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This inspirational offering of love is provided to you by... Inner Child Enterprises.

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2 This inspirational offering of love is provided to you by... Inner Child Enterprises

3 Inner Child Productions ~ presents ~ In life...

4 if you want Light...... show it !

5 if you want Joy...... be it !

6 if you want Hope...... give it !

7 if you want Love...... share it !

8 if you want Happiness...... feel it !

9 if you want Success...... think it !

10 if you want Music...... play it !

11 if you want Color...... create it !

12 if you want Life...... live it !

13 if you want Dreams...... believe it !

14 if you want Passion...... spark it !

15 if you want Fruit...... bear it !

16 if you want Flowers...... grow it !

17 if you want Help...... lend it !

18 if you want Abundance...... tithe it !

19 if you want Peace...... speak it !

20 if you want Divinity...... know it !

21 actualize that which you desire...

22 ... in life !

23 One World... One Love...

24 ~ love brightens the whole world ~

25 Thank You © 2 009 : William S. Peters, Sr. This was an “Off The Wall” Presentation made in love for love for you... by ~ Bill ~


27 many more Gifts can be found at...

28 Produced by William S. Peters, Sr. Poetry byWilliam S. Peters, Sr. TitledIn Life Music byChuck Lange AlbumJazz Wolf SongLet’s Go Pictures and GraphicsPublic Domain (except where noted) Inner Child Enterprises Credits

29 Disclaimer Regarding Music in this Presentation : William S. Peters, Sr. nor “Inner Child Enterprises” is not in any way affiliated with the Artists, Composers, Musicians or anyone who has any interest in such. The Music that accompanies this presentation was included solely for your listening pleasure. Unauthorized Duplication or Distribution of the Music contained herein may be in Violation of the Artist’s) and their Associates’ rights. Inner Child Enterprises bears no responsibility for such infringements. Regarding Images Found in this Presentation : The photos and information contained in this presentation are considered to be in the Public Domain, as they were found in various places on the Internet. Some pictures were edited, enhanced or otherwise modified to transform them into images needed for this presentation. This presentation in no way wishes to infringe on anyone's Copyright. If you have found anything that you feel infringes on your rights I request that you email me and I guarantee the item will be removed or altered to fit your wishes immediately. By this, I mean that if you wish for something to be removed, that is completely acceptable and we will do so immediately; however, if you rather wish that we credit you and link to your Site or your email address, this also acceptable. Please be as detailed as possible when sending email, as to the picture or writing material and the reasons why copyright has been violated, etc. We promise to be quick and efficient in resolving any copyright matter. If you have any questions concerning the disclaimer of William S. Peters, Sr. or “Inner Child Enterprises” which are not covered in this statement, please send email with your questions to Your reading this text confirms your acceptance of my disclaimer. Thank You Inner Child Enterprises

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