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Workforce UI Information

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1 Workforce UI Information

2 Unemployment Insurance (UI)
Workforce Career Center is here to help you find a job. We are partnered with the Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Insurance Tele-Center and our role is to assist you in obtaining employment. All questions regarding Unemployment need to be directed to the Unemployment Insurance Tele-Center call center or website. 2

3 Unemployment Insurance (UI)
If TWC requires you to do job search Workforce Career Center staff can assist you with updating your WorkinTexas application as needed. Workforce career center staff are here to assist you with your job search. You must be willing and able to accept suitable employment in order to avoid any potential loss of unemployment benefits. 3

4 Unemployment Insurance Questions
For specific claim questions or inquiries you must contact: Unemployment Insurance Call Center (956) or For pending issues, you may contact UI by at: Chase Bank Debit Card Customer Service 27

5 UI Claimant Work Search Requirements
A minimum of three (3) verifiable job searches per week. Search for full-time work, unless TWC exempts you from this requirement Be physically able to work Keep telephone numbers updated so employers may be able to contact you directly Request a payment every two weeks online or by telephone 5

6 Work Search Requirements
Be registered for work search online at or visit the nearest workforce career center Complete a detailed WorkinTexas application When you obtain and accept a WIT job contact from WFS center staff , you must follow through with the job posting contact/referral instructions. Failure to do so may negatively affect your UI benefits. Important Notice UI claimants must respond on time to phone calls and contact request letters from TWC and Workforce Career Centers. Failure to do so may affect your UI benefits. 6

7 UI Penalties & Appeal Information
Although we believe that we can work together to help you find employment, we need to advise you that if you do not meet your portion of the agreement with UI, your Unemployment Insurance benefits may be affected. How can your benefits be affected? Not responding to “Call-In” letters. These are notifications that we mail to you advising you that there is a job opportunity for you, or additional information is needed for your WorkinTexas application. Not accepting an employment opportunity. Not reporting to an interview with an employer. 7

8 UI Penalties & Appeal Information
Not being able and available for work. Report any earnings to Unemployment Insurance immediately. Appeal – If your benefits are affected, you have the right to appeal your case with the Unemployment Insurance System. TWC website to read about the eligibility and appeals process. 8

9 Job Placement Services is an online computerized job matching system designed to match the most qualified applicants to employer job openings throughout the state of Texas or out of state employment. As a UI claimant, it is essential that your WIT application remains active and updated as per UI job search requirements and UI policies and regulations. 9

10 Texas Back to Work Program
Incentive for Employers to hire out-of-work Texans Texas Back to Work promotes increased productivity and business growth, while defraying the costs associated with increasing the workforce. Participating employer can receive a subsidy of up to $2, per eligible full-time new hire. 10

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13 Texas Back to Work Program
The Texas Workforce Commission determines eligibility when one applies for unemployment benefits. Some of the criteria used for eligibility are: 1st time unemployment claimants; making less than $15.00 per hour in last job. Eligibility is noted on profile, ask your Customer Service Representative or Career Counselor if you are eligible. Self-Marketing Certificates (“The Purple Card”) available to aid in your job search; available at any Workforce Solutions Career Center!! 13

14 Texas Back to Work Program
Must be eligible for Texas Back to Work to receive Self-Marketing certificate. Self-Marketing Certificate can be copied and provided to employers when applying for jobs. If hired, employer must contact Workforce Solutions within 30 days to begin process. Must be full-time, permanent work i.e. 30 or more hours per week. No seasonal or temporary work. Only available to Private, for-profit employers 14

15 What are my next steps after I apply for Unemployment Benefits?
Register for work, as directed, within 3 business days of the date you submitted your application for Unemployment Benefits. Look for Full-time work each week unless otherwise told be UI. Keep a detailed log of your work search activities and submit it immediately when requested. Request payments by logging into the Internet Unemployment Benefits Services and selecting Payment Request or calling Tele-Serv. Read all information mailed to you by TWC or your Workforce Career Center. 15

16 All Unemployment Insurance questions are referred to:
NOTICE / AVISO To receive unemployment benefits, you must be currently registered for work. Para recibir desempleo, su aplicación para trabajo debe estar vigente. Apply for Unemployment Benefits online at: Solicite Beneficios de Desempleo por internet en: All Unemployment Insurance questions are referred to: Todas las preguntas sobre Desempleo son referidas a: or Toll-Free Press 1 for English Oprima 2 para Espanol Then press: Luego marque: 1 – To apply for Unemployment Insurance – Para solicitar Beneficios de Desempleo 2 - For questions, problems, or changes to your – Para preguntas, problemas, o cambios a su unemployment insurance claim reclamo de desempleo 3 - Responding to a request for information or Respondiendo a un pedido de informacion o si sabe el if you know your party’s name or extension nombre de un particular o su extension 4 - All other questions Cualquier otra pregunta Tele-Serve / Servi-Tel (956) Toll-Free McAllen Tele-Center FAX (512) For pending issues, you may contact Unemployment by at: Para asuntos pendientes, puede comunicarse con Desempleo por correo electronico a: Chase Bank Debit Card Customer Service 39

17 Please advise Workforce Career Center staff if you get employed

18 Almost Done! Get Your Online Certificate 18

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