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1 CASTING CALL: LEAD ROLE Maria Smalley Educational Consultant & Supervisor 2004 UBAH National Convention Tulsa OK.

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1 1 CASTING CALL: LEAD ROLE Maria Smalley Educational Consultant & Supervisor 2004 UBAH National Convention Tulsa OK

2 2 How to Get the Role of My Dreams  Research the Part!  Get My Credentials in Order!  Request Audition!  Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!  I’m On!  The Call Back!

3 3 Research the Part!  Consult my Up-Line  Review all available info on UBAH Book Fairs  Reading is a Gift program website  Chat Logs/Training Logs  FTP Site  Message Boards  Determine schools/organizations to approach  Research Prospects  Peruse school’s/organization’s website  Become familiar with major areas of grade-level study (e.g., Google search: state curriculum)  Identify decision-maker

4 4 Get My Credentials in Order!  Become an Educational Consultant (required to work with K-12 public and private schools or libraries)  List school(s) I plan to approach (Check Educational Services website to make sure school isn’t listed)  Get a UBAH website  Convenient 24/7 ordering for S&Ls  E-Fairs  On-line catalog  Wish Lists

5 5 Request Audition!  Call the decision-maker  Introduce myself  Ask them  Are you currently being serviced by an Educational Consultant with Educational Services and Usborne Books?  Are you familiar with Usborne Books?  Share what I can do for them!  Superior, personalized service!  Direct sales  Book raisers  Fundraisers  Teacher Appreciation Events  Request 20-30 minute meeting to share details

6 6 Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!  Prepare Reading is a Gift PR material  Program Benefits  Success Stories  Sample documents/materials  Benefits of Working with Me!  About EDC  Write your own script and Practice! Practice! Practice!  Parent Letter  BF Agreement  Reminder Letters/Flyers  Poster  Student Wish List  Brochure  Librarian/Teacher Wish List  Bookmark  Press Release  Sticker

7 7 I’m On!  Meet with decision-maker  Smile! Maintain and share positive, enthusiastic attitude!  Ask questions  How many students in school/organization?  How many Book Fairs held each year?  What is the format (cash & carry versus orders)?  What are the typical retail sales?  Is a preview period held?  Will parent volunteers help everyday?  What did you like/dislike about your last Book Fair?  What are your expectations for your next Book Fair?  How would you like the proceeds? (cash, books, both, %)

8 8 I’m On! (cont.)  Briefly share content of PR materials addressing specific “hot topics” in answers to questions (I can... I will... You get...)  Share E-Fair option  Share a few, age-appropriate POPULAR product samples (include a Kid Kit)  Determine next step (e.g., schedule event, meet with larger group, call next week)

9 9 The Call Back!  Review the outcome of the first meeting  Revisit wants, needs and expectations (I understand that...)  Ask if any additions or revisions

10 10 The Call Back (cont.)  Present program details tailored to school’s/organization’s wants, needs and expectations (include proposed schedule) UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER!!!  Advertise early and often – Folder flyers; newsletters  Teacher letter and wish lists  Parent letter – Preview days  Set-up  Student preview – Students prepare wish lists  Parent letter/reminder – Shopping days  Students go shopping!  Pack-up; return site to pre-Book Fair condition or better!  Determine FREE book and/or cash proceeds  School/organization selects FREE books, if not already done  Final order placed  Books received, labeled, sorted, bagged, delivered

11 11 The Call Back (cont.)  Ask for and answer questions  Choose event dates – best if coincides with at least one evening event (e.g., science fair, technology night, family reading night, art show)  Complete Reading is a Gift Book Fair Agreement  Share your enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity to service them!

12 12 I Got the Part – Now What?  Working with the Cast and Crew!  Dress Rehearsal!  Opening Day!  The Final Curtain Call!  And the Award Goes to...

13 13 Working with the Cast and Crew!  Meet with the Book Fair Chair  Define the communication strategy (i.e., format, frequency, content)  Design requested master documents  Determine display layout and logistics (Consult Up-Line and other successful consultants)  Table and/or floor racks and/or books stacked on tables  Customer flow  Books arranged by age, price or topic  Determine and order inventory (Consult Up-Line and other successful consultants)  Order agreed upon materials (e.g., brochures, posters, stickers, order forms)

14 14 Dress Rehearsal!  Set-up inviting display!  Walk through logistics of preview and shopping days  Provide orientation for volunteers  Address last minute challenges

15 15 Opening Day!  Be available to all throughout event!  Maintain positive, supportive, helpful attitude – ALWAYS!!

16 16 The Final Curtain Call!  Promptly take down display  Provide total retail sales and options for proceeds  Finalize FREE books and need for cataloguing products  Place final order  Provide invoice for payment  Request letter verifying $$$ Book Fair was held  Sort, bag and deliver books  Send Thank You note  Provide results announcement for display and distribution

17 17 And the Award Goes to... ME!!!  Check-in with teachers, media specialist and BF chair(s) 1-2 weeks after books are delivered  Are they satisfied?  What did they like most? Least?  Any recommendations for improvement?  Would they like additional titles or copies?  Remind them that I am happy to service any future needs  Proudly and enthusiastically thank the decision- maker for the opportunity to share Usborne Books  Schedule release of Reading is a Gift 2 !

18 18 Closing Credits  Encouraging and Supportive Up-Line  Ray and Amy Engler, Supervisors  Paul and Shelley Morrissette, Supervisors  Tom and Nancy Ann Wartman, Executive Supervisors  Raleigh NC area supervisors and ECs, especially  Debbie Burget, Supervisor  Courtney Roberts  Carolyn Brown  Amy Strasser  Smalley Dream Believers, especially  Heidi Fusik  Linda Hall  Donna Michell  Joanne Yow


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