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Bristol Pediatrics and Fountain Valley Pediatrics

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1 Bristol Pediatrics and Fountain Valley Pediatrics
Bristol and Fountain Valley Pediatrics

2 Our history Dr. David Yang started his pediatrics practice in Santa Ana in For 33 years, the office has served the community and treated tens of thousands of children in O.C. Dr. Andrew Ko joined the practice in 2007, and formed the group called Bristol Pediatrics. Dr. Ko began to improve upon the already popular practice, by adding services to better serve our patients. The motto was “My Doctor Loves Me” and the idea was to continue to raise the standard of care in pediatrics. In 2010, Dr. Ko added our second office, Fountain Valley Pediatrics, designed from scratch to be the best pediatric office anywhere.

3 Our Mission Our goal is to create the best possible pediatric office experience, with a clinic you would take your own kids to. We provide the best care to children of all ages, regardless of their insurance carrier. Despite insurances lowering reimbursements, we are increasing equipment and services. We use feedback from parents, doctors, and nurses, to constantly improve our practice. We keep the good, change the bad, and pioneer new ways to improve care.

4 Virtual Tour (F.V.)- Reception
The patients enter a professionally designed, child-friendly interior.

5 Virtual Tour – Waiting Room
Big and small chairs, TV with kids’ movies, and play area make the short wait even shorter. (Many kids want to stay!)

6 Virtual Tour – Back Office
Five exam rooms, in a circle, with large nursing station. Three restrooms to avoid lines.

7 Virtual Tour – Exam Rooms
Each exam room has an unique theme. Here are “the Farm” and “Careers” themes.

8 Virtual Tour – Exam Rooms
“Travel” and “Castle” rooms. Every room designed to make kids comfortable.

9 Virtual Tour – Special Rooms
“Growing Up” Room and Consultation Room

10 Our Pediatricians: Dr. Ko and Dr. Yang
Board Certified Speak Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese Personally give shots and vaccines Caring, competent Patients always see their pediatrician

11 Dr. David C. Yang, M.D. M.D. - China Medical University, Taiwan
Pediatric Residency – New York Medical College President, NATMA-SCC 33 years experience Treated ten of thousands of O.C. children, many third generation Married with two children and one grandchild

12 Dr. Andrew P. Ko, M.D., FAAP B.A. - U.C. Berkeley – Molecular & Cell Biology M.D. - UCLA School of Medicine – Regent Scholar Pediatric Residency- UCLA-Harbor Medical Center 7 years experience Founder of F.V. Pediatrics Founder of Married and expecting

13 Our Staff Friendly, helpful staff to serve our patients.
A total of 5 MAs (2 are managers), and an accountant. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin and Taiwanese)

14 State-of-the-Art Equipment
Provide accurate data for physical exams: Digital scales – infant and adult Stadiometers – infant and adult Vital signs monitor – BP and oral/rectal temp Pulse oximeter ThermoScan® thermometer Digital Audiometer Digital Body Fat Calipers

15 State-of-the-Art Equipment
Convenience – In house lab: HemoCue - hemoglobin analyzer Lead analyzer Urinalysis Diagnostic accuracy: PanOptic® ophthalmoscopes MacroView® otoscopes Privacy and security: Professional Grade Computers – patient data is safe and secure Surveillance cameras – monitor your children and their medical records

16 Our Services - Newborns
Newborn nursery inpatient care C-section and delivery attendance Circumcisions On Staff at: Coastal Communities Fountain Valley Regional Hospital St. Joseph (Orange)

17 Outpatient Clinic Services
Well child check-ups Immunizations WIC and CHDP physicals School and sports physicals Sick visits and injections Monitor growth and development Obesity and weight management.

18 Insurances We accept most PPOs and HMOs
We accept Medi-Cal, CalOptima, Healthy Families We help patients apply for WIC, Medi-Cal or Healthy Families We have free VFC vaccines if patients qualify Cash patients receive discounts IPAs: We belong to ADOC, AMVI, Arta, CHOC H.A., Family Choice, Monarch, Noble AMA, Noble Mid OC, Prospect, St. Joseph H.A.P., and United Care M.N.

19 Extras: Shuttle van Free courtesy shuttle van service
Transport patients between our offices Local shuttle stops to pick up and drop off patients

20 Extras: Community education classes: Infant CPR Child/Adult CPR Asthma
Obesity Prevention: Champions for Change partners with the state – free recipes, jump ropes, etc. Obesity Clinic – follow BMI and percent body fat, check labs, and refer to community resources

21 Extras Our own Bears – for children Our own Bibs – for newborns
Linked to California Immunization Registry – patients receive all the right vaccines, never lose records

22 Extras Nutritional supplements and vitamins – to support growth and development Developmental Screenings, Autism Screenings, ADHD Screenings Coming up: Bristol Office remodel in Interior design and new equipment. Coming up: F.V. Office to pilot SoCal Child Enhancement Center – using latest medical knowledge, testing, and treatments, as well as close follow-up, to help children obtain their maximum height, optimal weight and body image; and improve school performance and social skills.

23 Bristol/Santa Ana Location
2621 S. Bristol St Suite 306, Santa Ana, CA 92704 On Bristol between Warner and Segerstrom Next to Coastal Communities Hospital – nursery, ER Pharmacy and lab downstairs

24 Fountain Valley Location
11100 Warner Ave, Suite 262, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Corner of Euclid and Warner, across from Mile Square Park Next to F.V. Regional Hospital, with ER, nursery, NICU, pediatrics, and PICU Pharmacy and lab downstairs Bristol and Fountain Valley Pediatrics

25 Contact us Offices open Monday to Saturday
Walk-in and same day appointments 24/7/365 emergency on-call doc Bristol - Phone: Fax: Fountain Valley – Phone: Fax: Chinese line Spanish line

26 Thanks for your time. We appreciate all referrals
Thanks for your time. We appreciate all referrals! We welcome any suggestions.

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