on enhancing critical state and regional-level infrastructures and capacity for sustained, results-driven, standards-based statewide and regional professional learning so… School district and building leaders have the knowledge and skills to create the conditions necessary for every educator within their districts to increase their instructional capacity to make the instructional shifts that new Career- and College-Ready learning standards entail. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201425

26 Theory of Action (Professional Learning in the Learning Profession) WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/ Standards-based professional learning 2. Changes in educator knowledge, skills, an dispositions 4. Changes in student results 3. Changes in educator practice “Effective professional learning enables educators to develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions needed to help students learn and achieve at higher levels.”

27 TPL Design/Leadership Team OSPI partners  Teaching and Learning  ELA, Math, Science, etc.  Student and School Success  Teacher and Principal Evaluation  Information Technology  Education Technology  Digital Learning  Federal & Special Programs  Migrant Bilingual  Title I/LAP  Title II WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 Statewide partners  Association of Washington Principals  Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession  Learning Forward Washington  Northwest ESD 189  Olympic ESD 114  Puget Sound ESD 121  State Board for Community & Technical Colleges  Washington Association of School Administrators  Washington Education Association  Washington STEM  Washington Student Achievement Council 27

28 Professional Learning Coaches WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201428


30 Washington Transforming Professional Learning Support System OSPI WA TPL Design/Leadership Team Learning Forward WA TPL Professional Learning Coaches Educational Service District (ESD) WA TPL Leads Seattle Pacific University – evaluation team Data analysis and goal setting support (Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2) WA TPL Lab and CF Participating Districts + TPL collaboration platform WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201430

31 The Basics 3 years (November 2013 – November 2016) $2.4M Phase 1 – 15 district grantees 8 Lab districts 7 Critical Friends districts Phase 2 – 18 additional districts WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201431

32 Primary Project Focus To enhance critical state and regional- level infrastructures and capacity School district and building leaders will have knowledge and skills to create conditions necessary for every educator within their districts to increase their instructional capacity to make the instructional shifts that new Career- and College-Ready learning standards entail Sustained, results-driven, standards-based statewide and regional professional learning WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201432

33 Project Outcomes (separate handout) Outcome Description 1. Student Achievement 80% of students (~75,000) in 33 WA-TPL districts will demonstrate growth on state and district-identified ELA, math, and science assessments 2. Professional Learning Opportunities and Resources Administrators, teacher leaders, and classroom teachers from 33 WA-TPL districts and at least 90 non-WA-TPL districts actively engage in and benefit from professional learning grounded in the shifts within CCR standards. XX% report professional learning resources to be effective in building capacity with educators and teams at the local level. 3. Structures and Processes to Support Professional Learning A framework is created (or modified) for the state and districts to utilize to develop comprehensive systems of professional learning that includes a vision and definition of professional learning that aligns with research-based practice, standards for quality and expectations for results of professional learning, policies that support equity of access to professional learning, and resources to develop individual, school, team, school system capacities needed to ensure success for all educators and their students. 4. Leadership State WA-TPL partners and members of WA-TPL leadership/design team demonstrate established infrastructures that show increased capacity to lead and support high quality, standards-based professional learning. Five hundred-four district, school, and teacher leaders actively engage professional learning opportunities and networks through WA-TPL and regional professional learning that supports a comprehensive professional learning system for across 33 WA-TPL districts and within 150 WA-TPL schools. 90% of district, building, and teacher leaders report participation has a positive impact on their practice and professional learning structures/processes/practices will be sustained. 5. Data WA-TPL state and district partners access, analyze, and interpret student, educator, and system data from multiple sources to make decisions about professional learning and that uses formative and summative, qualitative and quantitative student, educator, and system data to articulate professional learning needs and support system improvements. 6. Culture 100% of WA-TPL state partners and districts demonstrate alignment of behaviors and actions grounded in trusting relationships at all levels that are focused on student and educator learning and collaboration. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201433

34 Laboratory Districts Camas Granite Falls Highline Medical Lake Prosser Seattle Sunnyside Wenatchee WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201434

35 Lab Districts The project will fund nine “laboratory” districts, one in each ESD region. To serve as part of the AESD network as regional learning laboratories for critical friend and other districts wishing to create similar comprehensive professional learning systems. Lab Districts will receive coordinated support from OSPI, LF WA, and the ESDs guided by comprehensive professional learning plans developed and revisited throughout the project period. Will develop and implement a vision for professional learning for full and deep implementation of CCSS a comprehensive professional learning plan based in professional learning standards WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201435

36 Lab District Deliverables All district core team members will attend 2x/year 2-day meetings. Administration of Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2) Districts/buildings will commit to align professional learning practices to professional learning standards Core team members will attend monthly virtual or in-person regional professional learning sessions WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201436

37 Critical Friends Districts Brewster Colfax Eatonville Mary Walker In consortium with Chewelah, Curlew, Loon Lake, & Republic Riverview Sedro-Woolley Stanwood-Camano WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201437

38 Critical Friend Districts Participate in support of the regional Lab District in development of a comprehensive professional learning plan that is based in professional learning standards. Will receive project funding and engage in professional learning opportunities, and will be invited to participate in Lab District workgroup meetings and task forces. Implement processes, products, resources and tools within the Critical Friend District, as appropriate, and provide feedback. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201438

39 Critical Friend District Deliverables Core team members will attend 2x/year 2-day meetings. Core team members will attend monthly virtual or in-person regional professional learning sessions Administration of Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2) WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201439

40 - Medical Lake SD -Colfax SD -(Consortia) Mary Walker SD Republic SD Curlew SD Loon Lake SD Chewelah SD - Sunnyside SD - Camas SD -Highline SD -Seattle SD -Riverview SD -Eatonville SD -Prosser SD - Wenatchee SD -Brewster SD -Granite Falls SD -Sedro-Woolley SD Stanwood-Camano SD WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201440

41 Professional Learning Support System WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201441

42 Professional Learning Structures WA-TPL districts will participate in three types of face-to-face and virtual professional learning opportunities that will foster cohesive, sustained, and shared learning with their peers across the state. 1. Statewide Professional Learning (face to face, 2x/year) 2. Regional and Local Professional Learning 3. Collaborations within and across districts WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201442

43 Regional and Local Professional Learning Monthly face-to-face & virtual PL meetings for districts within each region. Lab districts (9) will receive coordinated support from OSPI, LF WA, Professional Learning Coaches and the ESDs based on comprehensive PL plans. Critical Friend districts (~24) will engage in regional PL opportunities and will be invited to participate in Lab District workgroup meetings and task forces. Each ESD, in partnership with LF WA, will engage WA- TPL districts in their region as models for non-funded districts engaged in already-established regional learning communities. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 NOTE: All Professional Learning Opportunities to be grounded in the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning (2011) and Components of Comprehensive Professional Learning Systems (LF, 2012) 43

44 STANDARDS FOR PROFESSIONAL LEARNING (Learning Forward, 2011) 1. Learning Communities 2.Leadership 3.Resources 4.Data 5.Learning Designs 6.Implementation 7.Outcomes WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201444

45 Components of a Comprehensive Professional Learning System Foundational Beliefs Clear Definition Standards Policies Alignment Protected Time Ongoing PL Opps. For Every Educator PL Provider Criteria Evaluating and Monitoring Leadership Sources: KY Professional Learning Task Force Report, 2012 Learning Forward, WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014

46 Some examples…. Component / Policy Lever FromTo Policies - Foundational Beliefs (standards for PL) Shared Definition of PL NothingAdopt Vision, Standards and definition for professional learning (integrate into funding requirements, program designs, etc.) Resources: time and funding Debating time and funding Reconfiguring time Allocating and focusing resources Professional learningSite-based or individual decisions Systemic approach based on data Cross-subject / program / grade PLCs Capacity buildingNeeds focused Menu driven Academies, conferences, etc. Standards focused Targeted providers and partners 46 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014

47 Examples, cont. Component / Policy LeverFromTo Leadership: - Teacher Leaders (coaches, NBCTs, master teachers) Salary advancements as award recognition and compensation for responsibilities and leadership; integration into district-wide PL structures Planning requirementsDistrict, schoolIntegrated into overall program support system at district level 47 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 What might be opportunities in your district to consider for WA TPL focus?

48 Problem of Practice DistrictProblem of Practice ESD Region: ________________ WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201448

49 Problem of Practice BACK IN 10 MINUTES WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201449

50 Project Evaluation and Data Collection Seattle Pacific University Standards Assessment Inventory 2 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201450

51 Program Evaluation External and Independent – Conducted by faculty in the School of Education at Seattle Pacific University Significant background in the design and effective implementation of professional learning initiatives Significant background in large scale program evaluation Purpose – To evaluate the impact of the Transforming Professional Learning program on educators and student learning To evaluate the effectiveness of the TPL implementation process WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201451

52 Evaluation Process Identify evaluation questions Identify evaluation instruments Establish the timeline for data collections Analyze the data Report the finding WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201452

53 Evaluation Questions What is the impact of the project on student achievement? How are teachers’ knowledge and skills impacted by the project? How do teachers use student growth data to influence their practices? What structures and processes are needed to support the professional learning of teachers? How do leaders engage with data sources to make decisions about professional learning and support systems? What professional behaviors and actions are supportive of teacher collaboration and student learning? WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201453

54 Data Sources Qualitative and Quantitative State and district assessment of student learning Educator survey data Structured interviews Observations WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201454

55 Data Quality We need your help! Quality data = Quality analyses Consistency in data collection When How From whom WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201455

56 Contact Information Principal Investigators Dan Bishop, EdD Associate Dean, Assistant Professor School of Education Seattle Pacific University (206) Andrew Lumpe, PhD Professor School of Education Seattle Pacific University (206) Robin Henrikson, PhD Assistant Professor School of Education WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201456

57 TPL Professional Learning System Data Collection Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2) Revised to align with the 2011 Standards for Professional Learning, SAI2 is a valid and reliable instrument designed to ensure that a school system’s professional learning has the essential attributes to change educator practice and student results. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201457

58 SAI2 is intended to: Provide information to systems that need to understand teachers’ perceptions of professional learning; Reveal the degree of success or challenges systems face with professional learning practices and implementation; Provide decision-makers with data on the quality of professional learning as defined by the Standards for Professional Learning, a system’s alignment of professional learning to the standards, and the relationship of the standards to improvements in educator effectiveness and student achievement WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201458

59 SAI2 50-item web-enabled survey to assess the presence of behaviors at the school level associated with the seven Standards for Professional Learning; May be taken from any computer with internet access, at school or home; Completed by teaching staff in buildings Average completion time is 20 minutes SEPTEMBER 20 TH, 2014 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201459

60 SAI2 Sample Directions: Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It is best to complete this survey alone. Completing this survey will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Please mark the responses that most accurately reflect your experience at your school. 1. My school’s learning communities are structures for teachers to engage in the continuous improvement cycle (i.e., data analysis, planning, implementation, reflection, and evaluation) Always Frequently Sometimes Seldom Never Don‘t Know WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201460

61 Using the SAI2 For school improvement planning For identifying clear expectations and actions For benchmark data For dialogue and reflection For program evaluation WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201461

62 Next Steps June – October 2014 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201462

63 State-Level Next Steps Round out Cohort 1 WA TPL Districts (by end of June) Establish online collaboration and resource-sharing platform for WA TPL districts Solidify WA TPL Prof. Learning Coaches & assignments WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201463

64 Planning for Next Steps Statewide WA TPL Professional Learning Regional Collaboration Schedule / Structure District coordination plan WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201464

65 THINGS TO CONSIDER… SAI2 Administration Professional Learning Resources Scheduled support at a state level Scheduled support at a regional level Scheduled support at a district level Ad hoc support at each school Coaching support Other….

66 Statewide WA TPL Professional Learning Opportunities WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 October 1 & 2, 2014 – Spokane Red Lion Inn at the Park May/June Seattle area October 2015 (TBD) May/June 2016 (TBD) October 2016 (TBD) Required for all WA TPL Core Teams 66

67 Regional Schedule (Draft) ESD #:______ 2014/ /2016Possible Location Comments WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201467

68 Planning Time BACK IN 15 – 20 MINUTES WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201468

69 Questions? Reflections? What else do you need for support between now and October? WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201469

70 Contact Information Daniel J. Bissonnette, Ed.D Manager, Transforming Professional Learning Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201470

71 Contact Information OrganizationNamePhone NEWESD 101Helene Eric ESD 105Ian ESD 112Barbara Kathy ESD 113Andrew ESD 114Stephanie WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201471

72 Contact Information OrganizationNamePhone PSESD 121Julie ESD 123JoAnn NCESD 171Cindy NWESD 189Dr. Kathy Learning Forward WA Ellen WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201472

73 Thank you! Washington’s 1 million students are counting on us! WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201473

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