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E-Cart2 & e-Cart Jr. UL Listing & The NEW SmartMonitor Wiring Devices.

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1 E-Cart2 & e-Cart Jr. UL Listing & The NEW SmartMonitor Wiring Devices

2 E-Cart2 and e-Cart Jr. UL Listing Dos and Donts e-Cart2 e-Cart Jr

3 Question # 1

4 FRAME: Listed e-Cart Jrs must all be built on the aluminum frame. This frame is NOT required to be powder coated. The standard hand truck construction is NOT acceptable. Stainless Steel would be acceptable. Listed e-Carts must be built on the 4 wheel steel frame (G90 coating). No visible change from before. Any other sheet metal, plates, or other ferrous metal on the cart needs to be powder coated with one of the approved paints on the list. Paint certifications are required for all of it. Other custom designs are not Listed. Customer specific designs of frames are not Listed. THE UL MARK LABEL: The listing label is a purchased UL serialized label affixed to the nameplate. We have UL in the USA only. We are tested to UL1640 for Construction Site Use. No Canadian certification at this time. Canada has no such reciprocal standard providing general coverage. Specific model-by-model coverage is available in Canada per CSA C22.2 No General Use Power Supplies. Lot blessings by CSA, QPS, etc are available on a per-lot basis. Also, each cart is required to have a voltage and current rating, and this rating must be marked on the cart. We use engraved metal plates riveted to the unit. All other materials in both carts are to be listed and suitable for outdoor use. Wire, cable, conduit, conduit fittings, crimps, hole plugs, ground & neutral bars, essentially everything except hardware. UL Listing Dos and Donts

5 Question # 2

6 Question # 3

7 Max transformer & kVA for Ecart Jr is 15kVA, same voltage ratings. Transformer must have an outdoor-acceptable rating such as NEMA 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, or 6P. Secondary Panel: All receptacles are required to have a spring closing or gravity closing weatherproof covers. The COMBO enclosure rain lid covers everything under the rain flip cover. Other receptacles need to have rain flip covers, including camloks. The only typical construction that is not permitted is hanging pigtail connectors. Hanging pigtail connectors are 1) prohibited by the standard, and 2) have no self closing flip lids. This removes the PL / PM series of e-cart Jrs. Secondary main breaker is permitted, optional. Appropriate secondary breakers must be provided on all secondary receptacles. Branch Circuit protection per NEC. Secondary receptacles must be Listed and weather protected. They may be mounted on a panel if of suitable type or may be mounted within any enclosure on the cart, such as the Combo, or within the transformer, edge of panelboard, dedicated enclosure, etc. GFCI breaker, GFCI receptacle, or 1075-style GFCI must be provided for all 125V 15, 20 & 30A receptacles. ALL other receptacles that are not GFCI protected must be marked Not GFCI protected. Open neutral protection GFI is not required on e-Carts because the entire system through the isolation transformer is controlled. No chance of a lifted neutral wire from the transformer (unless tampered with). UL Listing Dos and Donts

8 Question # 4

9 All listed EC2s and Jrs must have either an inlet blunt pigtail or an inlet connector such as in IEC inlet, CS inlet, or Camlok panel. 6ft is standard – custom lengths are acceptable. It is no longer permitted to have "wired by customer" type connection. If the pigtail is provided, the plug on the end is optional. A main AC switch is required. It can be a fused disconnect, a separate molded case breaker in a box, or a main breaker installed in a 480V panel. A primary side 480v panelboard is permitted, optional. Primary side 480 Volt receptacles are permitted, optional, must be Listed, rain protected as described above. Must be breaker protected. Must be marked Not GFCI Protected. Not much room for that on the e-Cart Jr. All 10 dia wheels and standard legs are permitted. UL Listing Dos and Donts

10 Custom e-Cart Jr Can this unit be UL listed?

11 UL Listing Dos and Donts Custom e-Cart2 Can this unit be UL listed?

12 5 Easy Steps to Temp Power How to determine the right Temp Power Product Step 1 – Determine the NEED ( Distribute or Transform) Step 2 – Determine the AVAILABLE POWER - Volts Amps Phase Step 3 – Determine the EXPECTED ELECTRICAL OUTPUT

13 Step 4 – Determine the CONNECTIONS How will they connect in and out ? Be specific Use NEMA values (ie L5-20) Volts amps phase expected Step 5 – Determine the BUDGET

14 Quoting Temp Power Details, details, details – ask, ask, ask Avoid shopping list quotes for similar items Know the basic bucket $ for temp power Specific details can change everything Get all the info before RFQ More than 50% of RFQs lack IMPORTANT details to provide a quick accurate quote.

15 Web Based Tools for e-Cart Temp Power Selection distribution-centers/-cart-2-mobile-temporary-power-distribution-center distribution-centers/-cart-2-mobile-temporary-power-distribution-center?


17 SmartMonitor Devices Plug 1510-PW6PL Connector 1610-CW6PL

18 Using the Smartmonitor 07/pub/#page /pub/#page132 Only TWO color GCM type available – Not single amber on/off


20 SmartMonitor module is attached to plug body assembly EZ Cord Grip Nut holds over 35 lb UL NRTL pull test Nickel plated solid brass blades resist wear and corrosion Clear silicone mix material allows 360° indication from LEDs State of the art super bright LEDs and shock proof Mil grade circuit board Each device comes with 4 sizes of grommets for superior sealing around cord jacket Color coded combo drive screws for wire termination Sealing rings mate to Female PermaTite2 devices and FS/PWDX Receptacles. NEMA 6P Submersible Tested by UL


22 OSHA & Smartmonitor Assured Equipment Ground Continuity Program CFR OSHA Letter dtd 12/1/1991 allows the use of GCM type devices to aid with the Assured Equipment Ground Continuity Program.

23 …This is in response to your September 5 facsimile of a letter dated March 25 concerning the use of the Ericson Manufacturing Company's ground continuity monitoring device. In regard to your question whether ground continuity monitoring devices provide compliance with 29 CFR (b)(1)(iii)(D), (E), and (G), please be advised as follows: These provisions require that (1) all cord sets and receptacles that are not a part of permanent wiring, and cord and plug-connected equipment required to be grounded must have all equipment grounding conductors tested for continuity and each receptacle and attachment cap or plug must be tested for correct attachment of equipment grounding conductor; (2) the tests be performed on a periodic basis; and (3) the tests be recorded. A ground continuity tester permanently wired to a cord set's receptacle can be used to comply with the requirements to test the cord to which it is wired ( (b)(1)(iii)(D) and (E)). This is based on the assumption that all cord connectors used on the site would incorporate the tester or would otherwise be tested in compliance with the ground-fault protection standard… …The employer would have to ensure that cord sets identified by the device as having a defective grounding conductor are immediately removed from service…

24 Question # 5

25 Question # 6

26 REP SmartMonitor Sample Cord Order p/n 1510-PW6PL-DEMO Caution: NOT FOR SALE – wired without a ground to show RED indication.

27 Rep Launch Kit Flyers Video Red/Blue Demo Cord Ericson YouTube Channel Ericson Information Zone

28 Are you a follower? Follow Ericson on Twitter… Send txt to number follow ericsonmfg – You will receive a tweet back confirming you are following… – Distributors / Electricians / Industry Pros


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