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Welcome Welcome to Burger King – Home of the Whopper! As we go through the orientation process today, we will be providing you with a lot of information.

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2 Welcome Welcome to Burger King – Home of the Whopper! As we go through the orientation process today, we will be providing you with a lot of information all at once. We’re going to tell you a little bit about us, go through our expectations and benefits, and give you a tour of the restaurant. Feel free to ask as any questions that come to mind and I will do my best to answer them **Make sure all employees have clocked in before starting orientation** 10/11/20142

3 Who do you work for? 10/11/20143

4 Who do you work for? As we welcome you into the Burger King family, its important to know about our company structure and how everything fits together The Burger King System operates over 12,000 restaurants worldwide, with approximately 90% of the restaurants being owned and operated by independent franchisees. You now work for one of those independent franchisees, and we are called PEC Management. 10/11/20144

5 PEC Management 10/11/20145

6 PEC Management PEC Mgt has 2 Chief Cheerleaders: Bill and Keith We’re small enough to know all of our employees on a more personal level, however, big enough to share resources, best practices, and growth opportunities Currently, we operate 34 restaurants in the Erie, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland area with 5 District Managers overseeing each area. While the headquarters for Burger King Corporation is located in Miami Florida, PEC Management’s corporate office is located in Erie, PA. The office, or as we like to call it, the restaurant support center, handles all administrative and personnel aspects of our business. More to come on that! 10/11/20146

7 7

8 Environment We want you to learn and love the Burger King brand as much as we do. Fostering a positive, fun, and safe work environment is our goal and each person plays a role in making that happen. We encourage you to find ways to positively impact the environment at your restaurant. After all, it will benefit everyone! 10/11/20148


10 Company Values  The characteristics you see listed here are what we, as a company, value most and work to instill in all of our employees and everything we do.  First and foremost is to “act with integrity”.  Definition of Integrity: (v) doing what’s right when no one is looking. Being of sound morale principal  This applies to every aspect of our business and is taken very seriously. We ask that in all that you do, you do it with integrity.  You’ll learn and observe the rest of our company values the more familiar you become with our culture. 10/11/201410

11 We are actors on a Stage 10/11/201411

12 We are Actors on a Stage This restaurant sees hundreds of guests per day. Although we only interact with them for a short time, we must remember that we are actors on a stage. Our guests not only pay us for their food but they are also paying admission to watch us perform. It is important to conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner. You will be working with a variety of people with different values yet we are expected to work together in a cooperative way. – Cell phones are prohibited from being used by any associate when on duty in the restaurant – We must be dressed in complete uniform upon arrival – Limit side conversations not pertaining to BK operations. What you say in the kitchen can be heard by guests in the dining room. – We must put the needs of our guests first – When speaking to coworkers and guests – Please, thank you, and eye contact are a must 10/11/201412

13 We are actors on a stage 10/11/201413

14 We are actors on a stage In addition to how you conduct yourself in the restaurant you must be aware of how you represent our company outside of your scheduled work hours: – Do not post confidential information, gossip, or harassing language on social networking sites such as but not limited to Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. – Do not list Burger King, PEC Management, or FFE as your employer – Do not post photos taken on restaurant property or of anyone in uniform 10/11/201414

15 10/11/201415

16 Sense of Urgency We are in the world of convenience. A place where 2/3 of our business comes through the drive thru. In order to keep guests coming back, we must deliver on being fast without suffering food quality or friendliness. A sense of urgency is vital to our success. Whether 1 guest comes in or 15 guests – every guest is served as quickly as possible You’ll learn exactly what to do to serve each guest the right way as you go through your training. 10/11/201416

17 10/11/201417

18 Did you know… The Whopper Sandwich was introduced in 1957, and sold for $0.37! 10/11/201418

19 Food Safety & Sanitation 10/11/201419

20 Food Safety & Sanitation  We’ve talked about how many guests we see per day so its vital that we maintain a clean and sharp image. Some Personal hygiene tips that we expect to be followed are: a.Hair must be kept away from the face. Long hair must be pulled back. b.Men’s mustaches and side burns must be neatly trimmed. No beards or Goatees are permitted. c.Good personal habits must be in place to include daily bathing, use of deodorant, and proper dental hygiene.  What to do when you are sick: a.If you are sick and need to call off, do so at least 2 hours before your shift is to start. 10/11/201420

21 Food Safety & Sanitation 10/11/201421

22 Food Safety & Sanitation  We take food safety very seriously. Burger King Corporation has a series of systems in place to help you identify and understand the proper handling for every product we serve. Following these systems are essential to serving the highest quality food.  An example of one of the systems is shown to you here. We use a color coded system of blue, red, green and yellow to avoid cross contamination. You will see this chart in the kitchen and learn all about it during training.  In addition, you will be taught and expected to adhere to and understand all of the top 12 food safety guidelines. 10/11/201422

23 Food Safety & Sanitation 10/11/201423

24 Food Safety & Sanitation  We can’t stress enough how important food safety is to our business.  You are the final check of every item before it is served to our guests. Each system you will learn works together to ensure quality food.  However, always feel confident to approach your manager if something doesn’t seem right, and he/she will take appropriate action. 10/11/201424

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