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RapidDecision ® What are the Steps to BI Success Presented by: Name goes here Title goes here.

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1 RapidDecision ® What are the Steps to BI Success Presented by: Name goes here Title goes here

2 DETERMIN E approach and ACQUIRE software THE NEED for Business Intelligence FOCUS on user adoption to ensure success! EXECUTE based upon selection EXPAND to new areas within your organization Implement successful Business Intelligence Strategy… EXPANSION ADOPTION IMPLEMENT SELECT JUSTIFY

3 Market Dynamics Shareholder Concerns Macro Uncertainties Lack of Visibility Global Competition You

4 Users Need TIMELY, ACCURATE, and CONSISTENT Data CEO “How do we increase revenue and margins while reducing costs across the board???” FINANCE “I’m being audited by the SEC, I need the last 5 years of revenue data today!” “I don’t trust the revenue numbers, where does the data come from? It’s quarter end today!” SUPPLY CHAIN “I have all these open orders – do I have enough inventory on hand????!” SALES & MARKETING “What is our current customer renewal rate? I need to respond to our CEO today!” CIO “The backlog of report requests is OUT OF CONTROL!”

5 Justify BI

6 It IS…… …more than faster reporting

7 Justify BI It’s ALL about profitability Increasing revenue Reducing Costs Improving Efficiencies Better Asset Management

8 Justify BI What is your busines s case? Lowering your DSO? Reducing your AR? Slow-moving Inventory? Reducing Inventory? Retaining customers? On-time delivery performance? Order to cash?

9 Justify BI To be successful… …you mustthe Business Benefit Opportunity

10 »Customer/Product Profitability »More competitive pricing »Improved customer loyalty »Integration of sales, delivery billing and AR Justify BI Business Intelligence Benefit OPPORTUNITY »Real time views across business processes »Real time alerts to operational problems »Trend analysis on Inventory & AR »Real time information for direct customer interaction »Executive dashboards »Consistent use of KPI’s »Real time access to data »Fewer silos between apps »Reduced data entry »Reduced report development costs »Reduced error Processing »More efficient administrative and processes Business Intelligence

11 BI Selection

12 …where do you start? Now that you have a business case…

13 Unlocking the Data

14 Oracle E-Business, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Data: How to Handle the Complexity AmountLevel of DetailAccountBusiness Unit Code Company Name

15 »TRANSFORM»RENAME »CUSTOMIZATION »RENUMBER RapidDecision a Pre-Built Data Warehouse for E-Business, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards Other Data Sources JD EdwardsPeopleSoftE-Business »TRANSLATE RapidDecisi on

16 A Translate Transfor m Renumbe r Rename Business Intelligence EBS CDB ETL/ CDC Repository PSFT JDE Other Source s SAP Business Objects Data Services RapidDecision ®

17 BI Selection Other Considerations:  Real time vs. nightly refresh  Other data sources  Speed of implementation  Source system upgrades (JDE or PS)  Impact on Production system  Cross-module reporting TIME Direct Connect with Adapters Enterprise BI with Pre-Built Data Warehouse Enterprise BI No Data Warehouse ERP Value

18 BI Selection Tools Direct connect if that meets your needs Fixed solution low-cost

19 Minor PlayersMajor Players BI Selection  IBM/Cognos  Microsoft  MicroStrategy  Oracle  SAP Business Objects  Noetix  Cetova  Insight Software (GL Company)  QlikView  Q4biz

20 BI Implementation

21 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN Rewards Execution Expectations Requirements

22 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN BI Implementation Rewards Execution Expectations Requirements A successful BI implementation involves: Gathering requirements Training Planning Project management

23 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN BI Implementation Rewards Execution Expectations Requirements that EVERY issue will be solved Don’t set the expectation

24 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN BI Implementation Define the path Identify the team Keep deliverables set to 4–6 weeks Define, identify, deliver Rewards Execution Expectations Requirements

25 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN BI Implementation The upside potential in cost savings FAR outweighs the acquisition cost Rewards: Tie to results Rewards Execution Expectations Requirements

26 BI Implementation Implementation can be easy... …getting the value from the technology can be hard

27 BI Adoption

28 Executive Sponsor must help drive BI BI should be accessible to ALL levels of the Organization Training Establish a BI Center of Excellence Ensure their BI solution is rolled out to their entire End User community BI Adoption

29 Conclusion  Implementing a business intelligence (BI) program takes more than just installing the technology  A successful BI program involves a set of concepts and methods designed to improve the business decision-making process by putting targeted information into the hands of those who need it most Improve the process... …with targeted information

30 Invitation to free monthly webinar: RapidDecision provides educational webinars, scheduled monthly. These webinars are designed to show you how, as an Oracle e-Business, PeopleSoft or JD Edwards customer, you can rapidly implement a data warehouse. RapidDecision attends all the major Quest meetings, participating in the elective sessions and Exhibitor Showcases.

31 Take a Test Drive……

32 Schedule an Onsite Meeting with RapidDecision ® Joe Guerra Renowned Expert in Business Intelligence solutions Innovator and architect of RapidDecision ® More than 24 years experience Frequent speaker and panelist on Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

33 What are the Steps to BI Success? Questions and Answers

34 To Learn More About RapidDecision ® or to Arrange a Demo… Call: 800-775-4261 ext. 5812 Email: Visit:

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