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BP in Angola UK – Angola investment forum May 2012.

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1 BP in Angola UK – Angola investment forum May 2012

2 Block 15 BP 26,67%)  Operator – Exxon Block 17 BP (16.67%)  Operator – Total Block 19 BP (50%)  Operator – BP Angola LNG BP (13.64%) BP in Angola Operations in Angola growing since 2000, with a total investment in excess of $15 billion. Going to invest over $15 billion over the next 10 years. Total BP net average annual production ~175mbd+ Block 18 – currently producing ~180mbd (gross) Block 31 – first oil scheduled for 3Q2012 Blocks 15 – currently producing ~400mbd+ (gross) Block 17 – currently producing ~600mbd+ (gross) Blocks 19, 20, 24, 25 – new pre- salt deep and ultra deepwater blocks – in exploration phase (completed seismic aquisition) Block 26 – in exploration phase (drilling) Block 20 BP (30%)  Operator – Cobalt Block 25 BP (15%)  Operator – Total Block 26 BP (40%)  Operator – Petrobras Block 31 BP (26.67%)  Operator – BP Block 24 BP (50%)  Operator – BP Block 18 BP (50%)  Operator – BP

3 Buoyancy Cans PIP Spools Piles Tree assembly Wellhead and connector manufacture Pipe fab. and spooling. Fabrication of FTAs, ITAs, buckle mitigation measures and flowline spools. Operating base Manifold and jumper spool fabrication Cameron Base expansion URF: Heavy Fabrication Spool Base Operations & Light Fabrication Marine Transport Trees and Wellheads FPSO: Fabrication & Integration Luanda Dande Porto Amboim Block 31 PSVM Development Project Deliver a step change in Angolan Content Integration Dande P.Amboim FPSO: Fabrication Lobito Misc. Atmospheric Vessels Suction Piles Process Piperack Module Support Stools Fabrication HP & LP Separation Chemical Injection Flare Tower Turret Primary Steel Slug Catcher & Flare Drums Sonamet Yard Expansion Petromar Potential for: Tie-in Spools Buoyancy Tanks Multi-jointing Fabrication of structural steel work for FTA / ITA Manifolds

4 Oil spill response capability We significantly enhanced our ability to respond to an incident in Angola in 2011: Built and tested a capping device Developed a capping plan Subsea dispersant injection plans Emergency and oil spill response plans

5 People and Offices BP Supply Base at Sonils −L&M and support to all offshore operations −ca. 100 staff Total staff based in Angola : Angolan staff: 645 (72%) Expats: 253 Agency contractors: ~300 Supported by ca. 200 staff based in Sunbury DeBeers Office −Ocupying 4 floors −ca. 200 staff Torres Atlantico Tower −ca. 440 staff in the office (4 floors) −6 floors in the residential complex −Shared with Sonangol PP and Exxon Soyo Dande Porto Amboim Lobito Sunbury −Building A (ca. 200 staff) GtP FPSO PSVM FPSO

6 Challenges Meeting the challenges through good Corporate Responsibility Legal and regulatory environment Institutional capability Shortage of skilled labour Deficit of local companies Poverty and unemployment Security Infrastructure Health care Transparency and corruption The country is going through rapid development with significant progress in addressing the areas above. BP value chain Enhance local content through the value chain (both on large and small contracts) Enterprise centre (CAE) – local content Responsible operator (ethics and compliance) Angolan Capability Angolanization (recruitment, training, succession plans) UAN engineering programme Schools programme Master on oil and gas law (LLM) Institutional capability projects. Community & Social Projects Microcredit programmes Road safety programme Environmental programmes Angola is the second largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria, and is the third largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a favourable economic outlook, despite the recent global economic trends. Challenges and opportunities

7 BP in Angola Our strategic aim is to build a material, high performing and sustainable business in Angola, that benefits Angola and our shareholders. Strategic priorities: Safe, reliable and compliant operations Building staff capability Increase local companies’ participation in contracts with the oil industry Responsible operator and partner in Angola’s development

8 Community & Social Investment Projects Main Projects: UAN (Engineering and Sciences Faculties) support programme Master in petroleum law (LLM) School and community libraries Enterprise Centre (CAE) – handed over to Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jan 2011 Road safety programme Greater Plutonio microcredit (Huambo and Benguela) Conservation agriculture project Accelerated education project Future generation (School Parliament Project) And many others…

9 Angola Paralympic team sponsorship

10 Thank you!

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