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Introduction to EBMAS / Wing Tsun

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1 Introduction to EBMAS / Wing Tsun
In this introduction, we will tell you about the history and principles of EBMAS/Wing Tsun. You will also be introduced to the instructor and classes that are offered, as well as some of the benefits individuals receive as a result from learning EBMAS/Wing Tsun. If there are any questions that you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

2 Who is EBMAS International?
EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) is one of the largest professional martial arts organizations worldwide. All schools are under the leadership and guidance of Dai - Sifu Emin Boztepe All students worldwide, are taught the same curriculum EBMAS teaches Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Latosa Escrima EBMAS is taught in over 30 countries, some include: U.S., Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, France, Norway, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and many more Self Defense - Smart & Simple

3 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe Emin’s early days in Germany were not easy due to his Turkish heritage. He was a constant target for racial insults, and more often than not, verbal abuse would swiftly turn into Physical abuse. Martial arts became something of a necessity. His father urged him to begin training, and thus at age 14 Emin’s martial arts career begun. His training quickly developed into a passion that he carries on to this day. A True Martial Artist Due to Emin’s preference to effective self-defense techniques, he now views himself as a true Martial Artist and not a "Sportsman". It was this same preference that originally attracted him to Wing Tsun when he saw a demonstration in Germany. This led him to seeking instruction from Keith Kernspecht, noted European Wing Tsun Master and senior Student of Grandmaster Leung Ting. Many years of training in the Wing Tsun system have now passed for Emin. He is thoroughly convinced that the self-defense techniques and philosophy of Wing Tsun are second to none. He became the senior master Student of Dai Sifu Keith Kernspecht. Training The Wing Tsun philosophy also advocates realistic training. Emin feels that this is one of the most important factors in developing effective self-defense techniques. Although Emin believes in other forms of training such as bag-training, aerobics etc. he feels that nothing can take the place of sparring and Wing Tsun Chi Sao practice with a live partner. Emin emphasizes that training should become a regular routine for any serious Martial Artist. "You can have the best techniques and the best Instructors, but if you don’t practice regularly and realistically it will not be useful." Emin exemplifies this himself by adhering to a strict training schedule of 4 hours a day. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

4 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
Embodiment of the Wing Tsun Philosophy The life of Emin Boztepe is a mirror for the Wing Tsun Philosophy: be aggressive in all encounters while avoiding conflict whenever possible. When faced with the unavoidable challenge of conflict, meet it head on, finish it quickly, expend as little energy as possible and continue on your way. According to Wing Tsun philosophy the simplest, easiest and most effective way is the best way. "Avoiding a physical confrontation that is not truly necessary does not mean being a coward but being humble," states Emin. "However, conflicts must be met head on when left no other choice because of possible harm to yourself, your loved ones or your family. This includes my EBMAS family, which currently spans over 30 countries. Though Emin has trained in many different Martial Art Disciplines, he currently bases his self-defense solely on Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Escrima. He feels this helps him fulfill his philosophy of ending conflicts quickly by using effective and simple techniques. These sort of techniques are the hallmark of Wing Tsun. Emin confesses, "I only believe in using techniques that work as fast as possible and minimize injury to myself. The Wing Tsun philosophy states: To be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself. Why be kind and gentle to someone who is trying to harm you or your loved ones? “ Sifu Emin Today Emin has been a professional Wing Tsun Instructor throughout Europe for the past 20 years and has become widely recognized for his fighting skills. His Seminars are in great demand in Europe, the United States and Canada. He is the Founder and the Chief-Instructor of EBMAS Int. He has trained many elite Police and Military Personnel, including the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) of the FBI and the 4th Recon Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps. He continues to commit his talents to help spread Wing Tsun and Escrima in the United States and Europe. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

5 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
Sihing Ingo Weigel Ingo Weigel grew up in Germany. His interest in martial arts began when he was 10 years old. Judo and Boxing kept him involved with martial arts until he was 15. At which time, he wanted to learn how to defend, not compete. Ingo felt that he needed to find a more effective and functional system where he would be able to implement techniques effectively in a self-defense situation. He had never heard of Wing Tsun until a friend told him about it. Interested in learning more, he went to a seminar and was highly impressed with how simple it is to defend stronger opponents with simple Wing Tsun techniques. He immediately signed up and began studying Wing Tsun under Sifu Emin Boztepe. In 2000, Ingo came to Chicago with the vision of instructing others and supporting Sifu Emin to teach the ways of an effective self-defense form. Today, Ingo Weigel is a certified instructor for EBMAS under supervision of Sifu Emin Boztepe, founder and chief instructor. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

6 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
The Origin of Wing Tsun Yim Wing Tsun – 1st student of Wing Tsun Yim Wing Tsun – 1st student of Wing Tsun The martial art was developed more than 250 years ago in China by the nun Ng Mui and the beautiful Yim Wing Tsun, after whom the martial art is named. Thanks to their highly developed martial art techniques these two women could win fights against the strongest men of their time. Since then WT had been taught practically only within families and clans. The Great Grandmaster Yip Man who died in 1972, was the last Wing Tsun teacher who taught Chinese students exclusively. Today there are thousands of members worldwide (in over 30 countries) who are learning this martial arts system that was updated by Leung Ting, Yip Man's latest master-pupil. The EBMAS Founder and Chief-instructor, Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe, studied Wing Tsun for the past 20 years under GM Leung Ting and GM K. Kernspecht. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

7 Integrity of Wing Tsun “Less is more”
WT is not based upon physical strength or acrobatic ability and therefore allows a physically weaker person to defend him / herself WT teaches you to use the force of the opponent and turn it against him WT self-defense movements derive from tactile reflexes that are mechanical and directly determined by the attack of the opponent WT can be learned fairly quickly and built upon. WT meets the demands of "appropriate force" and therefore lends itself for use by law enforcement. WT is a whole martial arts system. Its significance lies less in stylistic externals and tricks but in the revolutionary totality of the concept! Immediacy, the small number of movements used, etc., make Wing Tsun the fastest martial art system ever! Self Defense - Smart & Simple

8 The Physics of Wing Tsun
Number Of Movements WT is conceived in such a way that one can manage a fight effectively with just a few movements. The best self-defense is one that can fend off the most attacks with the least amount of movements! ·    Movements That Are Used Simultaneously ·    We can perform up to three different movement patterns at the same time The 4 Ways Of "Force“ Be free from your own "force“ Free yourself from the "force" of your opponent Use the "force" of the opponent Add your own "force" to the "force" of the opponent Through intense training WT students learn to "borrow" the energy of the attack by way of a sort of controlled and deliberate "giving in". The attacked body parts get "charged up" in such a way that they redirect the power of the opponent immediately and with the whole force of impact with which it was dealt out. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

9 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
Chain Punches Once a WT-fighter has gained his/her advantage by a punch he/she doesn't just give it up but lets other chain-punches follow the first. This is one of the most effective arms at all, traditional martial arts know of no means to counter them. The quick sequence of punches overwhelms the capacities of the opponent to process information as he is driven into a helpless defense. - The "Universal Solution" is the "Center Line“ The physics of WT manifests itself in all corners and ends of this martial art and provides surprises and eye-openers to even the most advanced students Self Defense - Smart & Simple

10 Benefits of Wing Tsun Unique
Next to the emphasis on self-defense, there are many more attractive benefits to the practice of WT. Following is a short summary of what a WT school does offer you. The best in self-defense Training of reflexes and reaction Concentration training Breathing and meditation exercises Fitness and conditioning Self-confidence and relaxation A practical philosophy of life Meeting fun people A joyful pastime Health Self Defense - Smart & Simple

11 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
The Three Parts Of A Wing Tsun Class "Wing Tsun is not only a smart martial art, it is also a smart way of learning!” 1. Forms "Forms" derive from the fundamental natural range of movements that have been integrated for self-defense purposes, and have also traditionally been acknowledged to be contributing to overall relaxation, meditation and well-being. 2. Chi Sao (Sticking Hands) WT is the only martial art that features the unique exercise of tactile reflexes, which are determined by the sense of touch. Chi Sao defense reflexes are elicited in a very immediate and mechanical way by the attack of the opponent. Thus they are always exactly tailored and appropriate to the situation. Chi Sao reflexes are far quicker than reacting to visual input and they also allow for the WT-fighter to defend him/herself blindly. Chi Sao is the glue that integrates a number of single movements into coherent combinations that are not preconceived yet proves to exactly meet the needs of the given situation. Without Chi Sao WT would only consist of an accumulation of single technical bits or dead movement patterns. This makes Chi Sao is the very soul of Wing Tsun! 3. Lat Sao (Sparring Exercises) The goal of Wing Tsun is to develop fighting-capability. In Lat Sao (which means "free style fight") the WT-student learns to fearlessly confront a one-on-one fight. He can check on the level of his work without fear of injuring his partner, which makes Lat Sao a most significant and motivating part of WT. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

12 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
The Five Distances of a Fight "WT starts where most other styles stop: the uncompromising close range fight!" In a real self-defense-situation, rules of fairness (which could alter the outcome of a fight) don't exist! In Wing Tsun we derive from this the consequent importance of a training that is as full and complete as possible, and which acknowledges all of the five distances that are part of a fighting situation. Distance: Fighting With Your Feet Distance: Fighting With Your Hands Distance: Fighting With Knees And Elbows Distance: Grappling (Holding, Barring, Throwing, etc.) Distance: Ground Fighting In any of the above situations the WT-principles can be applied successfully, which is why so many martial arts practitioners turn to WT. In a WT-training session the punches, kicks etc. are all executed with soft contact so that the risk of injury is kept to a minimum. Self Defense - Smart & Simple

13 Self Defense - Smart & Simple
The 4 Principles of WT WT is collectively, many single techniques, however a whole martial art system. WT follows the strategy of aggressive defense On the highest level of the systems hierarchy are the 4 WT principles: If the way is clear, forge ahead! If there is contact, stick to it! If your opponent is stronger, give in! If the opponent retreats, follow! Self Defense - Smart & Simple

14 Testimonials Let’s hear what some of our students have to say:
”Being a woman in this society is one of the reasons I started taking Wing Tsun. The statistic is 1 in 3 women are raped.  These are not good odds. Many female friends I know have been raped or were victims of other types of violence, muggings, etc.  I myself have been attacked and I am choosing to never feel that sense of helplessness again. As a woman I have been told to be polite and don’t offend. I have learned that sometimes those lessons I was taught as a young girl hindered me later.  In Wing Tsun I am starting to find my aggressive spirit. I am learning I can still learn how to fight and retain my gentle and feminine qualities (besides Wing Tsun was developed by a woman!). I am just a beginner but already I am learning so much in the short time I have been taking classes.  I appreciate the fact that Wing Tsun is effective and is truly meant for self-defense. I feel lucky to have found this class and look forward to the challenges ahead!”    April Harkness / Chicago, IL “WT has taught me practical self-defense techniques that deal with real life scenarios. It has increased my confidence and made me feel more in control of aggressive situations. It has also provided the additional benefit of lowering my stress level. The relaxed learning environment has made it easy to learn and practice the movements. I would recommend it to everyone.” Jordon Varichak / Chicago, IL Vice President, Handelan-Pedersen Design “For the past month, I’ve been taking Wing Tsun Kung-fu classes at WT-Chicago / EBMAS. Under Sihing Ingo Weigel’s instruction and guidance, students learn to appreciate and understand Wing Tsun theory, technique applications and its subtleties. And you soon discover that there are no secrets or hidden mystery – just the truth! The truth in practical self defense. Classes are formal and friendly. And Sihing Ingo always encourages questions. …I highly recommend checking out WT-CHICAGO / EBMAS: an effective, pure, scientific fighting system of self-defense for the average individual or seasoned martial artist. I promise you, it’ll be a real eye opener!” Elvis Lourdes / Chicago, IL Self Defense - Smart & Simple

15 Self Defense - Smart & Simple

16 Self Defense - Smart & Simple

17 Self Defense - Smart & Simple

18 Self Defense - Smart & Simple

19 Wing Tsun Seminar in Chicago
Visitors are Welcome! Seminars with Sifu Emin Boztepe are in great demand around the world. As the Founder and World Chief Instructor of EBMAS it is his priority to assure a high standard and top quality in all EBMAS schools. Thus he continuously travels back and forth between Europe and America. His Seminar schedule is very tight. We are very happy that he finds the time to visit Chicago several times a year. Our students enjoy the professional instructions and experience the simplicity and effectiveness as well as the benefits of EBMAS – Wing Tsun. For more information and upcoming seminars please call us at or go to our website at There are 3 EBMAS Summer camps scheduled for 2003, two in Europe and one in CHICAGO, IL! Self Defense - Smart & Simple

20 Call now to arrange an Introduction!
To learn the instinctive use of your body in self-defense situations from books is impossible; nor could someone describe, no matter how eloquently stated, how students of Wing Tsun experience such fundamental empowerment. One should invest more than a weekend. Only patient practice under attentive supervision of a certified EBMAS-instructor will soon provide concrete ideas of what is actually achievable. However with practicing Wing Tsun twice a week one will be able to defend most common attacks after only 12 months. Besides our group classes we offer Personal Training, Seminars and Workshops for Corporations. Our instructors teach you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Call now to arrange an Introduction! 3 1 2 – – 1 W T C (982) OFFICE: 5258 N. DAMEN AVE. #3 CHICAGO, IL Self Defense - Smart & Simple

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