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BD is in Great Danger. IS BD going to be  Kasmir?  Sikim?  Bhutan? Or  Nepal?

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Presentation on theme: "BD is in Great Danger. IS BD going to be  Kasmir?  Sikim?  Bhutan? Or  Nepal?"— Presentation transcript:

1 BD is in Great Danger


3 IS BD going to be  Kasmir?  Sikim?  Bhutan? Or  Nepal?

4  "I had to go out of my way to issue a stern warning to those trying to the Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh that if they continue with their attempts, India would not sit idle". - Pranab Mukharjee

5 Bangladesh is part of Global anti-Islamic Plan

6  Reforming Madrasha Education  Cutting Islamic Subjects from General Education  Cultural Aggression against Islam

7  Banning Islamic Organization  Controlling Madrasha Education

8  Under International War Tribunal Act 1973  Camera Trial  International Extradition Law is being implemented

9  Shibir is now first victim  Disable our chain of command  Character assassination of our leaders



12  Destroying Potential youth force who can stand against any conspiracy  Eliminating National and Idealistic elements  Making Younger generation morally bankrupt  Introducing materialistic culture among the youth --- Shibir is only obstacle to achieve all those

13  01. Govt has failed to have public support for such crackdown 02. Even some of its thinkers gave negative statements in the tv talk shows and news reports 03. Govt has already lost the momentum of banning ICS 04. ICS is more united then few weeks before and facing the situation boldly with pragmatism 05. Ameer e Jamat had a visit to Khaleda Zia day before yesterday night to discuss with the current crisis and collective probable future steps 06. This attack on ICS, JI rather proved helpful for the BDIM to get out of the fear and put itself back on the track of protest 07. It is likely to strengthen the 4party alliance.

14  Jamaat is the only political opponents with distinct ideology  Upholding Islamic Identity of Bangladesh  Only obstacle to implement any anti Bangladeshi Agenda

15  Destroying youth force as its supply  Eliminating any pocket of support (IFE and similar)  Destroying Economic interest (Islamic Bank and other institution)  Propaganda to create disunity within the organization

16  Awami league is getting help from the UK. People born here are working as their think tank ( Bricklane Circle and such organisation)  Indian think tank and money helping them  Many newspaper and TV station funded by India and other foreign group (i.e. Prothom Alo, Chanel I, ETV)  10% Muslim in BD

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