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B ISMUTH By Barbara able.gif.

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2 B ISMUTH By Barbara able.gif

3 P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES Brittle white metal with a pink tint Solid Melting point is 271°C Non magnetic Hardness- 2-2.5 Conductivity-(300 K) 7.97 W·m −1 ·K −1

4 C RYSTALLINE S TRUCTURE Crystalline structure- Rhombohedral

5 B ISMUTH Symbol- Bi Atomic number- 83 Atomic weight- 208.98040 Number of protons- 83 Number of electrons- 83 Number of neutrons- 126

6 B ISMUTH Block- p Period- 6 Group- 15 Electron configuration- [Xe] 4f 14 5d 10 6s 2 6p 3

7 E LEMENT U SES Pharmaceuticals Fuses A yellow pigment in paints and cosmetics fire detection, extinguishing systems

8 E LEMENT USES C ONTINUED Sprinklers Glass Ceramics A catalyst in rubber production. Pepto-Bismol.

9 W HERE T HE E LEMENT IS F OUND Can be found freely in nature Found in minerals like bismuthine (Bi2O 3 ) and in bismuth ochre (Bi 2 O 3 ). Abundance of Bismuth: Earth's Crust /p.p.m.: 0.048 Seawater /p.p.m.: Atlantic Surface: 5.1E- 08 Atlantic Deep: N/A Pacific Surface: 4E-08 Pacific Deep: 4E-09

10 C HEMICAL P ROPERTIES Reacts with most acids, halogens, air, and water Combines slowly with oxygen at room temperature Bismuth oxide (Bi 2 O 3 ) gives the metal its pinkish or yellowish tinge. Oxidation States: +5, +3

11 I NTERESTING F ACTS Can form beautiful crystals In the early times it was confused with tin and lead It is generally considered to be the last naturally occurring stable, non- radioactive element on the periodic table from German Wismuth, which means white mass atch?v=vyIo-c7VmIM

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