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Michael McLean Unified Communications Specialist, Nortel Australia Enriching Your Microsoft UC Solution – Integration vs. Interoperability.

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2 Michael McLean Unified Communications Specialist, Nortel Australia Enriching Your Microsoft UC Solution – Integration vs. Interoperability

3 Agenda ICA Overview Broad Complementary Portfolio for Unified Communications Business Grade Telephony Clients Conferencing Business Optimized networking Q&A Session

4 Our Technology R&D Employees Over 5500 patents Wireline, Cable, Wireless #1 in Enterprise Telephony Lines #2 in IP Business Telephony #2 in Contact Center #1 in Carrier VOIP #1 WAN #2 Carrier Grade Optical Our Clients 83 Fortune 100 companies rely on Nortel Global Services 1000s of VoIP installations since 2003 Designed, installed and launched 300 wireless networks in over 50 countries Over 100 clients networks managed around the world including our own! Our People 100+ MCSEs MSFT GOLD partner 200 Cert on MS UC Industry-leading qualifications Multi-vendor certifications network architects and engineers technical support engineers handle 20,000 cases monthly 500+ experienced project managers Our Presence Offices in 150 countries 3 Network Management Centers support customers globally 24x7x365 Hosted Solutions Center 25 Service and Support Centers around the world 2 Global Collaboration Centers 10,000 service professionals Global Leader in Communications & Networking Nortel

5 Accelerate transformation to VoIP and UC Simplify and enhance how people work together Deliver the highest quality experience Extend VoIP and UC across the business Ease UC migration with end-to-end converged services Strategic Alliance

6 The ICA Journey SegmentedTransformed Software-based UC platform Breadth of portfolio Ease of deployment & management Single, rich user experienceConverged mobility Single directory & identity Investment protection UC enabled business processes Open and extensible CS1000, CS2100/ 2000 App Suite LCS 2005 OCS 2007 Exchange UM Office Suite AD IP Phones Office Communicator Mobile Client Legacy Phone CC Client Integrated Mobile Phone Desk Phone IM Conferencing Telephony Directory Active Directory Applications Telephony System Feature Servers Media Gateway UC Clients OCS 200x+ Exchange+ Office System Business Processes

7 Unified Messaging Identity Business Optimized Network SIP Presence & IM Multimedia Conferencing Communications Server 1000 Enterprise Grade Telephony Unified Communications Devices Unified Clients Contact Centre 6.0 SIP Contact Centre The ICA Solution Set 2007

8 Business Grade Telephony Complete Telephony Integration

9 Other Vendor-Microsoft UC Solution One more client, presence engine, and middleware / gateway Nortel-Microsoft UC Differentiation IP-PBX Gateway Presence Server One client for Remote Call Control AND as featured soft phone extension, Single presence engine, and leverage Active Directory Nortel-Microsoft UC Solution Complimentary Architecture Parallel Architecture

10 CS1000 Bringing Value to OCS Capabilities extended to OC clients include: Personal/Team/Departmental telephony features Network Call Queuing/Attendant Services Redundancy and Business Continuity Network Routing/Resource Selection Private & Public Network Interfaces Regulatory or Certification Requirements Contact Center and Business Process Integration Services and Business Process Integration Capabilities include: Gateway Services - TDM Gateway Access to PSTN/Private Networks Sensors and Location Services - Network Detection of Device Locations Media Services - OC soft clients access Meet Me conference bridge or IVR applications

11 PSTN Mobile Active Directory IP-Set ESN: CS 1000 HLOC: 441 TDM Phone ESN: MOC: Complimentary Integrated Architecture CS 1000 HLOC: 296 MCM NRS OCS MCM Single Soft Client Consistent User Experience 1 Single Presence Engine Integrated Reliability N:N OCS/CS1K Extended telephony features OCS telephony leverage Global Homologation Sophisticated, Flexible dial plan integration

12 Telephony Call Control Make Call Answer Call Clear Connection Hold Call Single Step (Blind) Transfer Call Transfer Call Conference Call Generate Digits (DTMF) Control IP, Digital, & analog phones Forwarding Calls Forward all calls Deflect Location-Based Forwarding Telephony Presence Multimedia Session Initiation Video Communications Office Applications Integration Missed Call and Click-to-Call Return Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint Remote Call Control – (SIP CTI) Telephony Control from Microsoft Desktop Remote Call Control

13 Enables native SIP integration from OCS to existing private and public telephony networks. Leverages CS1000 resiliency and scaling. Simplified deployment via MCM and NRS. Simultaneous ringing of users clients regardless of where the call originates Telephony Gateway & Services PSTN Active Directory Microsoft OCS With MCM Nortel CS Unified Messaging Twinning/PCA Mediation Server

14 Unified Messaging CS 1000 Integration with Exchange 2007

15 Consolidate voic infrastructure Reduce complexity with native SIP support Increase manageability with common management tools Single directory to manage , voic PSTN Mobile IP-Phones IP LegacyPhone Office Communicator Nortels CS1000* LCS 2005 Exchange 2007 with UM ActiveDirectory Mobile Client for IM, , voic Unified Messaging Unified Messaging Exchange Unified Messaging + CS 1000

16 Exchange UM CS 1000 Solution Components Nortel Communication Server 1000 Release Exchange Connector Outlook 2007 Client Nortel UC Services Integration Service Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 UM 64-Bit Server

17 Branch Office Solution Extending UC to the Branch Office

18 BeforeAfter 7 average number of devices IT staff manages at the branch office. Consolidate and simplify with UC Integrated Branch Reduced Capex & Opex Superior Quality Of Experience Embedded Microsoft Intelligence High performance with multiple functions Wireless Access Point Desk Phone IM Conferencing L2 Switch with POE Router Firewall WAN Server w/ Microsoft Mediation CS 1000 PSTN Wireless Access Point Desk Phone IM Conferencing WANPSTN Transform your Branch

19 UC Branch Architecture Role ICA UC Integrated Branch WAN Advanced Routing Ethernet Security Quality of Experience Managemen t Media Gateway OCWLANIP Fax PBXPSTN OCS CS1000 HQ Enterprise secure UC Cloud Centralized Call Server (OCS at HQ) Secure SIP (SIP over TLS over TCP) Secure Media (SRTP) Clients interact with OCS Server directly Mediation Server connects to MG Connects UC Cloud to PSTN (via media gateway) Works only when OC Client makes call to PSTN Call received on PSTN Translates Secure SIP to simple SIP Transcodes (RTA G.711) It is a B2BUA Media gateways only interact with Mediation Servers

20 20 UC Branch Check List LCS2005 Integration at branch locations OCS2007 Integration at branch locations Branch consolidation - Integrated WAN, routing, LAN switching with POE, security services, media gateway and Microsoft Mediation technology Integrated Microsoft Mediation technology Only device to support MS Mediation technology High Gig E densities 4314 offers 58 Industry leading VoIP roadmap CS1K and Microsoft OCS integration Proven Reliability Tolly Tested Effective WAN Bandwidth utilization Tolly Tested

21 Clients

22 22 LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540 LG-Nortel USB Phone for Microsoft OCS LG-Nortel Headset with Bluetooth® wireless technology for Microsoft OCS LG-Nortel IP Phone and Adapters for Microsoft OCS Person Centric Operation Large Display : 5.7 & Touch screen operation Phone book with presence display Plug & Play – retrieve personal settings when user logs-in Customizable Widget button – Applications or shortcut menu Wideband audio Full duplex speak phone Presence setting/indicator Styling Requires Microsoft OCS Client Call controls Off hook/On hook, Mute, Volume controls, Call forwarding Indicators Call active, Mute on, Message waiting, Call forwarding Wideband audio Full duplex speak phone Presence setting/indicator Styling Requires Microsoft OCS Client Call controls Off hook/On hook, Volume controls, Mute Indicators Call active Presence setting/indicator Wideband audio / Bluetooth (RF 16K) Security 8 hour talk time UC Logo USB Mute Speakerphone Headphone Earbud USB Bluetooth Module Presence

23 Nortel IP Client Diversity IP clients offer users familiar feature set Support SRTP &USEC High quality audio Flexible User Interface Built-in touch screen adds convenience & intelligence Superior multimedia experience Leverages application servers for customized content WLAN devices offer Security 40 bit WEP, 128 bit WEP UC Enabled Across Entire Client Portfolio

24 Nortel Multimedia Conferencing

25 Nortel Multi-Media Conferencing + OCS Solution PSTN Mobile IP-Phones Nortels IP - PBX Legacy Phone MOC & LM Console Nortel Multi Media Conferencing Microsoft OCS 2007 Audio Conferencing PSTN Dial-in TUI for participants/chair control Operator Control Music/Message on hold G.711 Alaw & Ulaw / G.729A Dynamic Pass Codes Chair assigned entry code Fast Start Conference Recording Compressed Recordings (MS GSM Codec) Broad Language Support Real-time QoS metric tracking Up to 8 NMCs can be clustered Session balancing across cluster Microsoft OCS Conferencing Audio/Video Conferencing RTA/RTV Codecs Web Conferencing RoundTable Panoramic Device Video with LCS ITU-T H.263: low bit rate video codec NNVC: MPEG-4 based video codec

26 Single unified client Seamless escalation to video conference Easy to use, reservation less & always on More effective collaboration Support remote/mobile workers & geographically distributed teams On premise solution reduces cost Rich chairperson security controls Simplified deployment with single client and consistent user experience Leverage investment: IP-PBX, OCS, Active Directory and conferencing PSTN Mobile Active Directory IP-Phones Nortels IP - PBX IP Microsoft OCS 2007 Legacy Phone MOC & LM Console Nortel Multi Media Conferencing SIP Network NMC + OCS Solution Benefits

27 NMC - Microsoft Integration Points Integration with MS LCS05 & OCS07 Uses Audio Conference Provider (ACP) to work with LCS/OCS conferencing paradigm Provides conference roster, events, controls & dial-in/out through OC/Meeting Console i/f Uses Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in Uses MS GSM codec for recording compression

28 NMC Check List External PSTN secure dial-in access to audio conference Access to audio bridge for all client types (IP/TDN telsets, OC clients, PSTN sets, mobile phones, etc… DTMF access) Scalable Conferencing solution >4000 audio ports per cluster (add clusters to scale) Resilient / Redundant solution N+1 (N =7) support per cluster Geo-Redundancy In service upgrades Proven Reliability Based on Nortel Meet-me conf Telephony user interface, eg access to commands from telset (non-OC client) devices LCS2005 Integration OCS2007 Integration

29 Business Optimized Networking

30 Resilient IP Core (Nortel Ethernet Switching) OCS Load balancing (Nortel Application Switches) Application Acceleration (Business Continuity System, Nortel Application Accelerator) Security (Microsoft NAP – Nortel NSA)

31 High Performance & Reliable IP Core Switch Clustering Link and Nodal Redundancy Split Multilink Trunking (SMLT & RSMLT) No reliance on Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Sub-second stateful failover Virtual Switch Fabric Centralized or distributed Increased performance using full capacity No Single point of failure Scalable Standalone / Stackable / Modular Chassis Single pair / Square / Full Mesh Trunks distributed between slots Trunks distributed between switches in a cluster Trunks distributed between switches in a stack Switch Clustering Virtual Switching Fabric

32 Placed at network edge to loadbalance firewalls and protect OCS Edge Servers from DoS attack as well as bandwidth management. Secures against internal and external threats NAS SSL Accelerators LCS/OCS Servers NAS Switches Firewalls LCS / OCS Server Protection Nortel Application Switch (NAS) Placed in front of LCS/OCS Access Edge servers to speed/ balance traffic an secure against internal or external attacks

33 End User Productivity Significant reduction in wait times Bandwidth Reduction More concurrent sessions Less latency for all traffic Server Offload Reduces processing requirements (e.g. compression) up to 40% Offload of SSL for greater savings No need for expensive encryption cards in servers Eases SSL certificate mgmt New Application Accelerator 510/610 What are the benefits?

34 UC Lifecycle Services Support the joint Nortel & Microsoft Solution Obtain Productivity and Cost Efficiencies UC Assessment & UC Engineering Phase 2 UC PLAN: Engineer, Assess Phase 3 UC DEPLOY & INTEGRATE Phase 4 UC SUPPORT Phase 5 UC MANAGED SERVICES Phase 1 UC ADVISE: Consultancy Integrate Nortel & Microsoft Environment Architecture Design, POC, Business Case Development Program Management Delivers Predictable Outcomes ! Mobi le IPIP

35 ICA Differentiators Integration vs. Interoperability

36 Come Visit our Stand LG-Nortel OCS Devices Native Integration OCS to CS 1000 Native Integration Exchange UM to CS 1000 Multimedia Conferencing from Live Meeting Nortel IP Clients Ask for a Demonstration

37 ** Catalina Giveaway ** LG-Nortel OCS Devices Native Integration OCS to CS 1000 Native Integration Exchange UM to CS 1000 Multimedia Conferencing from Live Meeting Nortel IP Clients Q & A Come Visit our Stand

38 LG-Nortel OCS Devices Native Integration OCS to CS 1000 Native Integration Exchange UM to CS 1000 Multimedia Conferencing from Live Meeting Nortel IP Clients Thank You

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