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SWOT and User Needs Workshop Objectives, Methods and Program

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1 SWOT and User Needs Workshop Objectives, Methods and Program

2 Introduction Exploration of the Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threats (SWOT) and the user needs of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing in Europe regarding operational services data quality accuracy aspects of hyperspectral images now and in the future .

3 Definition SWOT Analysis
Strategic planning tool which is used to evaluate the Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T) involved in a project. A SWOT analysis helps organizations evaluate the environmental factors and internal situation facing a project.


5 Objectives Top Rank Objective (TRO) How? How else? … workshop results

6 Methods (1) Breakdown into four subjects:
Management of hyperspectral campaigns Sensor (calibration, operation, maintenance, etc.) Data Processing Application of hyperspectral data One presentation and discussion per subject 4 splinter groups Presentation to initiate discussion

7 Methods (2) One facilitator per splinter group to support and control the discussion Klaus Itten Michael Schaepman Paolo Gamba Tim Malthus Presentation of results by one splinter group – other groups add missing points

8 Splinter Groups K. Itten M. Schaepman P. Gamba T. Malthus J. Nieke
A. Hausold A. Müller A. Plaza C. Fischer B. Zagajewski A. Riaza C. Fleming E. de Miguel E. Ben-Dor H. van der Werff H. Kaufmann I. Reusen I. Baarstad J. Green K. Meuleman L. Kooistra L. Quental M. Bachmann M. Möttus P. Gege T. Heege P. Pellikka W. Dorigo Z. Malenovsky

9 Concluding Session List of S, W, O, T together with weighting of importance 1 (very important) 5 (minor importance) Templates for presentations of results of splinter group discussions are available

10 Logistics Each splinter groups has its own room:
Klaus Itten: Room 027, ground floor Michael Schaepman: Room 033 , ground floor Paolo Gamba: Room 020 , ground floor Tim Malthus: Room 135 , first floor

11 Program (1)

12 Program (2) 8:40

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