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Advertising Project ADV 3008 – CRN: 50203 Summer B - 2010.

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1 Advertising Project ADV 3008 – CRN: 50203 Summer B - 2010

2 Joshua Maile Adam Nguyen Nick Veintimilla

3 -Investing in the future of energy -3 rd Largest Energy Company -High Demand, with no clear leading brand -Moving towards a sustainable future





8 For future Millennial Energy Users to Baby Boomers (intended 16-70 years of age), BP is responsible today for all its actions, promising to go Beyond Petroleum as quickly and safely as possible.

9 Advertising Objective: Now) To show that we are sorry and guarantee we are doing everything in our power to clean the oil spill and their be a final resolution. Future) To change Peoples perception of BP as a planet Oil Rapist to the leading company of alternative energy Core Target Profile: People who are pissed off, People who are not necessarily pissed off but have a negative connotation toward the company. Indirectly government officials and politicians. Think NOW/DO NOW -Those guys are nature criminals -I do not trust them -They irresponsibly cut corners to make a profit -I will not buy at BP We held ourselves accountable for the Oil Spill and used all of our resources to make it right DIFFERENTIATING PROPOSITION THINK IN FUTURE/DO IN FUTURE -BP has learned their lesson. -BP is now my first/only choice in conveniently fueling up my alternative energy car. -BP sure solved the problem SUPPORT Our Billons of Dollars contributed to the clean up and the pursue of alternative energy TONE & MANNER First Months: apologetic and determined to make things right Future: Strongly committed toward a environmentally friendly world Clean up the Oil spill and indemnify those affected MANDATORIES

10 Purpose: To change the consumer’s current bad perception they do have on BP Media to be Used: Television Newspaper Radio Internet Magazines Billboard

11 1 st ad will attempt to de-villanize BP in the publics perception Our ad’s will be focused on the realization of our mistakes and we will take full responsibility for our actions



14 bp as a whole, dedicated to making things right again.

15 Indemnification Payments Building BP’s sub-brands (Amoco & Castrol) Target Government Officials & Politicians showing the environmental efforts made over the past 10 years

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