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Global Organisation BU-L Seminar 2013

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1 Global Organisation BU-L Seminar 2013
4/6/2017 Welcome Ole Grøne Senior VP MAN Diesel & Turbo [Optional Footer]

2 Global Organisation BU-L Seminar 2013
4/6/2017 Market Status and Predictions Leif Hauerslev Senior Manager, LSP MAN Diesel & Turbo [Optional Footer]

3 LS/LSP – Low Speed Sales & Promotion February 2013
Rene Sejer Laursen Ole Grøne Leif Hauerslev Otto Winkel Barbara M.C. Hegart Trine G. Lykholt Steen Lemmergaard Rana S. Tais Michael Jeppesen Jan Vinder Jørgen Overgaard Paw Houmann- Poulsen Jørgen Vedsted Claus Vogel

4 LSO Subcon Sales & Order Management
6-Apr-17 The newly merged 2 and 4 stroke subcon team Copenhagen - January 2013 Subcon Sales & Contract Negotiation Lars Zimmerman Senior Manager Otto Geel 2 stroke ME Søren H. Andersen 4 stroke GenSet Steen L. Pedersen WHR + FGSS/LNG tanks Subcon Contract & Project Management Lars H. Eiming Technical Project Manager Torben F. Jørgensen Technical Project Manager Jonni B. Olsen Transport & Cargo Survey Manager Heidi Jensen Commercial Project Manager Helle C. Albertsen Commercial Project Manager [Optional entry]

5 LSO Subcon - Main Activities
6-Apr-17 Customer focus: shipyards and shipowners worldwide primarily in non-license areas Sales Project Management Competitive Quotations Price negotiatons with licensees Two- & four-stroke New buildings Diesel electric propulsion Conversions & engine replacement WHR Package solutions based on MDT turbine unit Dual Fuel Package Solutions GI main engines &DF gensets Fuel Gas Supply Systems LNG tanks Contract Management Technical Project Management Commercial Project Management Engine builder & vendor contact Technical documentation Logistical services Engine commissioning Warranty handling & trouble shooting [Optional entry]

6 Total Reference List M and G-series MAN B&W Two-stroke Engines
Type On order/ Delivered K98 799 K90 585 K80 232 L90 31 L80 215 L70 387 L60 717 L50 384 L42 189 L35 1,146 Type On order/ Delivered S90 293 S80 573 S70 2,290 S65 32 S60 4,096 S50 5,234 S46 718 S42 868 S40 38 S35 1,014 S26 223 Type On order/ delivered G80 29 G70 21 G60 9 G50 35 As of Totals: 278 GW 20,158 Engines RASA/ Dept LSP

7 ME engines vs. MC engines Deliveries & orders
ME engines vs. MC engines since ME engines vs. MC engines Practically all new projects are now with ME engines As of Totals: 278 GW 20,158 Engines RASA/ Dept LSP

8 Contracting Four Quarter Moving
Market Shares Contracting Four Quarter Moving Low Speed Propulsion April 2012-January 2013 All propulsion types Ships Larger than 2,000 DWT/GT 1

9 OECD World Trade Projections Index 2001=100
November 2012 Prediction Permanent drop, not just a bump on the road According to OECD Economic outlook No 92 Nov It will last until 2034 before the world trade is back on the track from the development in This means that the loss in world trade during the financial crisis in 2008/09 is permanent ID: OECD GDP-Trade Source: OECD 1

10 The Licensees’ Reported Order Book Low Speed
The order book decreased in Jan By 0,5GW compared to last month Licensee 1

11 All Ship Types No of Ships > 2000 DWT/GT
6-Apr-17 FMS/Dept LB Source: IHS Fairplay/Own Calculations & Predictions [Optional entry]

12 Deliveries, All Ship Types, in GW Ships > 2000 DWT/GT
6-Apr-17 * Engine deliveries are displaced by app. 3 months in comparison to ship deliveries. [Optional entry]

13 Breaking News First ME-GI Orders
6-Apr-17 Container Carrier Main Engine Model: 2+3 x 8L70ME-C8.2-Gl LNG Main Engine Model: 2+3 x 5G70ME-C9.2-GI 05/12/2012 [Optional entry]

14 Expectations of BU-L to the GO
6-Apr-17 Market: Day-to-day responsibility for promotion of BU-L products Technical and commercial communication with local clients Info to market on new products and technologies Supporting licensees regarding BU-L products on request Contact to local press and authorities Organize meetings between local customers and reps from home base when needed Name/dept [Optional entry]

15 Expectations of BU-L to the GO
6-Apr-17 CPH office: Planning of local customer seminars and events with or without participation from home base Responsible for keeping local staff technically updated Reporting to home base – to be our extended eyes and ears Newbuildings create the population which is the basis for the primeserv buz [Optional entry]

16 Disclaimer 4/6/2017 Name/dept [Optional Footer]

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