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2 “Changing our Thinking Today, to build our Children a Better Tomorrow!”

3 School Funding is often a mission of survival! Our struggling Economy means less jobs and a slow recovery. US Median Incomes continue to drop! Less jobs and pay cuts means hard family choices, especially when buying fundraising products. Limited State & Federal funding means reducing or removing some programs. Families want good schools but can they afford them? Will a tax hike force them out of their community? Clearly, Schools need additional funding but where will it come from?

4 How does that breakdown for each family with children in school? We know Median Household Income is down, the lowest since 1997; 14 years ago. The Cost of “Back to School” continues to rise. From $425 in 2003 to almost $600 in 2010 According to the Census Bureau there are 3.18 children per US family. What if all three are in school and need supplies? No wonder why whole school fundraising participation has dropped to it lowest levels ever!

5 HOW we can Help! We are We are going to change the way Schools Fundraise! HOW is a Brand Name, Full Service, Home, Office & School Supplier. HOW is “Super Store” priced, over 20,000 items, all with Fast FREE delivery to your supporters. (Orders of $50 or more) HOW donates of all applied sales back to your Organization, monthly! Is there any other company offering that, to our schools? HOW is FREE to Sign-up! No Contracts or Minimums, ever. HOW is Labor FREE for your organization, because orders deliver direct to your supporters. HOW is the only Year Round, Low Maintenance Money Generator, where everyone wins! 15%

6 Will it really work? Fact: Between April of 2004 and March of 2005, women were responsible for 58 percent of online spending vs. men's 42 percent, according to comScore. According to BIGresearch®, Consumer Intentions & Actions, JUL-10 report, our Nation’s families will spend $21.34 Billion dollars on “Back to School” Supplies, 15.88% or $3.39 Billion on direct school supplies alone! What if of that $3.39 Billion was donated back? It would generate over $500 Million for our schools ! According to CNET, a new report from Forrester Research shows that by 2014, online sales are expected to hit $248.7 billion domestically, or approximately 8 percent of all retail sales in the United States. This will be reached by a compounded growth of 10 percent for each of the next five years.CNET Sign -up Today and find out how to create your share NOW! 15%

7 Solid Evidence of Opportunity Size of school Percent of Families Participating Average Family Spend per child Total Spend for school supplies Total $ raised by HOW 15% 30030%$100.00$9000.00$1350.00 30050%$100.00$15,000.00$2250.00 This is How we determine a family’s spend potential This is How we determine a school’s earning potential Back to school cost per child Direct School supplies Spend Potential Number of Children Rounded Spend Potential $60015.88%$95.281$100

8 Here is HOW to Launch a program through your own Web Site and Monthly School Newsletters. Sign up now, we provide FREE web links and start up introductions, so parents can easily Sign-Up and Sign-In; then they can begin saving money AND supporting your School right away! Make a permanent spot on your School Newsletter to remind parents to shop at HOW every month. Create a HOW web page and post & update your donation totals. With our Monthly reports you can post and even recognize families making donations through their shopping at HOW Add our monthly reminders, promotional and Newsletter emails to your account and help keep parents going back every time they need more Home, Office or School supplies!

9 HOW others can Help, too! Size doesn’t matter participation does! Recruit Local businesses to buy their Office supplies at HOW and they strengthen their community and support your school at no added cost to them! The average employer spends about $500 per employee per year just on office supplies. Utilizing HOW, that means they could contribute about $75 per employee to your school and spend the same or maybe less! Reward them by promoting their good work on your Web site and any promotional or Public relation events you do. Show the Totals on your web site and in Newsletters Recommend Students and Families frequent Retail businesses that sign- on. Annually you could host a “Business Community Thank You Banquet” Passing out Plaques or awards to every contributing company! Invite your Chamber of Commerce to attend, they can be powerful allies. Call the Press, they love to cover positive community stories.

10 Sound Advise from peers Back-To-School Survival Guide Education leaders share bold strategies for turning their toughest challenges into golden opportunities September 2003 Source: Administrator Magazine Scholastic Administr@tor went out and collected 20 strategies from superintendents, technology directors, and others who are tackling some of the same tough issues. 4. FUNDING & BUDGETING Challenge: Finding funding beyond the popular grants. Solution: Develop stronger partnerships with the business community for funding alternatives. Pump up your entrepreneurial muscle when it comes to finding additional funds and resources. One great place to start is in your own backyard. Seek out partnerships with your community—local businesses, parents, volunteer groups. Parents can be helpful resources as volunteers for a variety of things. And businesses or business leaders may offer donations or provide advice on various fundraising options. –Daniel Domenich, Superintendent, Fairfax (VA) School District

11 Local Businesses really add up too! Using our earlier data, average businesses spend about $500.00 per employee per year. Their purchasing of those supplies at how would contribute the following amounts to their local schools. Using our earlier data, average businesses spend about $500.00 per employee per year. Their purchasing of those supplies at how would contribute the following amounts to their local schools. Businesses Number of Employees Average Cost of Office Supplies per employee Total Office Supply Budget for Business Possible Amount of Contribution per Employee Total Amount of Possible Contribution 5$500.00$2,500.00$75.00$375.00 25$500.00$12,500.00$75.00$1875.00 50$500.00$25,000.00$75.00$3750.00

12 So how do we do it? How is built on a highly successful national distribution and supply company; Classic School Supply, Inc. Since we are distribution experts and how is Internet based, we do not need to build and support a huge network of “Brick & Mortar” retail stores. Combining these two crucial elements together, allows us to create a unique opportunity, a hybrid in our industry; fast delivery, lower costs on brand name items and money that our schools and children so badly need. In a Society plagued with “All for Me and None for All” overtones, we want to be the example; that businesses can make a difference in our communities and fundraising can be a WIN/WIN for both parents and schools alike.

13 Have a look at us We are User friendly, yet 20k items strong and growing Home Office Warehouse is in business to help qualified organizations raise money through everyday purchases. Keeping pricing competitive with the "big box" stores and donating 15% of every purchase to the customer directed organization, is our mission. We sell brand name products, ship orders directly to supporter’s door or business, and offer no additional shipping charges on orders over $50.00. They can buy only what they need, when they need it, at the same competitive prices, and benefit organizations they care about. That is the ”WHY HOW".

14 Tying it all Together Fundraising can be Hit or Miss with some traditional products. HOW items are products that today’s busy families use everyday! Highly competitive pricing insures that families both feel value in their purchases and will want to return often. Schools need only to promote the use and value of HOW. Their success will be equal to how much effort they put in. HOW is a year-round money generator that the school can use as it sees fit. Local Businesses can also be important partners, benefiting themselves, their local schools and their community.

15 Simple is That! “Changing our Thinking Today, to build our Children a Better Tomorrow!”

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