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Advertising Project ADV 3008 – CRN: 50203 Summer B - 2010.

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1 Advertising Project ADV 3008 – CRN: Summer B

2 Joshua Maile Adam Nguyen Nick Veintimilla

3 -Investing in the future of energy -3 rd Largest Energy Company -High Demand, with no clear leading brand -Moving towards a sustainable future





8 For future Millennial Energy Users to Baby Boomers (intended years of age), BP is responsible today for all its actions, promising to go Beyond Petroleum as quickly and safely as possible.

9 Advertising Objective: Now) To show that we are sorry and guarantee we are doing everything in our power to clean the oil spill and their be a final resolution. Future) To change Peoples perception of BP as a planet Oil Rapist to the leading company of alternative energy Core Target Profile: People who are pissed off, People who are not necessarily pissed off but have a negative connotation toward the company. Indirectly government officials and politicians. Think NOW/DO NOW -Those guys are nature criminals -I do not trust them -They irresponsibly cut corners to make a profit -I will not buy at BP We held ourselves accountable for the Oil Spill and used all of our resources to make it right DIFFERENTIATING PROPOSITION THINK IN FUTURE/DO IN FUTURE -BP has learned their lesson. -BP is now my first/only choice in conveniently fueling up my alternative energy car. -BP sure solved the problem SUPPORT Our Billons of Dollars contributed to the clean up and the pursue of alternative energy TONE & MANNER First Months: apologetic and determined to make things right Future: Strongly committed toward a environmentally friendly world Clean up the Oil spill and indemnify those affected MANDATORIES

10 Purpose: To change the consumer’s current bad perception they do have on BP Media to be Used: Television Newspaper Radio Internet Magazines Billboard

11 1 st ad will attempt to de-villanize BP in the publics perception Our ad’s will be focused on the realization of our mistakes and we will take full responsibility for our actions



14 bp as a whole, dedicated to making things right again.

15 Indemnification Payments Building BP’s sub-brands (Amoco & Castrol) Target Government Officials & Politicians showing the environmental efforts made over the past 10 years

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