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The Multi-platform BI Company: Strategic Business Intelligence (BI) that meets today’s demanding business decision needs A Strategic implementation of.

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1 The Multi-platform BI Company: Strategic Business Intelligence (BI) that meets today’s demanding business decision needs A Strategic implementation of Oracle BI/Analytics and Tableau Visual Analytics to drive business transformation & innovation

2 22012 Tableau User Conference Speakers Sean Otto ‑ Email: ‑ Customer Satisfaction Analyst, Market Intelligence, Climate Solutions David Orr ‑ Email: ‑ IT Leader, Global B/I Analytic, Climate Solutions, Information System

3 32012 Tableau User Conference A $14 billion diversified industrial company Over 58,000 employees worldwide About 83 manufacturing facilities worldwide Operations in every major geographic region Strategic brands are #1 or #2 in their markets Who We Are

4 42012 Tableau User Conference Ingersoll Rand: Market-leading Brands Worldwide Commercial and Residential HVAC Equipment Lock and door hardware, security solutions Manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles Worldwide transport refrigeration Air compressors, air and power tools Comfort and Climate Control Brands Industrial Brands Security Brand Our Brand Promise: We inspire progress by unleashing the potential of people and technologies. Our people, products, systems and services make everyday living healthier, safer, more energy efficient, productive and comfortable—enabling our customers to achieve real progress and create a positive impact in their world.

5 52012 Tableau User Conference Overview: Background ‑ Challenges that corporate IT teams and the business currently experience How we developed our strategic vision for BI What we learned and implemented Where are we going with BI regionally and globally How we use Tableau in the business ‑ A little bit of show and tell. Goal: help you learn some ways to advocate for a multi- platform system.

6 62012 Tableau User Conference The Tableau Beginnings Challenge ‑ 3 different transactional customer experience surveys for 20+ different districts & 50+ different office locations ‑ Minimum of 20 hours a month to design a basic excel report that provided minimal information ‑ Not a significant business priority to get on the integration list for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) ‑ Data wasn’t communicated or used in the business ‑ Our customer’s were being forgotten…..

7 72012 Tableau User Conference The beginnings contd. Solution ‑ Used Tableau to create a monthly Customer Experience report (show and tell later) ‑ After 3 months we had 200+ regular monthly users of the report with increased message communication Conclusion: ‑ We found significant success using Tableau for secondary data and looking at the current IT footprint developed a new IT footprint that included Tableau Server. “When I first saw the new reports I thought it was just a flavor on an old box, but it has taken me 9 months before I realized that there is extreme business value in this report.” - Territory VP

8 82012 Tableau User Conference Technology in society In a few hundred years, when the history of our time is written from a long-term perspective, it is likely the most important event historians will see is not the technology, but the unprecedented change in the human condition. For the first time, people have choices.” ‑ Peter F. Drucker

9 92012 Tableau User Conference What we mean by Business Intelligence Intelligently applying available business data to derive insight and improve decision making at all levels of the business ‑ This can come from highly strategic and governed processes  Aggregate data of large volumes ‑ This can come from ad-hoc queries or secondary data sources  Nuanced detail

10 102012 Tableau User Conference Why is information and analysis so important? What is the best course of action? Why Did it Happen? What Happened? What Will Happen? Level of Skill Required Level of Business Impact Descriptive Analytics Diagnostic Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics

11 112012 Tableau User Conference Earliest form of report creation

12 122012 Tableau User Conference What is IT, really? A governed, systemic process for data management

13 132012 Tableau User Conference The yin & yang of IT and the business Data IT Department Business Unit Department(s) / Analysts

14 142012 Tableau User Conference Historical challenges with BI Power Users (~20%) Create lots of reports Create inconsistent reports Create runaway queries Waste time & money Casual Users (~80%) Can’t find the right report No single version of the truth Slow response times Too complex to use Business moves too fast Static Reports Interactive Reports Ad Hoc Query / OLAP Data Discovery Data Dumps Excel / Access Decentralized / AutonomousCentralized / Controlled The elusive sweet spot

15 152012 Tableau User Conference Empower Business Units Challenges from the IT perspective Drive analytics based decision making Create organizational relationships How do we manage resources effectively so the system Anywhere / Anydata

16 162012 Tableau User Conference Challenges from the Business Units Connect with relevant data sources Understand and communicate business insight Avoid the deluge of miscellaneous reports Speed up the process Improve communication and utilization of data

17 172012 Tableau User Conference IT led BI vs. Self-Service BI “Um, why should I rely on you, if there are tools out there that I can use myself and purchase for my team?”

18 182012 Tableau User Conference The Strategic vision of BI OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process Oracle BI Server/BI Apps (ERP/CRM) Common Enterprise Information Model /Analytics foundation Fixed format Reporting & Publishing (BIP) Interactive Dashboards, Alerts, ad hoc analysis CS Global ODS Data Marts Standard KPI’s & information Rapid-fire data visualization & Fast visual analytics Rapid-fire data visualization & Fast visual analytics All data sources, incl. Excel, Access, external, Hadoop All data sources, incl. Excel, Access, external, Hadoop

19 192012 Tableau User Conference Trane’s new perspective on BI Power Users (~20%) Create consistent reports Save time & money w/ improved efficiencies Need to visualize data for effective communications Casual Users (~80%) Single version of the truth Mobile/Tablet Capable “Tailored delivery” Static Reports Interactive Reports Ad Hoc Query / OLAP Data Discovery / Visual Analysis Data Dumps Excel / Access Decentralized / AutonomousCentralized / Controlled Sweet spot ASweet spot B Oracle BITableau

20 202012 Tableau User Conference Tableau / Self-Service BI Analytics Internal External Financial CRM Operational Data Customer Data Warehouse Customer Feedback 3 rd party / 2ndary data Data Warehouse(s) Report Developers Tableau Server IT Data Governance Eliminate need for Excel and IT can now actually control the access of data from additional sources BU Report Governance

21 212012 Tableau User Conference Where do BI/Analytic tools fit in to the information and analysis process? What is Happening? Why Did it Happen? What Happened? What Will Happen? Competitive advantage Level of Business Impact/ Degree of Intelligence Descriptive Analytics Diagnostic Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Oracle BI Tableau Other vendors

22 222012 Tableau User Conference Tableau Server Goals The main objective of Tableau Server is to: Move to a more proactive data discovery, analysis, forecasting & insight generation Increase security and availability Increased data quality, accuracy & reliability Enable business units to be less dependent upon IT report generation and more integrated with IT on data oversight

23 232012 Tableau User Conference Without a strategy that is centered around standards Chaos can ensue Tableau Visual analytics - A governance/process based implementation plans Oversight is necessary and cross communication between IT and BU Oversight is necessary within Business Units

24 242012 Tableau User Conference Tableau implementation Challenges Which BU gets first dibs? Whose next? What is our expected use forecast? What type of oversight is needed on the Business Units? ‑ Including establishing a governance / taxonomy What type of oversight is needed for the IT working with Tableau Server What is the communication strategy? ‑ For IT? ‑ For the Business Units? ‑ For the End Users? Let’s define the playground… ‑ Who gets what? When? And Why?

25 252012 Tableau User Conference Oracle BI Core business transactional system data Financial data / forecasts / sales / margins Cross-sector data reports and dashboards S.M.A.R.T. Transformation Tableau Reports not available in OBIEE Reports on data not connected to OBIEE Reports for ad-hoc data Higher quality of data visualization needed Data Discovery / hypothesis testing BI/Analytics Framework - Guidelines Tableau is NOT meant to replace OBI

26 262012 Tableau User Conference Changes in governance models IT Governance BI Nothing really changes on the data governance side IT needs training on what Self-Service BI is all about Tableau Governance BU Need new skills ‑ Analyst Training  Server  Data feeds / collaboration ‑ Super user Training ‑ End User Training ‑ Requests for Licenses ‑ Requests for Server Access / configurations ‑ Tableau user community ‑ Weekly best practices

27 272012 Tableau User Conference Differences between Oracle and Tableau Data Governance Oracle OBIEE Report generation managed through a hierarchical queue of business importance. IT tasks: ‑ Data Reliability ‑ Data Integrity ‑ Data Monitoring ‑ Data Oversight ‑ Report Generation ‑ Report Oversight BU Tasks: ‑ Data Consumption Tableau Rapid Report generation based upon the needs of the business unit, creating multiple self-service queues within each business unit IT Tasks ‑ Data Reliability ‑ Data Integrity ‑ Data Monitoring ‑ Data Oversight BU Tasks ‑ Report Generation ‑ Report Oversight ‑ Data consumption

28 282012 Tableau User Conference Internal Support Systems Internal Request Systems ‑ MyRequest  For Desktop licenses requests – Requires 15 min training course  For User access on the Server  For Database connectivity requests ‑ MyTicket  For data connectivity issues  For any Tableau Server Issues Education - IRU ‑ Course on Tableau Server Usage ‑ Course on Desktop Use ‑ IR Tableau Strategy ‑ Monthly Best Practices within IR ‑ Internal wiki for learning and development

29 292012 Tableau User Conference Communication Strategies IT Oversight team – Monthly meeting ‑ Work on data connectivity issues ‑ Assess server load / access issues ‑ BU requests Business Unit Oversight teams – Monthly meetings ‑ Made up of Tableau Super Users  Individuals with vested interests in Tableau Reports ‑ Best practices ‑ Tableau usage / connectivity issues ‑ Tableau Community

30 302012 Tableau User Conference Challenges in maintaining the dual infrastructure Challenges with Self-Service BI & maintaining the momentum. ‑ Internal communications ‑ Training users on data visualization  Not everyone “sees” the utility of visualizing data ‑ Keeping leadership informed on the value it is providing  Leadership support has been key in advocating strategy for Oracle and Tableau ‑ Playing nicely in the sandbox with IT  Sometimes ‘No’ is a good answer.

31 312012 Tableau User Conference Where are we today and where are we going? Timeline: ‑ Q3 2012 to Q1 2013 – Roll-out to different North American Region functional units  Customer Experience (CX)  Parts Operations  Service Operations  Finance ‑ 2013 Global deployment  Latin America  EMIEA  Asia Pacific ‑ Early to Mid 2013 additional IR Sector deployment

32 322012 Tableau User Conference Now for some show and tell

33 332012 Tableau User Conference Contact info Sean Otto - Business Leader, Analytics David Orr – IT Leader, BI/Analytics Sanjeev Addala, Sr. Director, Information Technology

34 342012 Tableau User Conference APPENDIX

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